His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 340 - Who Gave Birth To Her?

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Chapter 340 - Who Gave Birth To Her?

Feng Yong Rui \'reluctantly\' believed in Lin Jian, but the others knew that they were just bullying the poor man because Lin Jian liked their precious daughter and sister. Only Xiao Fang who thought otherwise. The woman said to her father, "Father... I know that you are worried about me, but Lin Jian is really a man... I\'m not lying to you! Not only that, but he is also a good guy!"

Yao Ying, Yao Ling, and Lin Jian didn\'t know whether they should laugh or cry ah~! However, they couldn\'t fault Xiao Fang --- after all, Feng Yong Rui was her father... of course, she would believe in him.

Feng Yong Rui patted Xiao Fang\'s head and said, "It\'s good that you know it... Father is the only one who treats you best!"

Xiao Fang nodded and said with a big smile, "En..."

Qi Hao quickly interfered, "Me too!"

"Yes, Brother... You too!" Xiao Fang said with a hearty laugh.

Lin Jian bitterly thought to himself. If Xiao Fang got married to him, it seemed like his future would be bleak. His father-in-law and brother-in-law would certainly go hand in hand to bully him ah~! However, he had no other choice, because he already laid his eyes at Xiao Fang. He believed that his mother would be happy to see them together...

Yao Ling decided to change the direction of their talk because she actually pitied Lin Jian ah~! She would scold Yao Ying later, after all, she could see his smug smile when Lin Jian was being bullied! She asked softly to Feng Yong Rui, "Uncle, have you met my father?"

"Your father?" Feng Yong Rui looked at Yao Ling in confusion. "Who is your father?" He had nevet met this young woman before, so how could he know who this young woman\'s father was?

Yao Ling\'s heart sank when she heard this. She had a gut feeling that Feng Yong Rui hadn\'t met up with her father yet, but her father supposed to have arrived beforehand. So, where was he now? "Uncle Qiu..." Yao Ling answered in a small voice, hoping that Feng Yong Rui knew her father\'s whereabouts.

"Uncle Qiu?!" Feng Yong Rui asked in surprise. He had known Uncle Qiu for such a long time but he had never mentioned that he had a daughter! Of course, he was feeling bewildered. This woman looked younger than Uncle Qiu\'s son who lived in the capital.

"Are you his illegitimate child?" Feng Yong Rui asked in surprise.

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry when she heard this. She weakly said, "Uncle... I\'m really his real daughter..." She also knew that Feng Yong Rui wouldn\'t believe her... she should tell him the truth after this.

"But how...?" Feng Yong Rui gaped at Yao Ling. Her age was younger than Uncle Qiu\'s current son and at that time, his wife had been dead for a few years. That was the reason why he didn\'t believe that she was Uncle Qiu\'s legitimate daughter. Then, who gave birth to her?! A ghost?!

Qi Hao also didn\'t know about this matter, so he looked at Yao Ling in confusion too. Xiao Fang had never mentioned this thing in her letter before, he just thought they were Xiao Fang\'s ordinary friends.

"Father, why don\'t we go to your study room before we tell you everything?" Xiao Fang gave a suggestion. "It will be safer to talk there." The Han Emperor had laid his eyes on their manor, she believed that there might spies among them. Wall had ears ah~!

Feng Yong Rui immediately agreed. "Good... Good! Let\'s go!" He quickly led them to his spacious study room.

When they arrived at their study, Feng Yong Rui told his trusted guards to stand guard outside carefully along with Xiu and Xiao Yu, because he knew that they would talk about an important matter.

"Tell me!" He seriously asked impatiently. If he had met with Uncle Qiu beforehand, the latter might have told him about this himself. However, he couldn\'t wait to know because he didn\'t know when the Emperor would release Uncle Qiu from the palace.

"Uncle, you should know Aunt Yue\'s existence, right?" Yao Ling asked cautiously --- she wanted to know whether Feng Yong Rui was also involved in saving Aunt Yue back then.

"I know... we tried so hard back then and Uncle Qiu even had to lose his position," Feng Yong Rui answered. This answer was the reason Yao Ling dared to tell him everything, at least, he wasn\'t coveting Aunt Yue\'s power.

After hearing this question, he wondered whether Yao Ling\'s mother was Aunt Yue --- after all, he knew how concerned Uncle Qiu was back then. If he knew that she was actually Uncle Qiu\'s mother, what kind of expression that he would make ah~?! He didn\'t know Aunt Yue\'s age because she looked so young.

Yao Ling looked at Yao Ying, asking whether she should tell the truth or not. The latter nodded his head, after all, Feng Yong Rui was Uncle Qiu\'s best friend. Sooner or later he would know about this matter. True friends would always support each other --- this point, Yao Ying really believed in it.

Yao Ling nodded back. "Uncle, before I tell you everything, do you know my father\'s whereabouts?" Yao Ling almost forgot to ask about this ah~!

"Currently? He\'s supposed to be with the Emperor in the palace," Feng Yong Rui answered.

"Is he okay?" Yao Ling asked. Her father should have arrived yesterday, why didn\'t he meet up with the Han Emperor right away?

Feng Yong Rui nodded. "He should be okay. Yesterday, the Emperor has an important guest so Uncle Qiu couldn\'t meet up with him right away. He had just been called to the palace less than one shichen ago," he explained about the delay.

Yao Ling sighed in relief because it meant that her father was okay. After that, she told the story in a lighter heart. Feng Yong Rui and Qi Hao who heard about Uncle Qiu\'s past --- no, no, no... It was supposed to be Rong Qiu now --- were feeling surprised ah~! How could they imagine that Uncle Qiu wasn\'t the real Uncle Qiu, but his identity was taken by Rong Qiu?

It was by the real person\'s request, so they couldn\'t really fault Rong Qiu. Feng Yong Rui got a headache, after all, his best friend wasn\'t who he was supposed to be and it was quite baffling. He knew that Rong Qiu didn\'t plan to deceive him because he also just regained his memories. But still...

"Are you sure about this?" Feng Yong Rui asked in disbelief. He had become Prime Minister for quite a long time and this was the first time he had heard about this kind of matter ah~!

Yao Ling nodded her head. "My father has already gotten his memories back..." Yao Ling didn\'t tell them about the inheritance because she didn\'t feel that they were close enough to know about that secret matter. Knowing this, Xiao Fang also didn\'t say much. It was Yao Ling\'s business and it wasn\'t her place to reveal it.

Besides, if too many people knew about her new power, it would only bring danger to her. However, it didn\'t mean that she didn\'t trust Feng Yong Rui and Feng Qi Hao ah~!

Feng Yong Rui sighed softly. "Rong Qiu must be sad when he found out about his identity..." He thought about Rong Qiu\'s feelings because he knew the latter was a person who was sentimental. Knowing that his so-called life was a lie... he must have felt baffled too!