His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 342 - Caught The Spy

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Chapter 342 - Caught The Spy

Lin Jian and Yao Ying quickly chased after the spy. Xiu quickly noticed what his master had done but he didn\'t follow them along, instead, the former chose to guard Yao Ling who was staying in the study room calmly. He had received Yao Ying\'s order before --- once something like this happened, his job was to guard Yao Ling and not to care about anything else.

Xiu wouldn\'t dare to disobey Yao Ying\'s order --- his young mistress\' safety came first.

Feng Yong Rui and Qi Hao were surprised of Yao Ying and Lin Jian\'s agility, knowing that with this high level of martial arts, they weren\'t ordinary people. It seemed like they also needed to check on these people\'s backgrounds.

Back at the Crescent Lake, Qi Hao had asked Xiao Fang about it once, because he didn\'t want to bring liabilities into their house --- after all, their household was also in a quite dire state at the moment, especially with the way the Han Emperor was trying to find their fault. However, Xiao Fang insistently vouched for their credibilities and she told him how much they had helped her for the past few weeks.

Because of this, Qi Hao couldn\'t refuse Xiao Fang\'s plea to bring them as well and she also said that the trio would be a great help to them.

No matter, Xiao Fang trusted them with her life!

Xiao Fang had never asked their background\'s details again after what they had told her the first time they met, so she didn\'t know for sure as well. They told her that their purpose was for honeymoon and Lin Jin was accompanying them for sightseeing. Xiao Fang only regarded them as an entourage from the Shu Kingdom --- as from what kind of family they were from, she didn\'t know and didn\'t bother to ask.

Honestly, she didn\'t really care about it. She already thought them as best friends ah~!

Xiao Fang might have believed that statement, but Feng Yong Rui and Qi Hao didn\'t fully believe in it. However, as long as they didn\'t have a malice intention towards them, they would turn a blind eye on it --- but they would still ask their people to check on them, just to be careful. If they really thought of Xiao Fang as a best friend, they would tell her the truth as well sooner or later.

The Han Emperor had a lot of experts, however, because he knew that the Prime Minister\'s defense was quite weak, he didn\'t send his strongest ones. Besides, he already called most of them and gave them another task. Yes, he was underestimating Feng Yong Rui and that was his biggest mistake.

The spy couldn\'t believe how fast both of the men who were chasing him. \'Where do these experts come from?!\' He thought to himself. They were right behind him, even though he had used his full strength to run with his qing gong.

Lin Jian gave a signal to Yao Ying and the latter quickly caught on. Their tacit understanding was getting better because of their past experiences. Yao Ying focused his inner qi on his legs and made a dash with his qing gong skill, thus, he was making the spy surprised because Yao Ying was suddenly moving faster and standing in front of him --- prevented him from escaping.

"How...?" The spy muttered in surprise but he quickly defended himself from Yao Ying\'s attack with both of his hands. Fortunately, he had seen Yao Ying\'s palm coming or else he would have been then when it reached his chest. The palm was full of inner qi ah~! He couldn\'t underestimate the power in it.

Lin Jian didn\'t fall behind, when he saw that the man was able to defend himself in time, he quickly used his kick. The spy felt the fluctuation in the air from behind him, but it was already too late for him to dodge. When he was kicked, he could feel that his inner organ almost fell apart --- his chasers were strong. Very strong.

He used to feel lucky that he had gotten the easiest job among his peers, it was too late to regret ah~!

Without giving the spy any chance to retaliate, Yao Ying quickly used his palm once more and it hit his chest. The spy spouted a mouthful of blood, knowing that he wouldn\'t be able to escape in this condition. His internal injury was quite severe and it was better if he ended his life as soon as possible rather than being tortured. He wouldn\'t betray his master --- even if he was able to come back, he would be killed because of his failure.

His master was a cruel man...

\'Damn!\' The spy thought inwardly. He quickly tried to bite the poison that was hidden in between his teeth. Yao Ying saw it from the corner of his eyes and he quickly punched the man\'s jaw, making it dislocated as soon as possible. He wouldn\'t let that happen! They needed information and this man was able to provide it to them.

"You want to kill yourself?!" Yao Ling laughed menacingly. "Do you think it is that easy?! What a stupid man!"

Lin Jian subdued the man by cutting the tendon on his feet, so he couldn\'t run away. The spy couldn\'t kill himself by biting his own tongue due to his dislocated jaw and he knew that he would get a painful ending.

Yao Ying pulled the man up and brought him back to the study room --- he treated the spy just like a sack of potatoes. He didn\'t let Lin Jian take him just in case his soon-to-be in-laws felt that Lin Jian was too cruel and didn\'t let Xiao Fang together with him. Just for a precaution!

The spy was thrown in the middle of the study room with a band and Yao Ying asked Feng Yong Rui, "Uncle, do you have an underground prison? We need to extract information for him, so we will know the Han Emperor\'s exact plan!"

Everyone was horrified when they saw the spy\'s condition, but they didn\'t feel pity for the man because he was the enemy. Xiao Fang and Yao Ling knew that they had to adjust themselves to this kind of thing --- after all, they would fight the Emperor. Yao Ling was far calmer than Xiao Fang who tried to hold back her vomit due to the smell of blood.

Feng Yong Rui and Qi Hao were familiar with this scene, so they weren\'t that surprised.

"I have one," Feng Yong Rui said and he guided to where it was. He didn\'t let Xiao Fang and Yao Ling follow them, so they could only wait at their own respective room.

Before Lin Jian was gone, he reminded Xiao Fang, "Disguise yourself! When the new spy arrives, it will be dangerous!"

Xiao Fang quickly nodded obediently, "I will!"

Feng Yong Rui and Qi Hao were quite surprised by her obedience, but they didn\'t comment on it. If they were the ones who said that, they were sure that Xiao Fang would pout. However, she was like a cute kitten in front of Lin Jian! Both of the men felt a bit jealous ah~!

However, they had no time to be petty because it was more important to gather information. Feng Yong Rui would stay outside just to not make people feel suspicious and the other three would be the ones who did the torturing.

Xiao Fang chose a disguise and decided to become Yao Ling\'s maid. She made a long scar on her face with make-up, so people felt disgusted when they looked at her face. It made her look like a whole new person and the most important thing... she didn\'t resemble Jiu Lan even though she didn\'t wear a veil.

They could only wait for Rong Qiu\'s news and the information from the spy!