His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 333 - Nei Huang (3)

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Chapter 333 - Nei Huang (3)

"Da Ge, what\'s so important that you have to come here by yourself?" Xiao Fang asked curiously. She didn\'t bother to ask why did her brother know that she had arrived at Nei Huang... Qi Hao already had his own intelligence network and she was pretty sure that he must have put a few of his people around her --- just for her safety and inquired about her from time to time.

"There were some movements in the capital... However, it suddenly ceased out of nowhere. It made our father and I feel that it was actually calm before the storm," Qi Hao said softly. This matter had given him and their father a headache!

"What do you mean, Da Ge?" Lin Jian asked. He couldn\'t grasp what Qi Hao was saying, thus, he asked in confusion.

Qi Hao looked at Lin Jian and wondered why he followed along with Xiao Fang and called him \'Da Ge\'. They had just known each other ah~! Thus, he didn\'t like being called \'Da Ge\'. Qi Hao furrowed his eyebrows, but he didn\'t refute Lin Jian at this moment. There were some more urgent things that needed to be deal with.

When Qi Hao paid more attention to Lin Jian\'s behavior, he could see the infatuated look on the youngster\'s face when he was looking at his sister. Qi Hao sneered at Lin Jian secretly when he knew that the latter had an ulterior motive...

\'Hah!\' Qi Hao thought to himself, \'It won\'t be easy to get his sister!\' He took note of Lin Jian and decided to make it hard for the man to pursue his sister!

Qi Hao decided to concentrate back to the matter at hands.

"At first, we didn\'t know what was wrong back then. However, I received Xiao Fang\'s letter about the Han Emperor\'s intention to get rid of many officials and we connected the dots. We had made some preparations, but just like I said, the movement suddenly ceased and it made us feel more uncomfortable," Qi Hao said.

Qi Hao was good at analyzing things and making plans, thus, once something wasn\'t right, he was able to catch it even though it was only a small movement. This was taught by his father and the reason why his father was able to climb into such a high rank.

However, even a clever person wouldn\'t be able to guess that his own monarch would try to kill the officials that were loyal to him! This was just ridiculous! If it wasn\'t Xiao Fang who told him, he wouldn\'t believe it! He knew that Xiao Fang wouldn\'t play around with such important matters.

Yao Ying said, "Was it because of the rumor?"

Qi Hao nodded his head. "I had tried to find out more about it and the Han Emperor didn\'t stop his plan, but he was waiting at the right moment. And we found information by chance... He wanted to use Xiao Fang for something!"

"What do you mean?" Yao Ling asked in surprise. If the Han Emperor was specifically targetting Xiao Fang, it would be dangerous!

"The Han Emperor is looking for Xiao Fang because he already knew that the blood letter was on her. He secretly gave the order to capture you once you step foot inside the capital. You can\'t go back now!" Qi Hao said worriedly. "Father sent me here to warn you first!"

Xiao Fang\'s face turned pale when she heard this. She muttered to herself, "So... I can\'t go back home now?"

Even though the Han Emperor was her birth father, this man\'s behavior made her feel disgusted to the point of wanting to vomit. Now... he even wanted to take the life of his real daughter?! Yes, he didn\'t know who she was, but still... she was feeling hurt and it increased her hatred for him.

\'This disgusting man wouldn\'t stop until the end, huh?\' Xiao Fang thought to herself. In actuality, this wasn\'t only in Xiao Fang\'s mind... but the others too...

"Father... how is he?" Xiao Fang asked, feeling that she was being unfilial for not being able to go back home for the time being. Not only that, she forced her own opinion and chased Han Xiang. It brought a lot of troubles to her family ah~! Even though she didn\'t regret her choice, she still felt guilty...

Xiao Fang had decided that no matter what she only had one father --- and it wasn\'t that shitty Emperor. If the others wanted to fight the Han Emperor to the death, she would follow along. In her eyes, that man was only a beast.

Qi Hao smiled warmly at Xiao Fang\'s thoughtfulness. "Father is fine... don\'t worry about him! He\'s happy that he\'s finally going to meet Uncle Qiu soon!" The latter was their father\'s best friend and they hadn\'t met each other for more than a decade.

"En..." Xiao Fang nodded happily. She closed her eyes, trying to prevent her tears from falling. She suddenly really missed the warm smile of her father. She was contemplating whether she should ask Qi Hao --- did he know the truth that she wasn\'t his real sister? However, she was also afraid ah~! She decided to ask this question later.

Qi Hao said, "I thought you have grown up, but it seems like.... you\'re still a crybaby ah~!" Qi Hao knew if he didn\'t tease Xiao Fang, the latter wouldn\'t stop crying and it would give him a headache. He was always scared of her tears the most ah~!

Xiao Fang pouted and punch Qi Hao\'s arm softly. "Da Ge...!" She whined sweetly.

Yao Ling felt happy for Xiao Fang when she saw the scene, knowing that Jiu Lan would be happy to know that Xiao Fang had led a good life all this while --- at least, this would really appease her guilt in the afterlife.

Qi Hao turned serious once more and asked, "What do you want to do? You know that you can\'t go to the capital at this moment?"

Xiao Fang contemplated for a second. "Da Ge, wait a minute!"

She knew that several things couldn\'t be discussed with her brother because the latter was too overprotective of her and he certainly wouldn\'t agree with what she had planned to do.

Qi Hao squinted his eyes when he saw Xiao Fang run towards the other girl --- Yao Ling. Why didn\'t she want him to listen to her? He sighed to himself because he got a complicated feeling when he realized that his little sister hid a secret from him.

Xiao Fang whispered a few things to Yao Ling --- her plan, to be exact. She wanted to know that it was feasible and whether the trio would be willing to follow her. Yao Ling could make a decision for Yao Ying, however, Xiao Fang still needed to ask Lin Jian by herself. Thus, the four of them crouched down on one of the corners while Qi Hao kept looking at them with an intense gaze.

Qi Hao really didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry ah~!

Xiao Fang really didn\'t put him in her eyes... however, Qi Hao only shook his head while patiently waiting for their discussions to end --- sooner or later, Xiao Fang would tell him the result.

He wondered what would his father do, if he knew that his little baby girl had changed so much?