His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 346 - Yao Ling's Plan (1)

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Chapter 346 - Yao Ling\'s Plan (1)

Feng Yong Rui answered, "I have a plan but it\'s too dangerous. The risk is quite high..." This matter couldn\'t be handled by them directly, but someone else could. He took a peek at Xiao Fang\'s friends. However, he was also feeling uncomfortable to ask for their help. After all, they just met each other this morning.

How could the trio not feel his eyes on them? They had already gone this far to the Han Kingdom and of course, they would lend a helping hand because they had promised Xiao Fang before. Not only that, but also because this matter concerned Yao Ling\'s father. No matter what, they also needed to save the man.

Xiao Fang asked in a low voice in curiosity, "What kind of plan, Father?"

Feng Yong Rui didn\'t answer Xiao Fang right away and gave a gesture that meant \'hold of for a moment\', after that, he asked Ah Man, "Ah Man, have you made sure that the banquet in the palace will definitely happen in the near future?"

Ah Man nodded his head. "Yes, Master. This servant has received the news and the preparation is still continued happening, even though our spies can\'t be reached. This servant got this news from the palace\'s eunuch that came to our store to purchase a few things for the preparation."

After pondering for a little while, Ah Man looked up and asked in surprise, "Master... do you mean to...?"

Feng Yong Rui nodded his head without any hesitation. Ah Man was one of his smartest subordinates and he was clever at perceiving people\'s mind, so he must have known what Feng Yong Rui was thinking about.

Yao Ying furrowed his eyebrows and asked after seeing their interactions, "Uncle, do you want us to infiltrate the palace?" He more or less had guessed what his thoughts were.

Feng Yong Rui nodded his head and answered, "I can find a way for you to go inside the palace. At the very least, we can find out about what happened to your father that way. If no one can go outside, we should be the ones who try to get inside the palace. We have no other choice."

The others knew that this was true. Yao Ying glanced at Yao Ling and knew that the latter wouldn\'t be able to sleep if she didn\'t know what happened to Rong Qiu.

Feng Yong Rui asked, "What kind of talents that all of you have?" He planned to let them join as street performers that he presented for the Han Emperor. This was a quite big banquet because it was held to celebrate the Empress Dowager\'s birthday and the officials needed to prepare something for the Empress Dowager --- either a performance, a gift, or both. This was a mandatory thing in the banquet, thus, Feng Yong Rui had prepared for it beforehand.

At first, Feng Yong Rui had planned to give only a gift for the Empress Dowager, but he changed his mind this time because this was a good chance for Xiao Fang\'s friends to get into the palace. Usually, men were banned from coming into the palace but they made an exception this time for the sake of entertaining the Empress Dowager.

If the banquet was planned after the blood letter thing happened, the Han Emperor certainly wouldn\'t make this arrangement. However, the words had gotten out from his own mouth and the Han Emperor couldn\'t take it back. Feng Yong Rui used to feel that the Han Emperor was reckless for making such a banquet each year, but now, he felt really grateful for the Han Emperor\'s recklessness. If the Han Emperor didn\'t do that, he would have no chance to bring the others in.

Yao Ling laughed awkwardly when she heard Feng Yong Rui\'s question, after all, she used to live in a village. What kind of talent she could have? She remembered something and answered, "I can play qujin but I only learned for a little while, but I don\'t think that I could play it that well." Yao Ling felt lucky that she had learned this back at Wang Fu because of her sudden whim. Who knew that this could be useful at this time?

Feng Yong Rui looked at Yao Ling in slight disbelief --- after all, the latter had the graceful bearing of noble lady, how could she not have any skills? He swallowed back his question because he didn\'t think that it would be polite to inquire more about it. He merely nodded his head.

Xiao Fang clapped her hands happily, "Father... if this is about street performance, I saw a good one on my way to Lin Zhou from here!"

"And?" Feng Yong Rui asked.

"I can design the whole street performance by using the performance that I have seen as an inspiration!" Xiao Fang said excitedly. "With my friends\' skill, they will be able to do a great job!" Her previous dampened mood was gone in a heartbeat. Lin Jian really admired her simple way of thinking, but this way was also good, there was no way for Xiao Fang to have depression with such a simple mind.

Feng Yong Rui nodded. He knew Xiao Fang\'s skills and she was really good at this kind of woman art things, so it should be fine to let her in charge of this matter. He warned her beforehand, "You can design the performance all you want, but you are not allowed to go inside the palace! You are not joining your friends!"

Xiao Fang pouted when he heard that. "Everyone is going to attend it, why can\'t I? They are here for me, Father!" She whined childishly. How could she let her friends do all the work and she chose to hide herself? This was too unreasonable ah~!

Qi Hao\'s face darkened, "Don\'t you remember something more important that we have just discussed?!"

Xiao Fang looked at him but didn\'t dare to say anything. She understood what he meant but she still felt unreconciled because it was so unfair!

Qi Hao continued talking in anger, "The Han Emperor targeted you! How come you still dare to send yourself into the tiger\'s den?! Are you crazy?! You will be risking your life in there!"

"I have my own consideration ah~! If I get into the palace with this get-up, how can the Han Emperor recognize me?" Xiao Fang stubbornly said. She looked so ugly with her scar and she didn\'t believe a lecherous person like the Han Emperor would pay attention to her.

Qi Hao really wanted to throttle Xiao Fang. If it was another woman, he wouldn\'t even care whether she would live or die. However, this was his beloved sister. How could he let her go?! He couldn\'t! Feng Yong Rui had the same thought, but Qi Hao talked ahead of him, so he stayed quiet on the side.

Yao Ling cleared her throat and said, "Actually... this banquet is a good chance for us to get revenge." She needed to diffuse the tense atmosphere, besides, her plan would include Xiao Fang in it. When she looked at Xiao Fang\'s father and brother\'s expression, it would take a long time for her to convince them about it.

However, Yao Ling didn\'t want to let go of this chance. It wasn\'t only because she wanted to help Xiao Fang, but also because of her own selfishness. She glanced at Xiao Fang, knowing that the latter was thinking of the same thing as her --- they needed to get revenge for their mother!

Xiao Fang\'s eyes lit up when she heard that and she asked impatiently, "What do you mean? Tell us! Tell us!"

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. It seemed like Xiao Fang really didn\'t feel scared even though she already knew that the Han Emperor wanted to kill her in the first place.