His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 367 - The Ghosts (3)

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Chapter 367 - The Ghosts (3)

"Did it for me?" Xiao Fang laughed maniacally in disgust. "You really have a sweet mouth, huh?"

"Yes ah~! Xiao Lan... I\'ve already given my everything to you, but you never look at me or try to love me at all! You made me feel so desperate back then." The Han Emperor said sadly. "That\'s the real reason I was making those mistakes that made you hate me even more."

Yao Ling and friends were really amazed by the Han Emperor\'s words --- he was still blaming the Ce Fei until now? It was because she had never loved him, huh? They wanted to throw a mirror at him so he could take a good look of himself. Was he good enough for Jiu Lan to love him?


They were feeling more disgusted by him --- even Feng Yong Rui and Qi Hao felt the same way!

Xiao Fang\'s heart was beating faster because this was the words that she had been waiting for. She was at a loss when the Han Emperor was talking nonsense just now and it was quite hard for her to steer the conversations\' direction, after all, she needed to act like a ghost as well. If she was talking too much, people would feel suspicious ah~!

She wasn\'t oblivious to some of the officials\' gaze of mocking, disbelief, and distrust. Some of them were cynical enough and didn\'t believe that they were really ghosts, but they would continue the performance until the end.

They wanted justice for Jiu Lan and they wanted to know what kind of person this Han Emperor was.

She also couldn\'t move around too much because she needed to stand inside the range of the smoke or people would see her feet. \'Tsk! This restriction is really annoying!\' Xiao Fang thought to herself, but she could only comply with it.

The several people who guess that this was a performance started to realize what this farce was all about. They were very curious as well, besides, no matter which side they were... some of them had their names on the list and the others wanted to check the truth whether that list was true or not. If yes, there was a chance that the Han Emperor would want to remove them as well. Thus, they didn\'t plan to stop the ghosts\' performance.

In the end, this all happened because of the Han Emperor\'s own conduct. If he didn\'t target his own loyal people, everyone would still be loyal to him as well. They wouldn\'t even let this performance to continue because everyone seemed to know that they would find out about the royal family\'s secret.

Feng Yong Rui was actually his biggest backer, but yet, he wanted to remove Feng Yong Rui --- how could the latter\'s heart not become chilled?

He could put a stop to his daughter\'s plan to get revenge if he wanted to, but in the end, he didn\'t --- especially when he knew the whole truth that Han Xiang had told his daughter. Thus, he only casually looked at the scene that happened in front of him in a cold face while continued being vigilance.

Feng Yong Rui might only be a scholar, but he had a lot of loyal subordinates --- some of them were on the military side and some of them were the people in the palace. In term of power, he didn\'t lose to the Han Emperor. If he wanted to revolt, he could. However, what preventing him before was his loyalty.

Xiao Fang decided to go with the flow and asked the main problem while she had the chance, "I come from the underworld because I feel unreconciled with you... You did so many disgusting things to me --- even giving me drugs so you can r.a.p.e me! Why? Why did you do that?!"

The surrounding people gasped when they heard the ghost\'s words. Raping? The women who had strong minds and hadn\'t fainted were able to hear it loud and clear. Their previous fear turned to pity... No wonder she had become a wandering ghost --- she must have been wanting to get revenge before leaving peacefully ah~!

What they disdained the most was r.a.p.e! The Han Emperor even gave her drugs and they didn\'t bother to cover up their disdain. No wonder the Ce Fei decided to run away back then. After all, they also knew that the Han Emperor had robbed the Ce Fei from her real husband and they heard that they really loved each other.

They dared to show their emotions because they could see that the Han Emperor didn\'t really pay attention to them! His gaze was solely landed on the ghost...

After listening to the Ce Fei\'s ghost\'s words, those who had a fierce battle inside the inner yards with the concubines seemed to understand more or less about what had happened back then. The noble ladies that were coming to the banquet were all the Madam of their respective families, how could they not understand the struggle inside the harem?

Thus, they looked at where the royal family sat down. They guessed which concubine was this cruel, after all, they believed that all of them weren\'t that innocent ah~!

If the Empress Dowager didn\'t faint, she would certainly put a stop to everything even if Yao Ling and Xiao Fang were real ghosts. After all, this involved the face of the royal family! How could she let their prestige be tainted and their conducts were being questioned like this?!

How could she have such a stupid son?! As an Emperor, he was easily affected by women! If she had known about the list, she would certainly die out of anger!

Too bad, she still fainted. Thus, no one was able to stop the Han Emperor\'s conduct.

What about the Empress? Her heart towards the Han Emperor had long gone, thus, she felt happy when he was in such predicament. She just looked at the scene indifferently, not planning to stop anything. Her most loyal Mo Mo had tugged her sleeves a few times, reminding her to do something, but the Empress didn\'t listen to her advice.

She was feeling tired to play the role as an Empress anyway. The Han Emperor listened to that wicked concubine and let her whole family be killed! How could she not plan to get revenge?! Her hatred was probably as big as the Ce Fei. She was pretty sure that the one who made the Han Emperor give the drugs to the Ce Fei must be the wicked concubine.

Who else?!

So instead, she decided to add oil to the fire.

The Empress smirked and pretended to be on the Han Emperor\'s side, "No... No... you must have been lying... Your Majesty isn\'t someone that would be able to do that! If he really had done that, it must have been under someone else\'s instigation!"

She seemed to be supporting the Han Emperor, but she didn\'t forget to add the last sentence to drag the wicked concubine along in this matter. She was emphasizing the instigation part loud and clear... so that people would understand her meaning.

Xiao Fang laughed maniacally once again and felt grateful for the Empress\' help, "Of course, I know! The woman was always there... right beside him whenever he did it!"

The Empress\'s face became paler when she heard this --- even she also felt sympathetic towards the Ce Fei. It would be so degrading ah~! "No... I don\'t believe you!" The Empress said loudly.

The Han Emperor took a glance at her and felt grateful for the Empress that he had rarely visited --- suddenly... he felt guilty. This woman was still trying to defend him even though he knew that the former must still be angry when he punished her family...

"What... what nonsense?! I don\'t believe you as well!" Suddenly, the wicked concubine started to talk. She didn\'t want to lose to the Empress ah~! She needed to show people her \'love\' to the Han Emperor as well.