His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 33 - Next Time… It’s Your Turn!

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Chapter 33 - Next Time… It’s Your Turn!

The next morning, Yao Ying had a noticeable pep in step as he smiled happily and unrestrained. Yao Ling laughed at his happy face while massaging her hands. She didn\'t know that her husband was very vigorous. She didn\'t only help him once! Truth to be told, it was a few times in a row. Because of that, she felt that her hands were going to break. She shook her head at his behavior. Was it really that satisfying?

If Yao Ying knew what she thought, he would tell her that he was a hundred percent satisfied! How could he not? She was kind enough to help him find a release.

Yao Ying looked at Yao Ling\'s hands in concern. "Are you okay? Did I go overboard last night?" He felt guilty, looking at how she kept massaging her hands.

Yao Ling smiled softly. "I\'m fine. You didn\'t go overboard. I\'m glad I could help you." Remembering last night, she looked down in embarrassment. She felt shy about the way she behaved last night. She knew that Yao Ying didn\'t mind, well… obviously, he was happy. However, it was her first time doing an intimate thing with the opposite s.e.x. How could she not feel shy?

Yao Ying pinched her blushing cheek. "Thank you, wife." Yao Ling nodded, but Yao Ying\'s next words made her want to find a hole to hide! "Next time, it will be your turn."

"Wha… what?" Yao Ling looked at him in shock. He…. Her turn? What will he do to her?

"Wife has made this husband feel satisfied. Naturally, I have to return the favor. How about tonight?" Yao Ying grinned wolfishly at his wife. He felt that they were getting closer due to last night\'s intimacy, so he didn\'t feel anything wrong with what he said.

However, for Yao Ling, that wasn\'t the case. What he just said made her almost get a heart attack! Did last night make her husband turn into a pervert? How could he say those words so shamelessly?

Yao Ling glanced at the doorway, where their servants Xiu and Xiao Yu stood. She knew they were always there in the morning to tend to their masters should they need assistance. Sure enough, both of them were blushing furiously, listening to their masters\' morning banter. Yao Ling glared at Yao Ying, blaming him for being so shameless. She was pretty sure Xiu and Xiao Yu understood what had happened the night before.

Yao Ying understood the meaning of her gaze, but he pretended to be innocent and harmless. He only mouthed, "What?"

Yao Ling pouted in annoyance as she quickly stood up wanting to run away from her shameless husband. "Let\'s go quickly! It\'s time for us to eat breakfast." Without another word, she left with Xiao Yu. She didn\'t wait for Yao Ying.

Yao Ying naturally knew why his wife was behaving like that, so he didn\'t blame her. Instead, he was enjoying every moment of her shyness. After that, he followed her lazily. Looking at her fast footsteps, he knew she didn\'t want to stay with him because of his teasing. He let her go because he knew she couldn\'t run away later.

They ate breakfast peacefully. The matriarch looked at the bashful Yao Ling and she smiled contently. It seemed like her grandchildren\'s relationship was pretty good. She could also see how Yao Ying kept glancing at his wife while eating. It seemed like there would be a good story to tell.

"Yao Ling, can you stay behind and accompany me?" The matriarch wanted to squeeze a juicy story from Yao Ling. She was old and her life was pretty boring, so she was trying to find excitement. Then, she glanced at Madam Wang, "Ji An, do you want to join us too?"

"Of course, Mother." Madam Wang smiled at her mother-in-law. Truth to be told, she was thankful for having a nice mother-in-law like the matriarch. This kind gesture, of course, she didn\'t mind. She knew she had to get closer to Yao Ling. If she had the backing of her new children, her foothold in this household would get stronger. The concubines wouldn\'t have the guts to quip at her.

The matriarch suddenly remembered that she needed to find time for Zhang Mo Mo to teach Yao Ling proper etiquette. "Hai-er, I think Yao Ling needs to lessen the time at \'Fu Rong\'. I want her to learn etiquette. Maybe let her stay at home at least two hours a day in the morning?"

Wang Luo Hai knew that it was important to his mother since she came from a noble background. "Of course, she can! I don\'t have any objection."

Yao Ling sighed inside her mind. She didn\'t look forward to learning etiquette, but she knew she didn\'t have the power to refuse. She also didn\'t want to embarrass Yao Ying. She wanted to be a wife that could make him proud. "Thank you for Grandmother\'s concern. Ling-er will certainly learn diligently."

"Good. I know that Ling-er is sensible." The matriarch praised her.

"Father, can I go to \'Lin Fu\' again today?" Yao Ying asked for Wang Luo Hai\'s permission. "I will go to \'Fu Rong\' after that."

"Why?" Wang Luo Hai was curious. Yesterday, he already went there, and he also knew about his spar with Lin Jian.

Yao Ying answered him truthfully about yesterday\'s matter. He only told him about the sparring part and their talk in General Lin\'s study room. Yao Ying didn\'t think it was wise for the rest of the family to know about the probability of his high status. It was just a guess, so he didn\'t think it was worthy of mentioning.

Wang Luo Hai nodded in understanding. "Learning martial arts is also a good thing. Just go! I can handle \'Fu Rong\'. You can take your time." Wang Luo Hai thought that it would be good for Yao Ying if he could protect himself. Even though Yao Ying didn\'t mention about the possibility of his high status, yesterday Lin Zheng had already told him. This matter was better to be kept a secret.

It would be fine for him to handle \'Fu Rong\' all alone. Their new selling system had already been established by Yao Ying. They only needed to check the whole process carefully and maintained a good relationship with the customers.

Wang Luo Hai usually kept an eye on the purchasing material process. He always went to the supplier along with his subordinates. This was an important matter because Yao Ying had found out about suspicious activities in the buying process. The servant that they trusted was marking up the price of every material and gained a profit for his own benefit. That was why Wang Luo Hai and Yao Ying had to do it themselves until they could find a trustworthy and reliable person for the job.

After breakfast, they went their designated separate ways to start the day.

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