His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 372 - The Ghosts (8)

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Chapter 372 - The Ghosts (8)

The Han Emperor laughed bitterly and said, "Someone told me about that and I have investigated it and the proof was solid as well!" He didn\'t believe that he had gotten it wrong, because if it was true, then... he was really a beast! How could he do that to his real daughter?! He also had a bottom line.

\'No! I am not wrong!\' The Han Emperor denied it inside his mind.

Xiao Fang looked at him and asked, "Tell me... Tell me who said that!" She looked at the Han Emperor with a sad face, looking like she was being wronged and it made the audience pity the ghost even more.

The Han Emperor didn\'t bother to cover up anything and he pointed at the wicked concubine. "She did!" He answered honestly. "However, we did a test... So, I\'m sure that it must have been true!" The Han Emperor insisted, after all, he didn\'t think such a delicate woman would lie to him. Until now, he still chose to trust the wicked concubine because he couldn\'t afford to be wrong.

His face became paler because he was still feeling afraid and wasn\'t really confident in himself.

Xiao Fang scolded him while pointing at him with anger, "Are you sure that no one had sabotaged the test at that time? Han Xiang was my daughter and I left it to you when I left... Do you know why? Because I couldn\'t bear to let my daughter living a hard life with me! You pushed me to my death and you also pushed Han Xiang to her death! Why should I let an unknown baby become a princess?! Don\'t you think that you are so stupid?!"

Xiao Fang tried to take a risk, hoping that the wicked concubine indeed did something to the test. She didn\'t want her origin as the Han Emperor\'s daughter to be known --- it was better if Han Xiang stayed as his daughter so that it wouldn\'t become more complicated than how it was at the moment.

The Han Emperor asked with a mocking tone and there was a hint of hatred in it, "I\'m sure! Tell me now! Did you switch the baby? Or Han Xiang was the result of your betrayal, huh?"

The Han Emperor had just declared his love, but in such a short moment, he accused the Ce Fei just like that --- even the audience couldn\'t bear to listen to his cruel words, especially the women. They looked at him in hatred, however, some of the men were nodding their heads. it seemed like they also agreed with the Han Emperor like it was justified to embarrass a woman who had betrayed the man. They were only a minority but it annoyed Xiao Fang and Yao Ling ah~!

Xiao Fang knew that the Han Emperor was shameless so she didn\'t feel surprised anymore. She glanced at Yao Ling, hoping that the ingredients that were being added to the Ce Fei\'s perfume sachet would work. However, Xiao Fang felt helpless because Yao Ling\'s attention was solely at the Emperor --- she was looking at him with murderous eyes.

"I don\'t really understand you... How could you believe the words of a concubine that came from a brothel than your own Ce Fei?! Switch the baby? Where could I get the power? I\'m a Shu person, who would help me inside this foreign kingdom? I didn\'t even know that many people back then! Not only that, but I was addicted to the drugs that you gave me! You also confined me inside my courtyard, so tell me... how could I betray you?!" Xiao Fang yelled at the Han Emperor while pointing at the wicked concubine and try to rile her up, so maybe the wicked concubine could accidentally blurt out something.

The Han Emperor stunned when he heard Xiao Fang\'s words. He had never thought it that way before, after all, he was too angry back then! In his mind, she was a Ce Fei so she must have an influence inside the manor somewhere... He was too angry to think of those possibilities.

He didn\'t really try to investigate it when he was feeling that something wasn\'t right --- he just hated the Ce Fei too much that he wanted to vent it on Han Xiang. In his mind, he had condemned the latter, feeling that Han Xiang truly wasn\'t his real daughter.

How could he not think that way? The Han Emperor glared at the wicked concubine, feeling that something wasn\'t right when he thought about it once more. He remembered that the one who kept persuading him to do something towards Han Xiang was the wicked concubine.

The wicked concubine gritted her teeth in anger. Whenever someone reminded her that she came from a brothel, she hated it so much! After all, she had tried to erase her past after she became the concubine of a prince, and now, an Emperor. Yao Ling\'s special ingredient only worked when the wicked concubine\'s mood was affected pretty badly and that was the reason why Xiao Fang tried to rile her up.

The more riled up she was, the more truth would come out of her mouth.

"What do you mean by a woman from a brothel?! Even if I\'m from there, I have my own dignity!" The wicked concubine yelled in a hoarse voice because her throat felt so hurt after being throttled, she still didn\'t give up to defend herself even though everyone might have guessed which one was the truth.

"I don\'t care about your dignity! I didn\'t say anything wrong. The brothel was indeed the place where you are coming from. Not only me, but everyone here knows about it perfectly well!" Xiao Fang said with an elegant voice and not raising her voice which made the difference between the two even more obvious.

The wicked concubine\'s face darkened because she could feel the mocking expression from everyone --- her dark past was mentioned over and over again, it was like the Ce Fei kept trying to remind her of her place. But what of it? She was already an Emperor\'s concubine! No one could shake her position anymore.

Would a ghost compete with her? The answer was no!

The wicked concubine smiled sinisterly while talking, "Hah! I admit that I came from a lowly brother. However, you are a noble lady... In the end, didn\'t I defeat you?! It was your man\'s stupidity for falling into my trap. Ha-Ha-Ha!"

She forgot that the Ce Fei\'s man that she referred to was also his man. The Han Emperor\'s face turned for the worst when he heard the wicked concubine\'s words. \'Falling into her trap?!\' The Han Emperor thought to himself while he was suddenly getting a bad feeling about it.

The Han Emperor asked in a harsh voice, "What do you mean? What trap?!" The more he heard what the wicked concubine said, the more his heard turn colder towards the former.

The wicked concubine flinched when she heard the Han Emperor\'s question, knowing that she had blurted out her inner thought once again. Knowing that she had already too far gone, she decided to just go the hell with it. Besides, she saw a little chance that she could ruin Feng Yong Rui and felt that her life would end here anyway.

She knew that she had finished, thus, she wanted to drag the Han Emperor down as well.