His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 376 - The Truth (3)

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Chapter 376 - The Truth (3)

"You are a liar!" The Han Emperor yelled in annoyance. "The list isn\'t real! You\'re going to die and you dare to spout nonsense!" He didn\'t bother to cover up his hatred towards the wicked concubine anymore. This woman was the main source of his trouble and the one that had led him to make so many mistakes all this time.

The Han Emperor was in a panic. After all, with his current state and reputation, it was better if people didn\'t know that indeed the list was real. If not, he knew that people would start to revolt one by one. He still wanted to become an Emperor! He wouldn\'t let his power go!

The wicked concubine laughed while vomiting blood, but she still didn\'t give up and wanted to say something else, making the Han Emperor feel afraid even more --- after all, this woman knew all of his secrets.

Thus, before the wicked concubine could say anything else, he quickly pierced her stomach deeper until the tip of the swords fully penetrating her body and could be seen passing through her back. He was going for the kill to shut her mouth forever. More blood was gushing out of the wound, making the banquet turn into a gory scene --- a real murder scene.

The atmosphere turned into a solemn one.

The women audiences quickly turned their gaze away in fear and didn\'t dare to utter another word, feeling afraid that they would be the next target even though they had the urge to vomit. It was better if they hid obediently behind their husbands, knowing that the Han Emperor had gone berserk.

The Han Emperor sneered at the dying woman, feeling that no one would believe in her nonsense once she was gone. A dead person couldn\'t talk. Even though it was a bit too late, at least, she couldn\'t say whatever plan that he had concocted in detail to a third person anymore.

However, everyone had already heard the confirmation that the list was true. People tended to believe in what they wanted to believe so despite the Han Emperor\'s final effort, everything had been too late. Besides, they weren\'t stupid enough not to see the fear in the Han Emperor\'s eyes. The Han Emperor forgot that a rumor was scarier than the real truth.

In the end, their hearts chilled and didn\'t plan to help the Han Emperor to do anything or cover up what happened inside this banquet. If they could, they wanted to see he was killed by the Ce Fei\'s ghost. It was better to have a new Emperor ah~! This one was useless!

However, they also knew that everything wouldn\'t be that easy. No matter what, he was still the Emperor ah~!

"She\'s lying!" The Han Emperor yelled, trying to explain himself to the crowds. Otherwise, he would lose everything! Feeling that he was too agitated, he calmed himself down and smiled, "It\'s just a misunderstanding. I would never betray my loyal subordinates."

However, his face looked so eerie --- especially because of the blood that was covering his face from his recent murder. He looked like the devil himself and he hadn\'t even released the wicked concubine from his sword yet. The man didn\'t even feel that something was wrong from his appearance.

Xiao Fang didn\'t want to continue staying there --- it was time to go because she felt that she had already gotten their revenge and she had had enough seeing the Han Emperor\'s hypocrite face. She felt grateful that she didn\'t look like him or she would resent her own face for a life time.

Everyone had known the Han Emperor\'s real face and it was enough for her. If she could, she wanted to kill him --- but she couldn\'t do it herself, after all, it was an unfilial thing to do. No matter how unwilling she was, he was still her birth father.

Xiao Fang glanced at Yao Ling and the latter nodded in agreement. She was satisfied that the wicked concubine had already dead --- she could see it from her lifeless eyes and ceased breathing. Besides, they shouldn\'t stay too long here or people would become suspicious. It was such a short time --- maybe around an incense stick of times but they felt like they had become ghosts for a long time.

"I hope that you will pay for your sin in the afterlife. I will meet you in hell!" Xiao Fang gave her last words to the Han Emperor with a condemning smile, before she decided to vanish and she didn\'t even wait for the Han Emperor\'s reply before doing that.

For her, she wanted to close this chapter of her life. She would continue to become Feng Yong Rui\'s daughter and Qi Hao\'s sister.

Everything went dark once again and seemed to be back to normal with all the fire from torches which were suddenly gone as well. It took a while before someone dared to lit up the torches. When they looked at the stage, it was so clean that people wouldn\'t be able to find a trace of the ghosts if they tried to search for one.

No smoke, no blood, nothing.

However, there was still a surprise awaiting them.

They heard a muffled sound before but due to the dark, they couldn\'t see anything and didn\'t really pay attention to it. The audiences\' eyes widened in surprise in surprise when they looked at the Han Emperor\'s direction.

"How... How could it happen?" The Empress gasped in surprise...

The audiences also murmured between them!

The Han Emperor was stabbed at the same place as the wicked concubine --- right in the middle of his stomach. Everyone was sure that the people beside them didn\'t move, so they could only guess thay this was the Ce Fei\'s ghost doing once again. No sane person would dare to kill the Han Emperor with such a blatant attempt.

The crazy thing was... the killer was able to do it in such a short time and in the darkness.

Generally, people would move and quickly call the imperial physician after seeing such a scene. However, the momentum of what was happening just now was too great and left a strong impact to the audience. The way the imperial guards\' leader was killed... still fresh inside their mind. Thus, everyone was looking around and it delayed the process of saving the Emperor. They didn\'t want to lose their heads as well.

Feng Yong Rui squinted his eyes in satisfaction while his lips were slightly curling up. It seemed like he knew that this would happen. However, this expression only appeared for a moment before he changed his expression back to the previous one.

He stood up and decided to help the Han Emperor, continued showing the Han Emperor his loyalty.

Yao Ling and friends had gone from the banquet for real and they quickly erased their make up to blend in with the crowds, on the other hand, Xiao Fang needed to add the scar back to her face once more.

They were surprised as well when they heard the sudden turn of event.

Ah Man told them that the Han Emperor had been stabbed in the dark and this wasn\'t a part of their plan. When they asked Ah Man, the latter only said that this was done by those two men which the eunuch had sent.

They looked at each other, wondering how it could happen --- unless... this was done by their people. Didn\'t they change those two to their own people?