His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 339 - Is He Really A Man?

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Chapter 339 - Is He Really A Man?

"Xiao Fang, where did you find her ah~?" Feng Yong Rui whispered to Xiao Fang but it was still loud enough for the other to hear. Xiao Fang really didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry ah~!

How did her father expect her to answer the question? Picked him up on the street? Xiao Fang could only bite her lower lip, trying to prevent herself from laughing.

Lin Jian felt like it was better fighting with assassins than to stay in this room any longer. This was the first time he felt so humiliated ah~! How long should he wait for someone to let him change his clothes?!

"Father... she\'s a man --- a \'he\'," Xiao Fang whispered back while emphasizing the last part.

"Huh?" Feng Yong Rui asked in surprise and paid more attention to Lin Jian. Indeed, her trait was just like a man and she had Adam\'s apple... However, he didn\'t dare to look at her for too long. When he realized that the woman might really be a man, he asked Xiao Fang in a softer voice, "Is he not right in the head?"

Xiao Fang, "..."

If Lin Jian was a woman and heard that, he would already run away while crying... In this state, he could only be rooted on the spot and speechless too! Yao Ying and Yao Ling choked back on their laughter. When Lin Jian glared at them, they pretended that they didn\'t see anything by turning their head away while coughing.

"Father..." Xiao Fang whined. "This is Da Ge\'s plan to let him disguise as a woman ah~! How could you say that? Of course, he is \'normal\'!"

From Xiao Fang\'s words, Feng Yong Rui knew that his little daughter was trying to defend the man. Feng Yong Rui wasn\'t that stupid, but for his son to behave in this manner, he knew that something must have been up. He should ask about this later. He didn\'t know whether his guess was correct or not. If his guess was correct, he wouldn\'t make it easy for the young man too!

His thought was exactly the same as Qi Hao --- he wouldn\'t let this man covet his daughter!

Lin Jian quickly greeted Feng Yong Rui after Xiao Fang said that, he introduced himself politely. Feng Yong Rui nodded his head, but his mouth was slightly twitched. This man was really too ugly to look at ah~! He quickly told Lin Jian, "Why didn\'t you change your cloth before you came here?"

Lin Jian was feeling wronged ah~! He wanted to say that it was all because of Qi Hao, but he didn\'t dare to. In the end, he could only say that they were in a hurry. If he sold Qi Hao out, his future would become bleak ah~!

"Go! Go! You should change your clothes first!" Feng Yong Rui ordered --- he couldn\'t bear to look at him anymore. His appearance really hurt his eyes ah~! The sooner he was out of sight, the better.

The others agreed with Feng Yong Rui... the sooner he changed his clothes, the better it would be.

When Lin Jian heard that he was allowed to change his clothes, he let out a brilliant smile. If he did it when he was his usual male self, he would look so handsome and dazzling --- however, in this condition, no one was able to look at him in the face ah~!

Honestly, his expression looked so scary... that the onlookers flinched when they saw him smiling.

Feng Yong Rui quickly arranged a few servants to attend to Lin Jian --- he really wanted to see how this Lin Jian really looked like when he was his real male self. He could see the starry eyes that his daughter had whenever she saw Lin Jian, even though the man was in this disguise. He wondered what did she saw in this man ah~?!

Lin Jian sighed in relief when he was finally able to get out of this disguise. When he pulled out his fake b.r.e.a.s.ts, he quickly threw it down on the floor in disgust and mock anger. "I will never wear you ever again!" He childishly pointed at the fake b.r.e.a.s.ts and scolded them.

After all, he couldn\'t get angry to the real perpetrator and he could only get angry at the fake b.r.e.a.s.ts.

The servants who served him really didn\'t know whether they should laugh or cry ah~! If they laughed, they were afraid that they would be beaten up by him.

They had already prepared a new set of clothing for Lin Jian beforehand under Qi Hao\'s order. Qi Hao\'s clothes wouldn\'t fit him because Qi Hao was shorter and thinner than him, thus, they prepared a new set of clothing for him. After all, he was still their guest.

When he changed back to men\'s clothing, Lin Jian felt that his mood was slightly better. He looked at the mirror and praised himself inwardly, \'This is the real me ah~! Handsome!\' He tidied up his hair while smiling cheerily to himself before finally going out and meeting up with the others once again.

If Qi Hao knew his conceited thought, he would certainly vomit blood!

When Feng Yong Rui saw Lin Jian\'s real face, he sighed in relief. The boy wasn\'t that bad and could be said that he was pretty handsome. Not only that, but he had a certain masculine charm. No wonder his daughter would fancy him. It seemed like he was really a normal man, but he wasn\'t a hundred percent sure...

Feng Yong Rui couldn\'t help but ask while squinting his eyes, "Are you really a man?" He just wanted to make sure that this man didn\'t cheat his daughter.

Lin Jian, "..."

Lin Jian was really speechless at this moment.

He really wanted to ask Xiao Fang\'s father if he should open his pants and show him his little Lin Jian so that he would believe in him. Lin Jian really felt wronged ah~! If it was Yao Ying, he would certainly show him his goody without thinking.

But too bad... The one whom he was facing at the moment was his future in-laws... Indeed, Lin Jian already treated them as his future in-laws, that was why he didn\'t dare to retaliate and leave a bad impression.

Qi Hao really wanted to give thumbs up to his father --- what a good question! He almost couldn\'t mask his expression anymore ah~!

Lin Jian could only answer politely despite his distress, "Uncle, I\'m really a man ah~! If you don\'t believe me, you can ask Xiao Fang!" He answered without thinking too much, after all, they should believe in Xiao Fang, right?

Feng Yong Rui was taken aback... Ask Xiao Fang? Did she see something that she shouldn\'t see before she got married?! Feng Yong Rui stared at Xiao Fang in a serious mode which made Xiao Fang flinch, knowing that her father must have misunderstood something.

"Father, he\'s really a man..." Xiao Fang said weakly.

"How do you know?" Feng Yong Rui asked. "What if he is a eunuch?! Have you ever thought about that possibility? I\'m afraid that you will be cheated by a bad man..."

Xiao Fang and Lin Jian, "..."

"Uncle... I\'m not lying..." Lin Jian said in a low voice --- he really got a headache ah~! After that, he asked sadly, "Uncle... if you don\'t believe me, can you let the other go and let me prove it to you?" He made a gesture like he wanted to open his pants because he was really frustrated.

What man would not get angry when his manliness was being questioned ah~?!

"Stop... stop... stop..." Qi Hao couldn\'t stand it anymore! He quickly tried to diffuse the tension by admitting, "Father, he\'s really a man!"

It wouldn\'t be funny if Lin Jian really opened his pants here --- his sister would really have to marry him by then! It was better if they stopped here and went back to their business.

He couldn\'t let it happen ah~!