His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 352 - Their Tent

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Chapter 352 - Their Tent

The old palace maidservant gave a signal to her trusted subordinate to let her quickly assign two palace maidservants to each trope. Those palace maidservants would be in charge of the trope and if something wrong happened, the palace maidservants would be the one who would take responsibilities along with the people they were in charge of.

This was done to make it easier for the old Mo Mo to check everything that happened through her own subordinates. Not only that, but she also added two palace guards for each trope --- just to be on the safer side. It would be easier to subdue commoners who didn\'t know their place.

The commoners were surprised by her sudden warning and they quickly shut their mouth in fear --- no one dared to say anything anymore. Their previous amazed and cheerful demeanor was gone. The old palace maidservant had a lot of experiences and she knew how to control the situation cleverly. That old Mo Mo wasn\'t as simple as how she looked like.

The status of those commoners was far worse than the palace maidservants. That was the reason why the old palace maidservant was able to intimidate the commoners in a few words. However, to Yao Ling and friends... her words merely looked like a joke. They sneered at the old Mo Mo, but they didn\'t do anything. After all, they still needed to continue with their pretense.

They knew that people with more power would always bully the weaker ones. This was the rule of the jungle which would always be applied in real life.

The officials who let their sons or daughters perform in the banquet would take them into the palace directly from the front gate. How could the let them go inside with the commoners through the side door? It would be a slap to their faces ah~! That was the reason why the palace maidservants behaved arrogantly here. They didn\'t need to be afraid to offend these people.

If these people were those officials\' family, they wouldn\'t dare to reprimand any of them. People tended to fear those who were more powerful than themselves ah~! However, the old Mo Mo\'s warning wasn\'t that baseless... it was indeed important to pay attention to little details when someone went into the palace.

The old palace maidservant explained in a loud voice because she wanted everyone to listen to her words clearly, "This is the palace --- a sacred place where the Han Emperor and Empress live. All of you should behave carefully! The palace has its own set of rules. Don\'t make a sound! Don\'t look around! Don\'t touch anything! Don\'t covet anything! Just keep to yourself! If you do something wrong, your head could roll on the ground."

She deliberately made a scary example so that people knew the seriousness of their situation. In the palace, their life could be considered as mere toys for those powerful people.

The old palace maidservant already disdained to be given job as those commoners\' \'caretaker\' because she was actually one of the Mo Mo who had a high position in the palace. However, she also knew the importance of this job and didn\'t dare to slack off. That was why when she saw them behaved atrociously, she felt even more indignant with this job.

If she let them be and something happened to them, she would be the one who would be blamed and she didn\'t dare to take that risk.

After saying her pieces of mind, the old Mo Mo harrumphed and told the maidservants under her to take each trope to their own places. They were told to keep an eye on them carefully. She would rest and wait for their reports.

Two beautiful palace maidservants were assigned to Yao Ling\'s troupe. One was tall with a slim body while the other was on the chubbier side and looked cuter. The slim one looked so arrogant and turned up her nose at them, clearly looking down on them and seemingly didn\'t have the plan to talk to them. On the other hand, the chubby one greeted them warmly with a lovely smile on her face.

"We will take you to your tent," the latter said in a soft voice. Then, she pointed at two guards who followed them and said, "They will guard you just in case there is an unexpected situation."

The woman was clever with words. She made it look like the guards were there to protect them, instead of guarding against them. However, no one would dare to point out that fact. Yao Ying tried to probe the palace guards with his inner qi and he found that they were just ordinary guards. However, he could feel the presence of hidden guards all around the perimeter.

He sneered inwardly. No wonder they dared to place only two palace guards around for their trope.

Yao Ling answered politely with a smile, "Thank you, Gu Niang."

The latter just waved her hand and she introduced their name, "If you have something that you need help with, you can call us. My name is Bai Yi and her name is Bai Jiu." She pointed at her friend who kept her silence through all of the introduction.

Yao Ling\'s trope murmured their agreement and thanked her at the same time. Probably because they were Feng Yong Rui\'s people, their trope was placed at the front. They could see that they were put in clutter at one place and they were separated only by a tent with the other trope.

Yao Ying still paid attention to those two men with a hidden weapon, wanting to see which tent they were assigned to. At least, he should know which direction they were going. Otherwise, it would take a lot of time to search those tents one by one.

Yao Ling asked curiously at Bai Yi, "Gu Niang, is this place far from the banquet place?" She just wanted to distract the palace maidservants so that Yao Ying would easily follow those two men\'s movement.

Bai Yi and Bai Jiu looked at each other, feeling suspicious of Yao Ling --- after all, no one would usually dare to ask like this question. They would just stay quiet and wait to be called --- that was it. A thought appeared in both of their mind, \'Does she plan to do something by asking them for information?\'

Yao Ling noticed this and she quickly laughed nervously while trying to appease both of the palace maids, "Actually... we are quite nervous. Not only that, but we need to prepare ahead of time because our performance is a bit complicated."

Yao Ling bit her lower lip while wringing her handkerchief, pretending to be nervous. Bai Yi glanced at her, trying to see whether she was deceiving her or not. When she saw her nervous state, she started to believe in Yao Ling.

Bai Yi answered her, "This place isn\'t that far. Don\'t worry! We will let you know when is your trope\'s turn once we get the schedule from our Mo Mo."

Yao Ling said, "Thank you, Gu Niang. We need to prepare everything at least one shichen before..."

Bai Yi nodded, "I will let you know before that."

Yao Ling sighed in relief when she heard that. After that, they were no longer talking because they had arrived in their tent.

Once they were inside, Bai Yi and Bai Jiu didn\'t really follow them in. She just gave them a few pointers before they left.

Yao Ling quickly asked Yao Ying in a low voice, "Can you find out those two people\'s whereabouts?"