His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 355 - So Complicated

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Chapter 355 - So Complicated

They clearly saw it was Feng Yong Rui\'s painting. But... But... why? There were so many officials that would attend the banquet, so why were these men assigned to kill him? Was there a special reason?

Yao Ying and Lin Jian looked at each other with wide eyes and mouthed at the same time, "Isn\'t it Xiao Fang\'s father?!"

Then, they had a gut feeling that the person who hired these two men might be the Han Emperor. However, why did he hire them?! Was it because of the blood letter? Or, maybe because he didn\'t want to be connected to this matter altogether...

They thought the target of those two men would be the Han Emperor, who knew that it was actually Xiao Fang\'s father --- they needed to warn him through Ah Man after they finished listening to these people\'s conversation. However, time passed by in a slow-motion for them, because they were too worried after knowing the target.

They had to pass the news to Feng Yong Rui as soon as possible.

"Do you remember what you should do if you fail to kill the target or maybe... being captured after killing the target?" The eunuch asked in a low threatening voice. He squinted his eyes viciously at the two men, which made those assassins feel afraid. Just by looking at this, Yao Ying and Lin Jian could see that the eunuch wasn\'t simple.

The two assassins knew that after receiving the assignment related to the palace, there would be little chance for them to survive. However, they had prepared themselves beforehand, so they weren\'t feeling too surprised by their employer\'s heartless demand. Besides, they had never been given a chance to refuse the job --- they took their families as hostages ah~!

Both of them nodded their head obediently and answered at the same time, "We know. Don\'t worry! We won\'t make any mistake."

After that, one of them carefully asked, "Then the third prince\'s promise...?" He didn\'t dare to ask for more, thus, he could only give the eunuch a hint through his halfway question.

The eunuch laughed lowly while answering them confidently, "Of course, it will be done just as we promised. The third prince will guarantee your family\'s safety and they will never lack anything for the rest of their lives." After that, he glared at the assassin who said the third prince\'s name and warned, "After this, don\'t ever say the name of your employer once again. Do you hear me? Tell the name of the person that we have discussed before."

The eunuch looked around carefully and when he saw that no one was around, he sighed in relief. He sneered at the two assassins and thought inwardly, \'They were so stupid! How could they say the third prince\'s name that easily!\'

The eunuch wasn\'t satisfied with these two people because they weren\'t the best, but he had no choice. This was a last-minute plan and they couldn\'t find any suitable people --- except these two in such short notice. There were a lot of loopholes in this plan, but their fraction couldn\'t turn a blind eye from such a good chance to stir a commotion. The eunuch smirked to himself. His master was really clever and he would wait along with the master to see their fruit of labors.

Both men sighed in relief and they thanked the eunuch in advance. They didn\'t know whether the eunuch\'s master would really do as he promised, but they could only do this to save their families. It would be better if they could get out of this alive, so they could take their families away and hide after this matter was dealt with.

Yao Ying and Lin Jian looked at each other in surprise while having the same thought, \'The third prince?!\'

Yao Ying whispered to Lin Jian in a low voice, "Do you believe that this is the third prince\'s work?" Somehow, it didn\'t seem right to him... unless there was an unknown enmity between the third prince and Feng Yong Rui. However, Qi Hao had never mentioned about this thing before. Their fault was for not investigating about the complicated political matter in the Han Kingdom beforehand.

After all, they only planned to help Xiao Fang without involving themselves with the political matter of another kingdom any further. Who knew that knowing about this matter was actually quite crucial? However, it was too late ah~!

After passing through a lot of hurdles and problems, they honestly thought they had already experienced enough to handle every problem that was thrown at them easily. They started to realize how arrogant they were ah~! They still had a lot to learn, no wonder Feng Yong Rui wanted Ah Man to pay attention and give a few pieces of advice for them.

Feng Yong Rui probably already knew about their shortcomings.

Lin Jian shook his head helplessly. "I don\'t know... I only heard the rumor that the third prince is a waste and there is no chance for him to win the throne --- even the Han Emperor has never considered him at all. There are two possibilities --- one is that the third price has hidden himself deeply and started to move to stir things up after waiting for the right time. The other one is that someone tries to frame him by using his name..."

Lin Jian knew some basic information about the Han Kingdom because of Mi Hui, however, it was also a piece of basic knowledge about the princes and princesses in this kingdom. He didn\'t read about it deeper. Who knew that it could be so complicated.

Yao Ying felt that this type of battle really gave him a headache. There were so many possibilities that made them couldn\'t choose which one was the right one. They needed to gamble ah~!

Yao Ying asked Lin Jian, "Why don\'t we take those men to our side?"

Lin Jian sighed. "I don\'t think it will be that easy. Based on their conversation, the eunuch has their families under their control. I\'m afraid... even if they are being poisoned, there is a possibility that they will still choose their family over their life. Besides, killing people in the palace... they should have known the consequences as well."

Yao Ying solemnly nodded. Those men must have prepared to die. Yao Ying shuddered when he realized how serious the battle of the throne was. He felt lucky that he wasn\'t a part of the royal family --- he just wanted a peaceful life with Yao Ling.

"Do you think it\'s possible to use Mi Hui\'s contact to handle those two men\'s family?" Yao Ling asked curiously.

Lin Jian shook his head. "No, we don\'t have enough time."

"What should we do?" Yao Ying asked helplessly. He really wanted to know the real employer of those two men and follow the eunuch, but the risk was quite high. Was it worth it?

"Should we follow that eunuch or the two assassins?" Yao Ying asked because he wanted to know Lin Jian\'s thought.

Lin Jian also got a headache because of this ah~! One wrong choice and this wouldn\'t end up well for them. "Should we go on our separate way after they finish talking? I will follow the eunuch and you will deal with those two men. How is that sound?"

"But, it\'s too dangerous! Not only that, but I\'m afraid that we won\'t be able to go back in time to warn Uncle Feng Yong Rui ah~!" Yao Ying tried to reason with Lin Jian, even though he also liked the idea.

Even though they were talking, their eyes had never left those three. They didn\'t want to miss their conversation. It seemed like their conversation was almost finished. Yao Ying and Lin Jian only had a few split moments to make a decision. If they were too late, the three of them would already be gone.

"How?" Lin Jian asked Yao Ying --- he let Yao Ying make a decision.