His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 330 - What Happened at Crescent Lake (3)

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Chapter 330 - What Happened at Crescent Lake (3)

Hong Wen and his advisor looked around warily. How come it didn\'t go as they planned? Bai Bing Wen\'s right-hand mand pulled out his sword and put it on Hong Wen\'s neck while another subordinate was putting his sword on the advisor\'s neck.

\'Interesting... really interesting!\' Bai Bing Wen thought to himself. Who dared to play him? He squinted his eyes at the stupid duo and shook his head. Both of them didn\'t have a high IQ, so how could they dare to play around with him?

Uncle Qiu was cleverer than this man. Despite knowing that the rumor was pointing at him, he knew that Bai Bing Wen wasn\'t involved, so he didn\'t pursue further. People shouldn\'t believe in rumor directly or it would lead to his or her destruction --- just like this Hong Wen.

\'How dare they attack Han Kingdom\'s official?!\' Hong Wen and his advisor thought to themselves. Their face turned paler in fear. They were merely scholars, so they couldn\'t retaliate to their captors. That was why they could only stand obediently there.

Hong Wen and his advisor didn\'t bring their subordinates inside and they felt so stupid! They didn\'t think that the esteemed guest would act brazenly here. Hong Wen asked in a trembling voice because he knew that he was currently in danger, "Da Ren, what do you mean by this? Shouldn\'t we talk about this carefully? Why do you use violence?!"

"Wait! Let me take care of something first!" Bai Bing Wen answered with a grin.

Bai Bing Wen smirked smugly at them. He took the jade pendant from Hong Wen\'s hands and examined at it carefully. "So... this jade pendant belonged to Aunt Yue. I wonder how this thing ends up in my study room?" He looked at the symbol and knew right away that it was the Bei Yue\'s symbol. He wondered if this was the real deal.

Bai Bing Wen gave the jade pendant his right-hand man and said, "Keep this well! This thing might be able to give us a lead!" His right-hand man quickly received it and kept it safely.

After that, he turned his attention back at Hong Wen. "Thank you for finding this lead for me!" He started to smile wickedly while sneering at the scared Hong Wen.

"What... what do you mean? Didn\'t you the one who kidnapped Aunt Yue?!" Hong Wen asked in surprise.

"Tsk... tsk... tsk... I wonder how you could become an official. Your brain is really lacking. If I\'m the one who kidnapped Aunt Yue, why would I stay here? Waiting to be captured by you?! I would already choose to go back home ah~!" Bai Bing Wen answered leisurely, trying to give enlightenment to the stupid man.

"It\'s... it\'s really not your doing?" Hong Wen asked carefully in disbelief. Did they make the wrong decision?!

"Of course..." Bai Bing Wen answered with a wide grin. His grin looked harmless but somehow, it made Hong Wen feel a horrible chill all over his body.

Bai Bing Wen laughed. "I have to thank you for giving me a clue then..." Bai Bing Wen didn\'t know whether it would really leave a clue or not... whether it was the real deal or not... He just wanted to irk Hong Wen who looked at him in fear.

Bai Bing Wen went closer to Hong Wen. Hong Wen wanted to step back, but he was afraid that the sword would hurt him, hence he could only stay on place.

"Naturally this..." Bai Bing Wen said with a menacing smile. He took his right-hand man\'s sword and quickly stabbed it to Hong Wen\'s stomach. Bai Bing Wen didn\'t just stab him but also rotated the sword a few times, just to torture Hong Wen more and make him feel immense pain.

Hong Wen yelled due to the pain while the advisor gasped in surprise. The latter even peed his pants when he was forced looking at the scene and he couldn\'t stop trembling which earned a sneer from Bai Bing Wen\'s subordinate. \'How weak!\' They thought to themselves.

After a few moments, Hong Wen\'s eyes became lifeless. Seeing this, Bai Bing Wen quickly pulled out the sword and Hong Wen\'s blood spurted out everywhere --- including Bai Bing Wen\'s face. Despite his beauty, he looked like an Asura which had just come back from hell.

The advisor directly fainted after watching this gory scene.

"Useless!" Bai Bing Wen muttered. He threw the sword away and wiped his face with his own sleeve. This was a usual occurrence, thus, it didn\'t have any effects to his subordinates. They already knew their master\'s cruelness so they didn\'t feel surprised anymore.

Bai Bing Wen\'s right-hand man asked. "Master, what about this old man? What should we do to him?" He kicked the fainted man, but the latter didn\'t move.

"Kill him!" He directly ordered.

His subordinates were trained not to ask any questions when receiving orders. Thus, they had never questioned his judgment and did as what they told to do obediently. They fully trusted Bai Bing Wen.

Just like that, Hong Wen and his advisor were killed coldbloodedly. The latter didn\'t even know that he had died.

Bai Bing Wen\'s right-hand man asked, "Master, what should we do with their corpse? Is killing them really worth it?" They killed an official of the Han Kingdom and it would affect the matter between the two kingdoms.

"No need to worry about it!" Bai Bing Wen answered. "There are only us inside the room... We are the only ones who know what exactly happened inside this room. We can just twist the truth a little bit."

"Good idea, Master!" Bai Bing Wen\'s right-hand man nodded his head in agreement.

Bai Bing Wen could only laugh when he watched his excited subordinate.


When Xiao Fang finished reading the letter, the room turned deadly silent. They heard the news about Hong Wen and one of his subordinate\'s death. The letter said that it happened inside the esteemed guest\'s study room where they placed the jade pendant.

Yao Ling asked in a hoarse voice, "He... he killed them? Just like that?"

Yao Ying sighed. It was lucky that they weren\'t the one who fought directly with the esteemed guest --- the latter was so cruel!

The letter told them that Hong Wen suddenly attacked the esteemed guest and Bai Bing Wen\'s subordinates acted in defense. Because of that, Hong Wen and his advisor was dead.

Actually, everyone could guess what really happened inside, but couldn\'t say anything about it. They had heard from Rong Qiu that they were only scholars --- how would they dare attack Bai Bing Wen when he had a lot of strong bodyguards? It meant that they were searching for death ah~!

Thus, they believed that this was purely Bai Bing Wen\'s doing.

Xiao Fang sighed. "Fortunately, he didn\'t kill anyone else but those two. Surely the Han Emperor would know that something isn\'t right... right?"

Lin Jian answered, "Even if he knows something, he can\'t do anything about it. Unless he wants to start a war with the Qin Kingdom."

Yao Ling asked, "But... why did he need to kill those two?" They meant for them to have a fallout, but not in this way.

Yao Ying frowned. "That\'s the weird part too. What did he gain by doing that? Or... he found out about something at that time? Thus, he needed to kill them so it didn\'t leak out?"

Yao Ying wanted to say whether it was because of the jade pendant or not, but he didn\'t say it out loud. The atmosphere had already solemn enough...