His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 351 - His 'Weapon'

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Chapter 351 - His \'Weapon\'

Yao Ying whispered softly in her ears while keeping his vigilance just in case the palace maid would be able to see their intimate interaction, "I never know that you are actually a pervert!" He looked at her with twinkling eyes.

"What do you mean by a pervert?" Yao Ling was taken aback by Yao Ying\'s sudden nickname for her. " Me? Why?! What did I do wrong?" She blinked innocently at Yao Ying who tried to stifle his own laughter when he saw her panicked face. His woman was so cute and innocent ah~!

Yao Ling looked intensely at him when she didn\'t receive any answer and she saw him wiggling his eyebrows naughtily at her, making her feel annoyed and embarrassed at the same time. How could he call her pervert?! Without a second thought, she pinched his waist which made Yao Ying flinch due to the pain.

However, the latter still had the gut to laugh at her! Yao Ling pouted and refused to talk to her annoying husband. Yao Ling still behaved childishly by not looking at him, but she perked her ears up --- of course, Yao Ying knew what she was up to.

"Okay... okay... I will tell you," Yao Ying said with a low chuckle. He looked around and when he saw that no one was paying attention to them, he quickly whispered to her softly on her ears. About Lin Jian, Ah Man, and Xiu... he totally disregarded them. If they wanted to listen to him, then he would let them be.

"Do you remember something of me that is always soft when it\'s not being provoked by you? However, once you provoke it with your little hand or pretty little mouth, it will turn harder in a second... Not only that, but it will also bring you pleasure? Maybe... maybe in the future... it will help you to cook up a baby inside your w.o.m.b?" Yao Ying shamelessly gave a detailed explanation to her while grinning widely.

Yao Ling realized that ever since they got intimate, Yao Ying\'s aloofness was totally gone and he kept behaving like a rogue in front of her! She didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. However, she still loved both sides of him --- no matter what, he was her husband.

Everyone would know what he meant with such a vivid description ah~! Yao Ling almost fainted in embarrassment when she started to realize what Yao Ying meant! He was the one who was the pervert ah~! Her thought had never gone to that direction even once!

Lin Jian, Xiu, and Ah Man, "..."

The three of them were speechless. Lin Jian and Xiu sighed in relief when they knew that Xiao Fang and Xiao Yu weren\'t able to hear Yao Ying\'s words. They really wanted to scold him so that he would not to talk those kinds of dirty talks in a public place ah~! He would corrupt pure and innocent people like them ah~!

\'Please don\'t give up dog foods in the middle of the mission!\' They thought to themselves. Their calm appearance almost cracked because of Yao Ying\'s lewd words! How come the direction of the conversation changed from weapon to Yao Ying\'s \'weapon down there\' in a flash?

They had just thought seriously about what kind of weapon was that when they heard Yao Ying\'s words. How could they not feel revulsion ah~? They didn\'t want to hear their intimate experience!

They shuddered and decided to pretend that they didn\'t hear anything. Just let the lovebirds be ah~! It was better if they closed off their ears from now own to prevent themselves from listening to their conversation or else, they couldn\'t maintain their calm appearance one more.

Yao Ling heard Yao Ying\'s direct word and if she still didn\'t understand what he meant, then she would be an idiot --- a real idiot! She took a glance at his \'weapon down there\' by reflex and the man proudly stood up straighter when he saw her gaze.

\'This man!\' She thought to herself while gritting her teeth. She averted her gaze but Yao Ying had already seen her movement, so it was actually too late ah~!

Yao Ling felt that she had behaved wantonly by looking at his manhood even though she couldn\'t really see anything, thus, she quickly turned her head away. However, she could see Yao Ying\'s mocking expression which made her feel irritated again. This man really had no shame!

\'Argh!\' She yelled inwardly in frustration.

"Be serious!" Yao Ling warned him while biting her lower lips. Yao Ling looked around and sighed in relief when she saw that no one had noticed their exchange. If she knew that the others only pretended to be oblivious, she would certainly vomit blood ah~! She would definitely banned Yao Ying from getting closer to her.

Yao Ling pinched Yao Ying\'s waist once more and warned him again, "Behave! We are inside the palace for Buddha\'s sake!" Her eyes darted around carefully... she really hoped that Yao Ying would stop talking nonsense. She straightened her back and pretended that nothing was wrong.

Yao Ying raised both of his hands in defeat and laughed, "Fine... Fine... we will continue this at home after we finish the mission! We still have a long... long time ahead..." He really couldn\'t wait ah~!

Yao Ying wasn\'t actually that pervert, however, he deliberately teased her and behaved like a rogue because Yao Ying had seen how tense Yao Ling was. He had felt it ever since they left the Prime Minister\'s manor. He knew that Yao Ling was very nervous, thus, he wanted to calm her nerves down. When he looked at her, it seemed like he had turned her nervousness into anger.

Oh well... it was better this way.

Yao Ling blushed, making her look even more enchanting. However, she still murmured her agreement which made Yao Ying feel satisfied with her lovable response.

Yao Ying looked up and walked leisurely, he accidentally looked at Lin Jian who was glaring at him. \'Stop it!\' Lin Jian mouthed at him with a frown.

Yao Ying blinked his eyes and pretended to be innocent. \'What?\'

Lin Jian glared even more. \'You know what! Stop giving us dog foods!\' He pouted when he saw how fake Yao Ying was! The latter definitely knew what he was talking about ah~!

Yao Ying merely grinned at him and pointed at Xiao Fang, \'It will be your turn sooner or later!\'

Lin Jian looked at Yao Ying with wide eyes. \'You... you...!\'

Before Yao Ying could tease Lin Jian more after seeing his funny reaction, Ah Man cleared his throat, trying to remind them to behave.

Ah Man wondered where these youngsters\' confidence came from ah~! They were able to joke around in this kind of serious situation. They were already inside the palace ah~! The etiquette was very important here even if they were coming in through the back door. Once they made a mistake, with one word from the Emperor and his royal family, they would lose their head ah~!

Fortunately, they were mixed with other ordinary people... otherwise, they would look so out place. Some of them also whispered or talked to each other. Some of them were looking around with interest --- after all, everything in here was quite precious and they wouldn\'t be able to see those things at an ordinary day.

When the palace maids felt that their voices started to get louder, they looked at them in a mixture of annoyance and disdain. One of the older ones who seemed to be the leader of those palace maidservants quickly gazed at them with sharp eyes and said in a loud and stern voice, "Be quiet!"

She was standing at the very front of the line-up and after saying that, she stopped moving while looking behind. If the others didn\'t pause their step in time, she would have been pushed by the person behind her.