His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 38 - Battle of Words (2)

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Chapter 38 - Battle of Words (2)

Liu Li slightly nudged Concubine Wan. She didn\'t want Concubine Wan to lose her temper and fail to sow a discord between Madam Wang and Yao Ling. If it were her, she wouldn\'t be easily affected like this. The more she thought about it, the more she felt Concubine Wan wasn\'t going to succeed earning the \'Madam\' title. Besides, there were still two other concubines who were eyeing the same position. They were more clever and had better temperament, maybe she should find herself a way out. This kind of Mistress wouldn\'t go far.

Girls from the brothel were always a bit selfish and greedy. Liu Li was thankful Concubine Wan brought her out from that place, but she still needed to think about her future. She needed to have a plan of her own.

Yao Ling saw the way Liu Li nudged Concubine Wan discreetly. If she didn\'t pay close attention, she might have missed this movement. After being nudged, Concubine Wan once again changed her expression into a tranquil one. Yao Ling smiled to herself, \'So, it\'s you…\'

She noted this gesture and reminded herself to pay attention to this little maid.

Yao Ling paid close attention to the maid. She wasn\'t beautiful. She looked somehow delicate but still attractive. If you looked at her big eyes, you would see her cleverness. The way she behaved made her look innocent and pleasing to the eyes. If she didn\'t see the way she nudged Concubine Wan just now, she certainly wouldn\'t believe a thirteen or fourteen-year-old girl like her would be the brain behind Concubine Wan.

"Concubine Wan, your maid is very delicate and beautiful." Yao Ling praised Liu Li while looking at Concubine Wan\'s reaction. She heard this maid was personally brought back from the brothel. Other than \'Wang Fu\' people, no one knew that both of the women were from a brothel, otherwise, it would ruin the \'Wang Fu\' reputation.

Concubine Wan and Liu Li stunned. What was with the sudden question? Did Yao Ling suspect something? They quickly arranged their expressions, afraid to let out a loophole. "Thank you for Young Mistress\' praise." Liu Li appeared to be shy. Yao Ling just nodded and let this matter go. She just wanted to gauge their reaction. Nothing more.

After Yao Ling letting the matter go, Concubine Wan and Liu Li sighed in relief. They didn\'t want to open up their cards this early. Liu Li started to think, provoking them today was a mistake. She didn\'t think Yao Ling was this perceptive. The first time she laid eyes on this young mistress, she simply thought she was only a simple and naïve peasant girl. She miscalculated but it was too late to retreat. Concubine Wan still brewed the tea, so there was nothing else she could do – except help Concubine Wan out.

After she finished brewing, Concubine Wan presented the tea for Madam Wang and Yao Ling. Madam Wang\'s mood was better, so she was able to enjoy the tea. Yao Ling was more easygoing ans paid no mind to Concubine Wan\'s taunting. A tasty good tea… she should just drink and enjoy it.

"How does it taste?" Concubine Wan asked politely.

"Mei mei personally brewed this tea, naturally the taste is exquisite. This tea is really nice to drink with a lingering charming taste and orchid-like aroma. Husband really loves you a lot. Otherwise, I don\'t think he would be able to part with this lovely tea." Madam Wang truly praised Concubine Wan\'s skill.

"This daughter agrees with Mother. Concubine Wan isn\'t only beautiful, but also talented. No wonder Father appreciates your talent." Yao Ling also praised Concubine Wan. The taste of the tea was really good. She wasn\'t exagerrating.

"Thank you for jie jie and Ling-er\'s praise. If you like it, I will certainly brew tea more often for you."

"We naturally don\'t want to trouble mei mei." Although Madam Wang said she didn\'t want to bother Concubine Wan, the real meaning was clear. She didn\'t want her to keep brewing tea for her. They weren\'t in a good term and knew it wasn\'t good to give her the chance put something in the tea.

Concubine Wan understood the subtle hints but she didn\'t give up. "No trouble. No trouble. Serving jie jie is what this concubine must do." If they didn\'t know better, it was like Madam Wang bullying Concubine Wan to serve her all the time.

"Concubine Wan, don\'t worry about us. How about Concubine Wan brewing tea for Father more often? We don\'t really understand good tea, so it will be a waste to brew it for us. Father will certainly appreciate it more!" Yao Ling decided to throw the trouble toward Wang Luo Hai. She more or less understood that Wang Luo Hai loved tea, otherwise, this Concubine Wan wouldn\'t be so proud of her skill.

Concubine Wan gritted her teeth in annoyance. She knew Madam Wang would be forced to receive her tea if she kept insisting. Otherwise, she would be branded as an arrogant person and didn\'t appreciate Concubine Wan\'s effort. But this girl had to keep interfering with her idea.

If it were easy to capture Wang Luo Hai\'s attention with her skill every day, she wouldn\'t need to curry favor to the both of them. She realized she shouldn\'t attack them when they were together. It was her loss today.

She decided to leave with her dignity intact. "Then, Mei mei takes a leave first."

Without a second thought, Madam Wang and Yao Ying nodded in unison.

"Mei mei, be careful."

"Concubine Wan, take care."

Concubine Wan left in a huff. She snarled at Liu Li, "You\'re usually very smart. This time you make me lose face!" With her personality, Concubine Wan would certainly blame another person for her inability. Liu Li knew she miscalculated so she willingly took the blame.

"This slave knows this slave\'s mistake."

However, Liu Li also felt slightly wrong. Concubine Wan also didn\'t have the ability to prosecute the plan perfectly. How could she tell them such a sad story and compare it to her own? The other party must have been laughing because of it. However, she was just a slave. She could only close her mouth and receive the blame. This thought made Liu Li dissatisfied and she certainly would stir a trouble in the near future.