His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 375 - The Truth (2)

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Chapter 375 - The Truth (2)

The wicked concubine laughed. "Aiyo~ it\'s just a mere test. With a little reward here and there and a little plan, don\'t you know how easy it was to change the result? It\'s not like all the workers in the palace are loyal to one person only. I just needed money to do the talking. Besides, you didn\'t let Han Xiang take the blood in front of you because... you hated her, right? That made everything easier for me. I merely needed to change the blood when it was delivered to us," she said leisurely like she was telling a bedtime story.

In the end, she also blamed this to the Han Emperor. He was the one who made it easier for her to bully little Han Xiang. If she could say, the stupidest person here was the Han Emperor --- it was so easy to manipulate him.

There was no trace of guilt in her expression, showing how much hatred that she harbored inside her heart towards the mother-daughter pair and also the Emperor.

The Han Emperor felt his heart was broken and regretted that he had ever trusted this woman wholeheartedly. He admitted that he had an obsession with the Ce Fei, but he always treated the wicked concubine well. But why? Why did she betray him like that?!

He had never tried to take a look at himself and see how selfish he was.

"How... How could you?!" He looked at the wicked concubine with hatred. How could he not see the sinister look on her face all this time? Was he that blind?! He even supported her when the Empress wanted to punish her over and over again, after that, he looked at the Empress guiltily.

The Empress saw his expression and she could only pretend to smile sadly. However, inwardly, she scoffed at him in disdain. Her heart had been dead a long time ago because of his own doing.

On the other hand, the wicked concubine merely smirked at him and didn\'t plan to answer. She was too lazy to talk to such a stupid man.

"She\'s... she\'s really my daughter?" The Han Emperor asked frailly. He would never think that the truth was actually like this.

The wicked concubine furrowed her eyebrows when she felt how stupid the Han Emperor actually was. Thus, she confirmed it herself, "I guess so! As long as the Ce Fei had never betrayed you at that time, then she was yours." She didn\'t forget to slander the Ce Fei once more, even though she knew that the Ce Fei indeed had no chance to do that ah~!

The wicked concubine would never think that her guess was actually correct. If she knew that she didn\'t need to do anything to the blood test, she would certainly vomit blood in anger. After all, who dared to lie to the Emperor? No one! Thus, no one actually would know or even dare to guess that Han Xiang wasn\'t the real daughter in the first place.

The Han Emperor knew that he had done an unforgivable sin for raping his own daughter --- even though she seemed to be willing, but he was the one who understood about it the most, it was due to the drugs. Otherwise, Han Xiang wouldn\'t be in depression and even killed herself...

However, there was no medicine for regret.

"But... You said... that my real daughter could be Feng Yong Rui\'s daughter!" The Han Emperor still didn\'t want to give up --- he wanted to justify himself even more. He didn\'t bother to cover up everything anymore.

Feng Yong Rui gasped and asked in confusion, "What? How come it was connected to me?!" He deliberately asked in a loud voice, showing how wronged he felt.

Yao Ling and Xiao Fang\'s ears perked up when they heard this statement. So, the source of this rumor also came from the wicked concubine. They looked at each other from the corner of their eyes and sighed in relief --- it seemed like they didn\'t need to worry about this matter anymore.

The wicked concubine answered him, "And... you believe me?" After that, she laughed out loud like a lunatic, feeling powerful when she realized how stupid the Han Emperor was.

The Han Emperor shuddered at the thought of how vicious this woman was and he had slept almost his whole life with her beside him... on the same bed. He started to feel nauseated and didn\'t know how to answer the wicked concubine\'s question. He indeed believed her. Too much...

The wicked concubine didn\'t plan to tell him that she had said that because she wanted the Han Emperor to target Feng Yong Rui. Once the investigation led to that, she knew that she would be killed ah~! After all, she was trying to frame Feng Yong Rui so the relationship between the Han Emperor and his loyal subordinate turned for the worst.

Besides, she had gotten this information from her master --- maybe there was a truth in it, even though it seemed to be impossible in her mind. She answered, "Someone has told me about it whether it\'s the truth or not, I have no idea. At least, the information gave me such a wonderful idea to implement ah~! See? It worked perfectly, right?"

At this point, who would believe that Han Xiang wasn\'t the real daughter? They merely thought that the wicked concubine was bluffing and tried to shift the blame to someone else.

Yao Ling and Xiao Fang were taken aback when they heard this. Someone had told her about it...? It seemed like they weren\'t the only ones who knew about this, but as long as the Han Emperor believed that Han Xiang was the real daughter, it didn\'t matter. Although they understood that they still needed to find out the real informant, otherwise, their plan would be ruined as well.

How could that person know about this matter ah~?!

Xiao Fang decided to make everything worse by crying and said, "My daughter... My daughter... My poor daughter..." She looked so pitiful and delicate ah~!

"You... You..." He pointed at the wicked concubine in anger.

The Han Emperor was too vexed. He didn\'t even care whether the ghost would kill him when he moved or not, even if the ghost would, he would still choose to do the same. He pulled out the sword from the closest palace guard and he ran to the wicked concubine. Without beating around the bush, he pierced her with the sword right in the middle of her stomach.

"Ompf...!" The wicked concubine was surprised by the sudden turn of the event. She didn\'t think that he would dare to openly kill her like this and already made a plan to run away once this banquet was over. Her master had given her a way out, but... it seemed like she couldn\'t use it anymore.

She looked down at her stomach in disbelief... He wanted to kill her...? It seemed like there was no use to cover up about Feng Yong Rui\'s matter anymore.

The wicked concubine tried to laugh but she could only spurt out blood from her mouth while coughing nonstop. She tried to talk in a loud voice once more, using her full strength, "Ha-Ha-Ha! *cough* *cough* I want to get revenge... to... to you..."

She pointed at Feng Yong Rui. The latter was surprised because he didn\'t remember anything about the wicked concubine, so he pointed at himself and asked, "Me?"

"Yes... you..." The wicked concubine wanted to say more, however, she knew that she didn\'t have that much strength left anymore.

She looked at the Han Emperor and said, "Feng Yong Rui has been really loyal to you, but because of your narrowmindedness, you ruin the relationship between you... yourself."



The wicked concubine smiled sinisterly and with her last breath, she yelled while skimming over the officials, "The list... is true! I\'ve seen it!"