His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 347 - Yao Ling's Plan (2)

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Chapter 347 - Yao Ling\'s Plan (2)

Yao Ling told them her plan carefully in details and she got various feedbacks in return. However, she already expected those reactions. Xiao Fang, Lin Jian, and Yao Ying nodded their head in agreement even though they had known the risk. On the other hand, Feng Yong Rui and Qi Hao denied the plan vehemently.

"No!" Feng Yong Rui and Qi Hao talked at the same time in a loud voice. "It\'s too risky! It will put Xiao Fang\'s life into danger! The loss would be bigger than the gain if that really happened." They were only concerned about Xiao Fang\'s wellbeing and didn\'t even try to look at the big picture, showing how important Xiao Fang was in their life.

The others couldn\'t blame them because they were actually thinking of the same thing. However, they needed to do what they should do.

Xiao Fang quickly said in a soft voice and tried to persuade them, "It should be fine, Father, Brother. As long as we are very careful, nothing will happen. With this plan, we can tear up the Han Emperor and the wicked concubine\'s face in front of everyone and they couldn\'t erase the stain forever. Isn\'t this a good deal? Besides, this will be our only chance."

Feng Yong Rui and Qi Hao knew that it was true, however, they were still worried about Xiao Fang. They needed to strike at this time to get the best position, but... how could they let her be in that dangerous position?

Ah Man cleared his throat, trying to gain attention and also diffused the tension. When everyone\'s attention turned to him, he cupped his fists and quickly said, "Master... may this servant put a few words in?"

Feng Yong Rui raised one of his eyebrows, after all, Ah Man was a man of few words. Unless it was regarding an important matter, he wouldn\'t try to catch his attention. Thus, he nodded and gave him a chance to talk, "Go ahead!" He sighed because he seemed to know what he was going to say.

"Thank you, Master!" Ah Man said politely, before continued talking, "This servant actually thinks that it\'s a good idea. Currently, our manor is being targeted. If we are keep defending ourselves without attacking back, we are going to lose sooner or later." He wanted to say --- for such a cruel person, they needed to pay him back tenfolds, but he knew that it was not his place to say that. However, he was pretty sure that his master understood it better than him.

Qi Hao also sighed, knowing that Ah Man was right. His explanation was reasonable...

Ah Man talked once again, "Besides, as long as we plan it carefully, Young Miss should be able to get through it. I will be the one who protects her personally. How is that sound?" Ah Man might look ordinary, but he had high martial arts skills. He was always staying outside of the manor as the leader of Feng Yong Rui\'s spy network. Thus, no one really knew about his skills --- of course, Feng Yong Rui and Qi Hao were the only ones who knew.

Feng Yong Rui massaged his forehead and finally gave his consent. "All of you young people should see what you deem fit. If you want to do the plan, just go with it!" Ah Man already persuaded him and if he still insisted to reject the idea, he would appear unreasonable.

Qi Hao looked at his father in surprise and yelled, "Father! How could you let them do it?"

Feng Yong Rui waved his hand and said, "I already made a decision."

Qi Hao could only helplessly look at his father and didn\'t dare to refute his decision. On the other hand, Xiao Fang felt so elated.

Yao Ling asked curiously, "When is the banquet?" They would need extra preparation for this plan to work.

Ah Man answered, "Two days from now!"

"Two days?!" Yao Ying, Yao Ling, Lin Jian, and Xiao Fang yelped at the same time. The time for preparation was too short! Could they really prepare everything in such a short time?!

Feng Yong Rui nodded his head in agreement. "Yes, it will be held in two days." He looked at Xiao Fang and asked carefully, "Do you think you can arrange everything in that short time?"

Xiao Fang sighed in disappointment. She was confident if they at least had one week time to prepare everything because she could see how fast-learners the trio was. However, in two days time... she still needed to see how good they were and whether they could follow her arrangement. She wasn\'t that confident at this time. She weighed everything down and knew that she still needed to take the risk, even if she wasn\'t feeling as confident as before.

"I can try," she honestly said, but she didn\'t dare to promise everything.

Feng Yong Rui laughed when he saw Xiao Fang\'s depressed expression. Where was her previous confidence just now? He added oil to the fire by saying, "Hmph! You should be... After all, it will put our Prime Minister manor\'s name as a stake..."

Xiao Fang, "..."

She thought to herself sarcastically, \'Father... I\'m so happy because of your trust!\' She didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry ah~! When she was feeling unconfident, her beloved father seemed to agree to let her experiment with the plan as her wishes. It seemed like he wanted her to fail so that she wouldn\'t go to the tiger\'s den.

\'Great plan!\' She thought to herself, but she wouldn\'t admit defeat.

Xiao Fang\'s previous demeanor changed --- her competitiveness was provoked by her father\'s words. "Father... I change my mind. I can do it! I have to!" She looked at her father with eyes full of fire.

Feng Yong Rui shook his head helplessly. Here we go again! Once she put her mind on something, she would become unstoppable. He deliberately sparked up her fighting spirit, because he knew that he couldn\'t prevent her from doing this. It was better if she put her all in doing this and also be careful.

Feng Yong Rui waved his hands tiredly and said, "You can prepare for it carefully. If you need anything, you can tell Ah Man about it."

After that, Feng Yong Rui turned to Ah Man and said, "Whatever they need, prepare it... you don\'t need to ask my permission. You know the limit." If he knew everything, he would try to stop them and it wouldn\'t be good ah~!

Ah Man cupped his fists once again and bowed politely, "Yes, Master."

"All of you can go now," Feng Yong Rui said and the others murmured their agreement.

Yao Ling asked hesitantly before she went out of the room, "Uncle... if you have any news about my father, can you tell me?"

Feng Yong Rui looked up and nodded his head. He said with a smile, "Of course!"

"Thank you!" Yao Ling felt grateful and sighed in relief.

Feng Yong Rui looked pointedly at Qi Hao, "You follow along with them. If your sister does something reckless, you know what to do!" He said in a low voice so that Qi Hao was the only one who could hear him. He knew that Yao Ying and Lin Jian would be able to hear too but he didn\'t care --- at least, he hoped that they would protect Xiao Fang too.

Qi Hao nodded his head silently because he still felt indignant --- he didn\'t agree to this ah~! However, he was left with no choice. He followed the others and it would be better if he knew Xiao Fang\'s plan, so he would be able to help them.

Thus, the preparation to infiltrate the palace had begun.