His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 387 - The Legendary Talk (2)

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Chapter 387 - The Legendary Talk (2)

"Yes..." Feng Yong Rui nodded his head, however, after waiting for quite some time, there was still no answer from Xiao Fang. He wondered whether she understood what he meant or not. He had thought that he had put it so bluntly, but why was there no reaction from Xiao Fang at all?

"Xiao Fang?" He called her name once again. However, Xiao Fang didn\'t seem to plan to answer him any time soon and she kept looking down with a red face ah~!

"Xiao Fang, do you need me to talk more bluntly? To explain what I meant just now?" He asked softly in concern. He really didn\'t mean to talk in a sarcastic way but he was also helpless.

Feng Yong Rui also thought to himself inwardly --- how could he explain it more bluntly ah~?! He couldn\'t explain everything about what happened between a man and woman when they were making love --- it would be too crazy!

Qi Hao felt like facepalming himself. Did he really have to join the s.e.x talk ah~?! He didn\'t even know whether he should just cover up his ears or not! He could only look at his father with a blaming eyes. Who would talk about this matter so openly like this?!

"Father... what are you talking about? I\'m... I\'m not going to give it to anyone until I get married..." Xiao Fang finally answered. Of course, she knew what her father meant! She had been eavesdropping Yao Ying and Yao Ling when they... er... did \'that\' back then... But still... talking about it with her father was a bit...

\'Argh!\' She yelled inwardly, feeling so embarrassed to death ah~!

"If you know about it, then it\'s good!" Feng Yong Rui nodded in happiness. "I want to let you know a few things about men. You have to take care of yourself and not randomly give yourself away. Honestly, a man will appreciate a woman who is hard to get and treasure her! I\'m a man, so I know it better than anyone and I\'m not telling you this because I want to scare you!"

He paused for a little while before admitting, "This is actually because of my experience as well. That\'s how your mother captured my heart --- she knew when to push and pull our relationship, making me feel entranced." He sighed sadly. "If your mother was conscious, she would be able to teach you about this matter."

Feng Yong Rui explained in a clear voice and Xiao Fang listened to him carefully --- no matter what, her father was doing this for her own good. She could see that he was feeling sad and almost couldn\'t hold back her tears as well. Her mother was her father\'s weak spot, she knew that.

She understood what her father reallyw anted to say to her... that if she didn\'t cherish herself, no one else would cherish her. She needed to fully grasped Lin Jian\'s feelings first above of all, bound him with a marriage, and this was the time that she would finally give herself away!

That was the correct sequence. It wasn\'t that she thought negatively about Lin Jian\'s personality, but she needed to think far ahead as a woman. She couldn\'t solely depend on a man... especially when they were both from different kingdom. If she needed help, it would be hard to ask for her father\'s help...

"So... will you let me go and follow them?" Xiao Fang asked in a hopeful tone. Even though she felt sad, she still wanted to go and spread her wings.

Qi Hao quickly interjected before his father said anything, "Father... don\'t allow her to go ah~! It\'s dangerous to let Mei Mei go all alone!" He was worried for her ah~!

"Da Ge! I will be fine! Yao Ying, Yao Ling, and Lin Jian will be there with me --- even Uncle Rong Qiu will go along with us too! You can trust Uncle Rong Qiu, right?" She tried to persuade Qi Hao in a soft voice.

Qi Hao knew about this as well, but he didn\'t want her to go that far away. What if something happened and they couldn\'t help her? He felt worried of her safety.

How could Feng Yong Rui not see the concern in Qi Hao\'s face? After all, he had the same fear as well.

Feng Yong Rui sighed. "Even if I want to hold your sister back, I won\'t be able to do so. You know your own sister\'s stubborness... If we refuse her request, she would run away again! Which one do you think is better?" Feng Yong Rui asked helplessly.

Qi Hao, "..."

Qi Hao couldn\'t say no to that because he knew her temperament really well. Didn\'t she just run away to chase Han Xiang without their consent? He almost forgot about it, it would be too late to scold her ah~! His father was correct --- it would be better if they knew where she was going because it would be safer.

Xiao Fang was speechless as well. However, it was the truth so she couldn\'t refute it and could only lower her head in embarrassment. She was indeed too willful.

"I will arrange hidden guards and the servants to protect and serve you for you. If you need help or want to contact me, you can ask one of the hidden guards to do that --- they know how to do that. Please bear in mind! I also want them to spy on you and protect you from any hot-blooded youth --- just in case both of you go too far..." Feng Yong Rui said.

She was feeling embarrassed to death ah~! Why didn\'t her father skip this part ah~?!

Xiao Fang somehow couldn\'t feel happy even though she managed to get her father\'s permission. Her mouth was slightly twicthed especially when she heard the word \'spy\' and \'hot-blooded youth\'. Oh well... it was better than not being able to go at all. Thus, she nodded her head obediently and showed her gratitude, "Thank you, Father."

After sending Xiao Fang away, Qi Hao asked Feng Yong Rui, "Father... I don\'t think you will let her go that easily. Do you have another reason for that?" He knew that his father must have another consideration but he couldn\'t guess what it was.

Feng Yong Rui answered calmly, "Currently, I am in a high position as a Regent and people would certainly try to find my weakness --- the only weakness that I have is my family. Xiao Fang is too innocent at the moment and just like the case with Han Xiang, she\'s easy being used by those people. It\'s certainly better if she goes along with Yao Ling and friends. The benefits are a lot and I believe that she would be able to take care of herself."

Qi Hao nodded his head because with the reasoning, there was no way he could refute anymore. "They will certainly protect Xiao Fang. Yao Ying, Yao Ling, and Lin Jian are good people and apparently, the relationship between them and Xiao Fang is really good. But Father... what about their backgrounds?"

Feng Yong Rui answered, "From the basic investigation, everything is good."



"Will it be dangerous after this?" He asked about the Regent matter.

"Yes, it is... You have to prepare yourself as well," Feng Yong Rui gave an honest answer.

"I will," Qi Hao answered while sighing. He fully agreed with his father\'s decision --- it was better if Xiao Fang stay far away from this muddy water. It would be good if she was able to live in a safe environment until the dangerous phase had passed.