His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 384 - Rong Heng (1)

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Chapter 384 - Rong Heng (1)

Rong Qiu also got a headache when thinking about this matter. He hadn\'t visited his \'son\' yet and didn\'t know what to do. Should he tell him that he wasn\'t his real father? However, if he didn\'t admit it, wouldn\'t he ask the reason why he chose to move to the Shu Kingdom? His \'son\' would notice that he was behaving out of character ah~!

In the end, Rong Qiu really felt helpless.

Feng Yong Rui looked at Rong Qiu with pity, "You know your son\'s stubborn character... if you used the reasoning that Yao Ling is your daughter with someone else, he wouldn\'t make it easy for you. You\'ve upheld the loyal image to your wife pretty good for so long and your son has always been so proud of it. He also keeps bragging about it and copying you in this matter, if he knows that it was actually a lie..." He trailed off in the last part.

Even though he didn\'t speak about it, he knew that Rong Qiu would certainly understand his meaning. Listening to this, Rong Qiu\'s headache was getting worse. His son\'s temper and personality... he knew it really well ah~!

Yao Ling asked curiously, "Father, why are you so afraid of my brother?"

Yao Ling deliberately called him \'brother\', because she knew... Rong Qiu had interacted with him for so long, he must have thought of him as his real son. So, how could he change his feelings towards her brother overnight? It was impossible!

"Yao Ling..." Rong Qiu stunned. He didn\'t think that Yao Ling would receive Rong Heng this easily --- after all when she didn\'t receive a father\'s love, but instead, her real father gave his everything to Rong Heng. He expected a little bit of jealousy, however, he couldn\'t find any animosity from Yao Ling\'s expression. He deliberately ignored the words \'afraid of\'...

Rong Qiu gulped and asked, "Are you really willing to call him brother?"

Even though he was cold towards his son, he still loved him all this time and when he was at Crescent Lake, they were still keeping in touch with each other and Rong Heng always sent a lot of things for him. No matter what, he wanted both of them to be living in a harmony as well.

How could he abandon such a good kid? Rong Heng was a few years older than Yao Ling so he wasn\'t that old ah~! Even though he already got married, he still needed his guidance as well.

Yao Ling nodded her head, "Of course! How could I let you choose between us? He has become your son for so long, Father!"

Rong Qiu could only swallow his sadness, feeling guilty towards his own daughter. He could only mutter, "Thank you." He realized that he started to get teary once more --- he wondered how could he become so weak whenever he was facing his daughter...

Yao Ling laughed. "Why do you need to say thank you? I will get a new brother to protect me... How could I not be happy? This is the thing that I must do, Father!"

Rong Qiu nodded his head in excitement. "Of course, he will protect you and dote on you too!. If not, I will punish him!" Rong Qiu said resolutely.

Feng Yong Rui rolled his eyes when he heard Rong Qiu\'s boast. \'He sure can talk!\' Feng Yong Rui thought to herself. His son\'s temper was far bigger than him, honestly, how could he punish him? However, he knew better than to say this matter out loud ah~! It was too embarrassing towards Rong Qiu\'s image.

Inwardly, Feng Yong Rui thought while laughing, \'I really want to see how you deal with this matter!\'

Yao Ling didn\'t know what kind of brother that she would get, but she certainly wouldn\'t be able to think that her new brother was actually that ridiculous ah~! In her mind, she would get a doting brother who was so tender just like Qi Hao, but... oh well...

Yao Ling nodded her head in excitement and asked, "When will we meet him?"

Rong Qiu didn\'t know how to answer this --- he didn\'t even know where his son\'s current whereabouts ah~! He looked at Feng Yong Rui and asked, "Do you know where he is now?" With Feng Yong Rui\'s current power, it would be easy to find his whereabouts.

Yao Ling was taken aback because her father actually didn\'t know ah~! But when she remembered that he kept staying at Crescent Lake all along, it quite made sense. Rong Qiu also admitted that he had rarely in contact with the outside world. He still kept in touch with Feng Yong Rui and Rong Heng, but only once in a few months. Thus, he wasn\'t that updated with the latest news.

Feng Yong Rui rolled his eyes and answered sarcastically, "I thought that you would never ask..."

Rong Qiu frowned but decided to ignore his childish friend. After all, he still needed his help ah~! He decided to bootlick Feng Yong Rui by saying, "Of course, I will ask you! Your information network is the best here, besides, you always help me keep a tab at him."

Feng Yong Rui laughed. Yes, he was indeed taking care of Rong Heng on Rong Qiu\'s behalf based on Rong Qiu\'s wish before he went to Crescent Lake, but Rong Heng was quite clever so he could survive on his own while climbing up the official rank easily. He finally answered, "Somehow, you are really lucky. He is on the way to the capital at the moment and will arrive today, I suppose."

"What is he coming to the capital for?" Rong Qiu asked in surprise. His son was actually a general and instead of choosing a scholar path like him, he chose to become a military man. The last time he heard, he was being stationed at somewhere quite deserted. Would it really be okay for him to come in a whim just like this?

He had planned to go visit him and explained everything, before continuing his journey to the Shu Kingdom with Yao Ling.

"Because of you ah~! He could finally meet you, so of course, he\'s in a rush to the capital," Feng Yong Rui answered.

Rong Qiu looked at him sarcastically. "Do you think I will believe you? I\'ve been stationed at the Crescent Lake for so long and yet, he only visited me twice..." He didn\'t blame Rong Heng about this matter, because he knew that he was also being stationed to a faraway place from Crescent Lake.

Feng Yong Rui nodded his head. "It seems like you are not stupid! I just told him a little bit something to make him come in a hurry..."

"What did you say to him?!" Rong Qiu asked in agitation. This old fox! He hadn\'t prepared his heart yet and he already made a move to call Rong Heng back! He didn\'t know what kind of excuse he would tell his son ah~!

"I just said that you are in big trouble... Who knew that he would run back to the capital before my messenger finished talking..." Feng Yong Rui looked at Rong Qiu with an innocent face.

\'You, bastard!\' Rong Qiu cursed him inwardly. He knew that Feng Yong Rui deliberately did this, knowing how Rong Heng would behave! Thinking of meeting him, Rong Qiu started to get a headache ah~!