His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 341 - A Spy

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Chapter 341 - A Spy

Yao Ling sighed in relief when she heard how worried Feng Yong Rui about her father. This was a good sign ah~! Feng Yong Rui still cared about her father despite everything, it seemed like their friendship was indeed real.

Feng Yong Rui had heard about what the Han Emperor did, but he only heard bits and pieces. He already condemned that man, however, when he heard the story... he could only gape. It was too horrifying! Qi Hao was just as surprised as him. They wouldn\'t really believe in everything that Yao Ling had just said if Xiao Fang didn\'t vouch for it and told them that she indeed witnessed everything with her own eyes.

When he heard the full version especially what he did to Han Xiang, he felt fortunate that Xiao Fang was able to get out of his clutch! What if he did the same thing to Xiao Fang? Being his real kid didn\'t guarantee that he wouldn\'t devour Xiao Fang too. That man was a beast in human clothing.

He wondered why he could think that he was such an admirable man with great aspiration. It seemed like it was only an image that the Han Emperor wanted people to see. That was the reason why he helped him to ascend to the throne after the previous Emperor was dead.

\'So disgusting!\' Feng Yong Rui thought to himself.

Feng Yong Rui would never think that the Emperor that he was loyal to was like that --- even tried to kill him. And, he was also trying to kill Xiao Fang at the moment, just to get his hands on the blood letter. How did the Han Emperor expect him to be loyal to him? Not only him, but the officials whose name were on the list had started to change their mind as well.

"Uncle, do you think my father will be in danger?" Yao Ling asked curiously. They knew that Rong Qiu was called because of Aunt Yue\'s matter, but he wasn\'t the person in charge, so it actually didn\'t make sense to call him so urgently like this ah~!

Feng Yong Rui shook his head. He analyzed the situation for them and answered, "I don\'t think so. After the blood letter\'s appearance and also the list, the Emperor wouldn\'t dare to act brazenly. I don\'t know for sure the reason why he called Rong Qiu, but nothing would happen to the latter. Don\'t worry!"

When she heard that the Han Emperor wouldn\'t do anything to her father, she was able to sigh in relief.

Xiao Fang asked her father, "Father, do you have any plan?"

"For what?" Feng Yong Rui asked.

"Of course towards the Emperor ah~!" Xiao Fang answered in a low voice.

"Xiao Fang!" Feng Yong Rui said in a serious tone, reprimanding her. "Don\'t talk like that! I\'m loyal to the court! Once people heard what you said, people would think that I plan treason. If someone heard and told the Emperor, our family would be killed ah~!"

Xiao Fang noticed her mistake and looked down, "I\'m sorry, Father!"

"Xiao Fang, Father knows that you are worried about me, but I don\'t believe in that rumor... The Emperor wouldn\'t do that to us!" Feng Yong Rui said.

The others were surprised by Feng Yong Rui\'s sudden change. Feng Yong Rui saw Lin Jian\'s expression and gesture which told him that there was a spy. He didn\'t believe him at first because his people should have been guarding the perimeter, but Yao Ying also nodded, indicating that something wasn\'t wrong. They were both pointing at the ceiling.

Yao Ying\'s conversation with him just now told him that their martial arts were pretty good. That was the reason why he quickly said that to Xiao Fang. The women still didn\'t realize what was wrong.

Thus, Feng Yong Rui pulled out a paper and write down, \'Not safe!\' The spy shouldn\'t be able to get in... at most, he could only listen from the outside. That was the reason why he dared to write something to warn them.

The others knew what it meant and started to be careful with their words too.

Yao Ling started to sweat and write, \'What about my father\'s story? Will it reach the Han Emperor\'s ears?\'

Feng Yong Qui glanced at Yao Ying and gave the brush to him. Yao Ying quickly wrote, \'No... the spy has just arrived. It seems like it took a little while for him to subdue Uncle\'s people.\'

Yao Ling sighed in relief when she heard that.

Lin Jian asked Feng Yong Rui through his gesture --- he made a gesture to slice his own throat. He was asking whether they should kill the man or not.

Feng Yong Rui pondered over the matter and nodded. After all, the spy had already known that Xiao Fang was here. It would be better if they killed him and quickly ordered Xiao Fang to disguise herself even at home. It was better to be safe than sorry later.

Lin Jian and Yao Ying\'s guess was true. Because they knew the importance of this matter, they always paid attention to their surroundings, so when something wasn\'t right, they could stop the conversation. So far, when Yao Ling told the story, no one was listening to their conversation. Once the spy arrived, they quickly noticed his presence --- or else, it would be fatal for them.

Probably because they were taking too long in the study, the spy who was usually looking at them from afar risked everything and decided to listen to their conversation because he felt that something was wrong. After all, Feng Yong Rui rarely received a visitor. He also saw that one of the women had the characteristic of Feng Yong Rui\'s daughter. When did she arrive in the capital?

The spy wanted to make sure that it was really Feng Yong Rui\'s daughter because this was what he was here for. He needed to kill and take the blood letter from Feng Yong Rui\'s daughter\'s hands. He felt that it was an easy job because the defense in this Prime Minister\'s manor wasn\'t really good.

He came right before Xiao Fang asked what Feng Yong Rui\'s plan was. He squinted his eyes when he heard the word \'Father\'. His guess was indeed true!

The spy actually wanted to leave right away and act that night. However, after listening to their conversation about the Han Emperor, he started to feel interested.

When he heard that Feng Yong Rui was reprimanding his daughter, he sighed in relief. At least, the Prime Minister was still loyal --- a few other officials had made a few crazy plan towards the Emperor. They spy felt that he needed to be more careful. What if this was just an act?

Thus, he continued to listen to their conversation. However, he found that the room turned silent. He decided to peek in and see what was going on inside. He did that slowly and felt that no one would find out about his presence.

The spy was surprised when he heard one of the men inside the room yelled all of a sudden, "Assassin!"

The spy got a bad feeling about this and when he saw the people inside the study room were looking at him, he knew that they had found out about his presence a long time ago.

He quickly tried to run away. Previously, he had been here a few times and known that there was no real expert here. How come there was one out of nowhere?!

\'Damn!\' The spy cursed inwardly.

He was the only one who was stationed here. After the Emperor heard that Feng Yong Rui\'s daughter wasn\'t here, he let the others spy on another place --- except him.

If he wanted to survive, he could only rely on himself!