His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 373 - The Ghosts (9)

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Chapter 373 - The Ghosts (9)

"What else? Everything was under my calculation. The drugs, your daughter, everything! Ha-Ha-Ha! I bet you would never guess about it, right?!" The wicked concubine roared in laughter while looking at the Han Emperor in disdain and hatred. She felt like floating in the air and couldn\'t hold herself back anymore... she just wanted the whole world to know the truth --- the whole truth.

Inwardly, the wicked concubine wanted to slap her own face and shut her mouth, but her body didn\'t listen to her, making her feel frustrated as well. It seemed like she couldn\'t stop her mouth from telling the truth.

The Han Emperor felt his knees weakened and almost fell down when he heard that. Everything? Everything?! Her words confirmed what he had feared the most and he looked a few years older in a flash. His whole body was trembling due to the anguish that he felt.

\'What had he done?\' The Han Emperor thought to himself while he took a step back and sat down at his throne. However, his eyes were dimmed and he massaged his forehead in distress. Everyone knew that he was feeling guilty, however, they only sneered at him because it was already too late to regret.

Xiao Fang\'s eyes lit up when she heard that. They had made a guess that the wicked concubine might only be trying to frame Han Xiang because she wanted to remove the Ce Fei and her daughter from the position due to jealousy. The Han Emperor felt suspicious about the real daughter before, but he didn\'t make a move, so they were sure that he hadn\'t really laid his eyes on Xiao Fang.

It made Xiao Fang hope that they really didn\'t know that she was the real daughter --- she didn\'t want to be connected to such a lecherous father.

They wondered why Han Xiang said that the Han Emperor was feeling suspicious of her identity. Was there something that they didn\'t know?

However, looking at the Han Emperor\'s performance, he didn\'t seem to realize anything --- or maybe, the shock of the truth made him feel numb? Only the Han Emperor knew how complicated his thought was.

There was only a small chance that their guess was correct and that was the reason why when planning everything, they decided to try this method and make a gamble about the result. They weren\'t sure that it would be a success because there was no proof. Thus, they decided to gamble tonight and the way Xiao Fang led the conversation would be based on the wicked concubine\'s answer.

It looked like they had won the gamble ah~!

The wicked concubine\'s answer had proved that maybe... maybe everything was just a coincidence. If yes, it would be better!

The Han Emperor sorted out his mind and asked weakly, "Tell me everything! If you don\'t, I will kill you!" He tried to be imposing, but with his current defeated state of mind, he looked like a weak old man.

"Kill! Kill! Kill! You only know how to kill when something makes you feel displeased. Come ah~! Kill me so that you can feel better. You won\'t be able to bear the truth anyway!" The wicked concubine smiled brilliantly while taunting the Emperor with her choice of words. She knew how easy the Han Emperor could crush her with just a word of his, but she didn\'t seem to care.

The wicked concubine felt like she was the victim of a conspiracy, so she felt that letting out the truth would be better ah~! She wanted to torture the Emperor so he would feel guilty for the rest of his life. After all, she had accidentally blurted out the truth a few times.

The Han Emperor who really wanted to know the truth, he yelled, "Disperse everyone else!" He didn\'t want too many people to know the ugly truth. He looked at his fainting mother and felt guilty, after all, this matter had ruined her birthday banquet.

However, he felt lucky that his mother had fainted before knowing anything --- or else, he would feel so ashamed of his own unruly behavior. After the matter ended, he would deal with the aftermath so no one would tell his mother.

The Han Emperor still didn\'t understand that his well thought of plan was merely wishful thinking.

The palace guards started to move to obey the Emperor\'s word, in the end, no matter how nasty he was... the Han Emperor was still the current Emperor. They needed to obey his words. However, after only taking a few steps, they were stopped by Xiao Fang\'s words. " Who dares to move?!"

They were rooted on the spot. Who dared to fight with a ghost ah~?!

The palace guards\' leader furrowed his eyebrows in displeasure. He didn\'t believe that the ghost would capable to do something to him, so he decided to defy Xiao Fang\'s order and move once again. He was a general if he let a woman ghost deter him, wouldn\'t it ruin the fame that he had gained so far?!

Without saying another word, Xiao Fang smirked. This man was really looking for death ah~!

Suddenly, his head was cut off out of nowhere and the blood spurted out everywhere --- some of the palace guards\' leader\'s subordinates were bathed in their boss\' blood which made them stun and didn\'t even dare to move anymore. Their boss\' skills were pretty good and yet, with a mere smirk of the ghost, he was dead just like that.

How could they not feel afraid? They decided to just disobey the Emperor\'s words.

This time, it wasn\'t Yao Ling\'s work because the latter\'s hand was being held down by Yao Ying. Her power stayed calm whenever Yao Ying was doing that.

It was one of Feng Yong Rui\'s hidden guards who actually did the killing. He was specialized in killing using soft and thin thread. He had been working on the trap slowly all around the Han Emperor and the wicked concubine because their main targets were those two.

They didn\'t plan to kill the Han Emperor, after all, he was still the Emperor. This thread was used to handle the Emperor\'s pesky subordinate. Everything had been within Feng Yong Rui\'s calculation from the very beginning.

Xiao Fang had served her purpose as a distraction with her ghost\'s disguise. No matter how powerful a man was, if his mind was distracted, he wouldn\'t pay attention to small details. Those generals were too shocked by the ugly truth and the nagging of their spouses, thus, they didn\'t realize when the trap was planted slowly. Besides, they sat pretty far from where the royal sat and there was no outstanding general at the Han Kingdom. The good ones mostly were guarding the borders at this moment and didn\'t join in with the fun.

Yao Ying was quite surprised by Feng Yong Rui\'s subordinate\'s skills. It seemed like the latter had a lot of hidden cards, otherwise, everything wouldn\'t be as smooth as this ah~! In a way, Yao Ying understood the reason why the Han Emperor wanted to get rid of Feng Yong Rui. The latter\'s influence was too powerful and outstanding. Judging from the look of it, if Feng Yong Rui wanted to become an Emperor, it was probably quite easy to seize the throne from the useless Emperor.

Just like how it was in each kingdom, the Emperor was always feeling wary of their loyal subordinates.

The audience stunned when they saw what happened to the palace guards\' leader. They knew that the latter was quite powerful but his head was cut off easily by the Ce Fei\'s ghost, making them didn\'t dare to do anything. It was too scary ah~!

Looking at so many weird and unbelievable things, they started to feel even more afraid of the ghost.