His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 348 - The Preparation

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Chapter 348 - The Preparation

They only had two days and Xiao Fang quickly drafted up the performance in great details. She remembered the performance that had become her inspiration in details because she had loved seeing it so much, so she watched it for a few days in a row. Thus, she remembered everything clearly.

Xiao Fang didn\'t forget to combine it with Yao Ling\'s plan to tear down the Han Emperor and the Evil Concubine\'s masks. It would happen almost at the end of their performances. Xiao Fang looked proudly at her work and praised herself inwardly, \'Ah...~! I\'m so smart!\'

If the others knew her conceited side, they would shake their head helplessly.

Xiao Fang and friends didn\'t need to care about how to get into the palace or out, this matter would be handled by Feng Yong Rui and Ah Man. They just needed to focus on their performances and do their best.

What about finding Rong Qiu? Feng Yong Rui made them calmer after convincing them that it would be easier for them to find some news about him once they got into the palace and kept in touch with Feng Yong Rui\'s spies. Feng Yong Rui didn\'t believe that all of those people had been caught or dead for his own reasons --- only Feng Yong Rui and Ah Man knew the reasons, even Qi Hao also didn\'t know about that.

However, they still trusted Feng Yong Rui\'s judgment.

When the others read Xiao Fang\'s written idea, they were quite surprised because it was quite a good performance --- albeit it would be quite difficult to perform without proper practices. If they could perform it nicely, it would be a spectacular show.

"Wow... this is amazing!" Yao Ling\'s eyes shined when she read it. "You are really good at this!" Yao Ling praised her wholeheartedly.

Xiao Fang shyly smiled, "I hope that this will be a success!" She didn\'t dare to be conceited in front of Yao Ling because she felt a bit inferior in front of the latter --- Yao Ling was far more clever than her. She knew that she was holding herself back in the Han Kingdom because she was trying to lay low so people wouldn\'t pay attention to her.

"However, can we do this in only two days?" Yao Ying asked in a low voice.

Xiao Fang grinned. "I believe in our abilities!" After that, she looked at her friends one by one while talking resolutely and trying to give them motivation, "I believe that we can do it!"

Her mood affected the others and the previously heavy tension became a lot lighter. They murmured in agreement and they said that they would also work hard.

Qi Hao was also reading the plan along with them. Even though he felt that the idea was good, he still felt afraid to let them continue doing the plan. Thus, he asked Xiao Fang sternly, "Are you sure that you want to continue doing this?" This was the last time he would try to persuade Xiao Fang. Not only the listeners felt tried, but he was also worn out. It was her life and decision ah~!

Xiao Fang nodded resolutely. "Yes, Brother... When I heard what that couple did to my real birth mother, I was so sad. I think it\'s my job to be filial to my mother and get revenge for her... That\'s the reason why I have to do this, even though I know the danger..."

When she used the filial excuse, Qi Hao couldn\'t persuade her anymore. If the same thing happened to his mother, he would also do the same and maybe, he would retaliate in a crueler manner. Thus, he decided to help them. He felt that he should also respect Xiao Fang\'s birth mother out of courtesy.

Yao Ling was chosen to play the qujin after Xiao Fang knew that she got the talent, after all, she didn\'t have any martial arts skills or dancing talents. Thus, she could only make do with it. Just in case she couldn\'t do it perfectly, Feng Yong Rui had prepared a back-up qujin player as a last minute replacement. After all, if she didn\'t do any performance, she wouldn\'t be allowed to enter the palace.

The others also learned their own part diligently. Lin Jian sighed in relief when he knew that he didn\'t need to disguise himself as a woman anymore. If Xiao Fang really assigned his to that disguise, he would... he would boycott her!

He had promised himself that he wasn\'t going to become a woman and stuff those weird squishy things inside his chest so that he could have b.r.e.a.s.ts! It was so disgusting ah~! Especially with the fact that he was more like a manly man from the beginning --- he was really unsuitable for that role ah~!

Contrary to their expectation, even though the performance was a bit complicated because they had to be performing in sync, the preparation went smoothly --- even Yao Ling was able to surpass Xiao Fang\'s expectation with her learning ability. She absorbed everything really fast --- even the hard song to play that Xiao Fang had chosen.

Yao Ling knew that this happened thanks to her new power. It was easier for her to understand everything than before --- it seemed like she had become smarter. She liked her new power even more!

Yao Ying thought to himself when he saw Yao Ling\'s progress, \'No wonder her qujin teacher kept praising her in front of their grandmother back at Wang Fu." Yao Ling had never played in front of him before, so he also didn\'t know that she could play the instrument that well. Yao Ling always said that she wasn\'t good enough and too shy to play for him... maybe it was because she didn\'t really feel confident about her own skills.

When the youngsters were busy at those two days, Feng Yong Rui asked Ah Man about the preparation from time to time and he was quite surprised because Xiao Fang was quite efficient in everything. Who knew that his daughter actually had such a talent?

Thus, he sighed in relief. Feng Yong Rui felt satisfied.

At their preparation stage, Yao Ling also didn\'t forget to learn her grandmother\'s skills from the scrolls. Who knew that it might come in handy when they were inside the palace? It could be said that those skills were some kind of cheats for ordinary people.

The more she learned, the more Yao Ling realized why people were coveting this power --- if this power was on the wrong hand, it would create havoc. If she wasn\'t supposed to lay low, she really wanted to try those skills. Too bad, she could only learn secretly.

Yao Ying saw her determination to learn and he couldn\'t say no to her. At least, by learning, she could forget her worry about her father\'s wellbeing for a little while. As long as she was still paying attention to her own health and didn\'t overwork herself, he just stayed quietly on the side and practicing his own performance diligently.

He just hoped that everything would go well in the palace and his father-in-law was alright.


Whenever people were busy doing something, they tended to forget time and everything passed in a flash. Just like them... If Ah Man didn\'t remind them about it, they would forget that today was the day of their performance. They became nervous all of a sudden even though they felt that their last training was pretty good.

Feng Yong Rui was still unable to contact his spies and at the same time, there was no news about Rong Qiu which made Yao Ling feel nervous. Her father was still inside the palace. Feng Yong Rui had inquired about this matter to Uncle Qiu\'s son and the latter was surprised. He didn\'t even know that his father had come back because Uncle Qiu had never told him before...

Uncle Qiu\'s son tried to find information but the news inside the palace was still being blocked --- thus, he started to become more worried.

Yao Ying started to realize that something must have been gone wrong with Rong Qiu. How could people suddenly disappear without any trace and news inside the palace?