His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 374 - The Truth (1)

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Chapter 374 - The Truth (1)

Xiao Fang said sinisterly, "I want everyone to know the truth so I can rest in peace after this. Besides, I need to get justice for my poor daughter! Even if I will go to hell because of this, so be it!" Her eyes turned redder and the blood tears came out once again.

Honestly, her teamwork with Lin Jian was really good. One flick of his finger he could make the bead really broke --- even though the blood flowing down from her hair but it still looked like she was crying when the blood flow under her eyes. Xiao Fang wanted to wipe the blood but she could only helplessly stop herself.

The Han Emperor couldn\'t do anything after Xiao Fang had said that, besides, he had no power at the moment. Even if he was an Emperor, what could he do when his life was under a threat?

The Han Emperor wanted to see the ghost more clearly but the stage was full of eerie smoke which changed his idea --- it was better if they kept their distance. She could choke the wicked concubine for afar, so it would be dangerous if he went closer.

Thus, he turned his gaze to the wicked concubine whose face turned even paler after listening to Xiao Fang\'s words and deciding to change his target. He vented his anger at that stupid woman and yelled in a loud voice, "Why don\'t you tell us everything?!" He felt wary when Xiao Fang kept looking at him with hatred. It was better if he diverted her attention to the wicked concubine, after all, the latter was the real mastermind.

If the Ce Fei wanted to kill someone, she should kill the wicked concubine and everything would be back to normal ah~!

The wicked concubine laughed maniacally, feeling like she had become crazier by the seconds due to the pressure from every person in the banquet --- they were looking at her like she was actually a sinner and if their gaze could kill, she would have died a thousand times already. If she knew her craziness was the result of her most trusted maidservant\'s work, she would have killed that woman, after all, the latter was her supposed-to-be closest confidante.

Her most trusted maidservant pretended to tug her sleeve just to stop the wicked concubine from talking, but the wicked concubine pulled her sleeve hard and didn\'t care about the warning. The more people wanted to stop her, the more her feelings to rebel grew.

"I want to get rid of that woman because you love her. I want you to look at me! Only me!" The wicked concubine couldn\'t hide her envy.

She continued talking loudly, "I suggested to use the drugs because sooner or later, the Ce Fei would hate you because you had forced her to serve your l.u.s.t over and over again, besides, you also let me see the whole things. Of course, the woman would feel disgusted by you --- and by herself... After all, the Ce Fei wasn\'t a willing party."

The Han Emperor\'s face turned paler. Back then, the wicked concubine convinced him that the Ce Fei would love him sooner or later if he kept giving her the drugs. He started to see how foolish he was all this time and believe in her nonsense. He didn\'t want to listen to the rest of the story just to escape the reality, but the wicked concubine didn\'t stop there.

"I knew that she wanted to run away back then. She didn\'t need to say it but the way she behaved made it look so obvious... I pitied her so I helped her with my influence, so I could make her plan become easier to do! Do you know why I didn\'t kill her? Because I want to make you feel the betrayal of being left alone by her! It\'s better if you regret it for the rest of your life... I believed with your personality, if she died back then, you would only regret it for a little while..." The wicked concubine finally told him her real thoughts.

"I thought that I would be able to get out of her shadow when she was gone, but it was only wishful thinking on my part. But what did you do? You call me with her name whenever we had s.e.x! The funny thing is... even her ghost still comes to bother me once again!" She yelled out her grievance as well while looking at Xiao Fang pointedly.

The crowds gasped when the wicked concubine boldly said the word \'s.e.x\' and felt disgusted by it --- they felt that the woman had no sense of shame. However, they were also hypocrites because it didn\'t deter them from listening to the wicked concubine\'s confession.

Then, the wicked concubine continued, "I hate both of you, but I can\'t really get revenge on a woman who wasn\'t there and you... who is an Emperor --- you are too powerful for me to handle, besides, I get my current position because I\'m holding onto your golden thighs. That\'s why I turned my gaze at Han Xiang... she was the weakest one from all of you. I only want to ruin you all!"

This woman really chose to express her hatred in an extreme way. If she behaved and didn\'t become a greedy woman, she would still be enjoying the glory of the Han Emperor\'s beloved concubine. She was too ambitious.

She didn\'t stop there. "The more she grew up, the more I saw her as an eyesore. She was getting prettier and resembled that woman a little bit --- that one bit had already made me feel disgusted."

Xiao Fang and Yao Ling were speechless when they heard this. Han Xiang\'s face didn\'t resemble Jiu Lan for one bit... It seemed like the wicked concubine was blinded by her own hatred and she became a bit paranoid.

"Didn\'t I already kick her to the side? Why did you still hate her? She was so unloved and always being bullied... so why did you still hate her?" The Han Emperor forgot where he was and he bluntly told people his indifference treatment towards Han Xiang. He knew all the mistreatment that Han Xiang had gotten and he turned a blind eye!

"Yes, you forgot about her. However, I wanted you to remember her so that I could work on my next plan to torture her," the wicked concubine said with a wicked smile.

Yao Ling\'s killing intention started to spark up once again --- she hated that filthy woman! She was so heartless that she even targeted a little girl.

The Han Emperor thought back and indeed, the wicked concubine was the one who kept talking about Han Xiang and pretended to be a loving elder. She told him to let her live a better life and treat her better, after all, she was the Ce Fei\'s daughter. Her reminder about Han Xiang\'s birth mother made him hate Han Xiang even more.

After all, he was still angry at the Ce Fei\'s betrayal at that time, so his emotion was quite unstable. He had been played by this woman! She was clever enough to use his emotions and let him deal with Han Xiang without dirtying her own hands.

"You... You..." The Han Emperor pointed at her while feeling dizzy. He knew if he didn\'t do something, he most likely would faint due to high blood pressure. He didn\'t hesitate to pinch himself hard so that he would become sober because he didn\'t want to appear weak, even though he knew that it was already too late.

"But the test...?" The Han Emperor couldn\'t stop his curiosity as well, after all, everything had been out in the open and there was no use to start feeling ashamed at this moment.