His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 366 - The Ghosts (2)

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Chapter 366 - The Ghosts (2)

Yao Ling was surprised by the Empress\' sudden outburst. But oh well... she helped them to make it more believable ah~! Thus, she continued playing a piece of eerie music with a better mood. However, her eyes never left the audiences --- to see their reactions as well. If someone tried to stop them, she would be able to stop them beforehand.

She sighed when she had to appear with blood all over her body for quite some time --- the smell was so fishy and the feeling was very slimy. It was beyond disgusting but she had just to endure it for their revenge. To make it more believable, they used real blood ah~! Of course, they didn\'t use human blood, but instead, they chose chicken blood. Yao Ling really needed to hold her breath once in a while or else, she would vomit ah~!

\'Ugh! It\'s so unbearable!\' Yao Ling thought to herself.

She really needed to take a bath at least three times after this, after all, they hid the blood package inside her hair. Yao Ying used his inner qi to break the small beads that serve as the containers of the blood when she started to play the qujin just now. That was the reason why the blood could flow down softly out of nowhere.

They had been practicing a lot of times before Yao Ying was finally able to do it with precision, or else, the one that he broke could be her head if he missed by accident. It would not be funny if that really happened ah~! She probably would really become a ghost!

The Han Emperor wasn\'t even able to listen to his Empress and Ce Fei\'s words --- he was too entranced by the person who was standing on the stage. Even if he heard what his women said, he wouldn\'t even put it inside his head. To him, that woman was just his beloved Ce Fei. The one who he had missed all of these times.

Whenever he made love with his women, it was her name that he called over and over again. Thus, every woman in his harem knew that they could never replace the Ce Fei --- even the wicked concubine.

The Han Emperor didn\'t care whether it was the real Ce Fei or her ghost who appeared, at least, he could see her once again. He didn\'t even feel scared just like the other onlookers even when he realized that something was amiss from his Ce Fei --- she didn\'t seem to stand without legs. He pointed at her with a trembling hand. "You... You come back..." He said in a hoarse voice.

The ghost started to move once again when she heard the Emperor\'s voice, her attention turned to the latter and her gaze finally left the old official who was already frightened. If Xiao Fang pushed him further, the latter would get a heart attack sooner or later.

When the old official knew that he was finally safe after Xiao Fang retracted her gaze, he sighed in relief, feeling that he had just evaded a great disaster. He didn\'t dare to breathe or move just now and almost fainted due to the lack of air, fortunately, the ghost\'s attention was diverted at the right time or else he would have really joined the woman by becoming a ghost as well ah~!

After this, he would go to the temple to pray and ask for an amulet to protect himself from the ghost. He would never do a bad deed again --- he became repentance as long as he didn\'t meet any ghost ever again!

The ghost\'s head turned away at a fast speed with a loud cracking sound which surprised the surrounding audience and the ghost looked at the Emperor with an expression of intense hatred. She smiled cynically at him and said, "Yes... I came back from hell because of you..." She used a soft and broken voice to talk in her ghost disguise.

Xiao Fang gave a signal to Lin Jian to prepare himself --- it was time to use the same technique as Yao Ying just now.


Lin Jian hit several beads inside Xiao Fang\'s hair.

Thus, suddenly there was a blood trail at her face which made the Emperor flinch and the latter asked, "Xiao Lan... what happened to you? Why is there suddenly a blood trail on your face?" He was still being delusional and thinking that his Ce Fei had come back for real.

Xiao Fang smiled like a predator and then her smile turned into a snarl, she bared her teeth like a wolf --- an angry wolf. "Isn\'t it because of you? Don\'t you remember?" She tilted her head to the side. The ghost looked like a desolate figure which was mournful and lonely all of a sudden.

"Because you miss me, right?" The Han Emperor\'s delusion became crazier and he was still being hopeful. He had never thought the ghost had come back for revenge.

Yao Ling and Xiao Fang, "..."

They were really speechless.

How could the conversation turn this way? Wasn\'t he supposed to ask why? Xiao Fang almost vomited blood in disgust when she heard his question. How could her mother miss someone like him?! Was he an idiot?

"Miss you?" Xiao Fang laughed eerily with a high pitch voice in disbelief. After that, she really vomited blood, trying to make her appearance as scary as possible. Besides, they had prepared a lot of blood beforehand. Thus, she didn\'t mind to use it in a splurge.

The blood fell onto the face of the people who was sitting the closest to the stage and they quickly touched to see what it was. When they realized that it was real blood, they quickly crawled to the back and hide behind the others while shivering. They didn\'t even dare to scream or make a sound --- they still remembered the old man\'s fate just now.

Too scary... Really... Really too scary!

Yao Ling and friends sneered inwardly. They were officials and yet, they fully believed in their farce, huh? Somehow they couldn\'t believe it. Xiao Fang felt fortunate that her face was the exact carbon copy of her mother, otherwise, how could they believe this easily ah~?!

However, they really thought too highly of themselves. Some of them weren\'t sure whether they were really ghosts or not. Yao Ling and friends really underestimated the officials ah~! Not all of them were stupid or scaredy-cat, but they wanted to know why did they pretend to be ghosts, so they followed their farce and didn\'t bother to stop them.

Some of them were from Feng Yong Rui\'s side and some of them were from the Emperor\'s side. In actuality, this performance was indeed too risky in the first place. Feng Yong Rui already prepared a way out for them if this performance failed. He did this because he knew --- even if he tried to prevent them, they wouldn\'t budge with their decisions.

Their hatred towards the Han Emperor had run deep within and the youngsters were really stubborn.

Xiao Fang continued asking, "Are you stupid or crazy? Why should I miss you?"

The Han Emperor laughed and said, "Because you know that the one who really loves you forever and always... is only me ah~! Everything I did... I did it for you..."

Xiao Fang felt like throttling and killing this old man. He was beyond shameless and he said that he had done all of that in the name of love! She finally took a good look at the man that was supposed to be her father, but she felt nothing towards him.

She could only feel hatred ah~!

How could he say that giving her mother drugs to succ.u.mb to him was because of love? If his love was that selfish, it would be a misfortune for a woman to be loved by him!

So disgusting!