His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 326 - Had To Give A Face

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Chapter 326 - Had To Give A Face

Hong Wen could only calm himself down and read the decree. It stated that the Han Emperor wanted Uncle Qiu to come back to the Capital and give an account of what happened at Crescent Lake --- other than that, the Han Emperor didn\'t mention anything else. This made it even feel more suspicious.

Rong Qiu knew that the Han Emperor also had tried to poach him again several times but he had rejected it politely. However, he wondered why he used this chance to send a decree and force him to come back. The Han Emperor knew that he couldn\'t say no or he would be killed on the spot. However, after meeting Yao Ling, he was reluctant to be involved in the political matter.

Rong Qiu just wanted to follow Yao Ling\'s plan --- to come back with her to the Shu kingdom and after that, started to search for Su Wan slowly.

Rong Qiu wondered whether something had happened in the capital to make the Han Emperor do this? Was it related to Princess Han Xiang\'s matter?

Rong Qiu thanked Hong Wen after the latter finished reading the decree and he stood up to receive the decree.

"When will you go back to the capital?" Hong Wen asked.

"Tomorrow morning," Rong Qiu answered resolutely.

"Ha... the sooner the better will be good. You can do nothing here anyway..." Hong Wen kept taunting him which made Hong Wen\'s advisor sighed. The latter thought to himself, \'Hopeless... really really hopeless ah~!\'

Rong Qiu rolled his eyes and paid him no mind. He quickly bade his goodbye and went out of the room as soon as possible. He didn\'t want to stay in the same room as Hong Wen any longer or else, he would end up throttling the latter.

Rong Qiu only sneered inwardly, however, Ah Zhao was the one who got angry on the behalf of his master. How could Hong Wen keep demeaning his master ah~! "Master! That man is really annoying! Why don\'t you retaliate?" Ah Zhao really wanted to punch that man!

"Why bother with such a person? It will only lower ourselves to his level ah~!" Rong Qiu answered leisurely.

Ah Zhao nodded his head. "True ah~!" What Uncle Qiu said was always right in Ah Zhao\'s eyes. After listening to Uncle Qiu\'s words, Ah Zhao started to calm down --- he didn\'t want to lower his level!

Ah Zhao used to be a beggar and when he was almost beaten to death by the beggar\'s leader for some reasons, Uncle Qiu appeared and he was the one who saved Ah Zhao from the slum. For that, he was feeling grateful and vowed to be loyal to him.

In fact, Rong Qiu need not to worry about this. No matter who Uncle Qiu was... he was his savior and it wouldn\'t change Ah Zhao\'s loyalty towards him.

"What about the rumor?" Rong Qiu asked. Even though everything went well, it would be better if they kept checking on it --- just in case, something went awry. If that really happened, they would be able to take a precaution first.

Ah Zhao quickly answered, "It has been done perfectly! We will soon find out the result."

Rong Qiu nodded with a smirk. \'Sometimes, when you wanted to retaliate, you didn\'t have to do it face to face...\' He would be happy when Hong Wen was beaten up by the hands of the esteemed guest. Too bad that he wouldn\'t be able to see it with his own eyes.

Just like what Ah Zhao had been predicted, the news reached Hong Wen\'s ears that night. His advisor had tried to inquire the matter carefully from the servants.

"Da Ren, I heard that this matter might involve the esteemed guest," the advisor said.

"Tell me in details," Hong Wen asked.

The advisor told him the rumor that was floating around the guards and Hong Wen\'s expression slightly changed when he heard that. "Such a big thing happened?" Hong Wen asked in surprise. "What did Uncle Qiu do when he heard this matter?"

"This is the weird thing... Uncle Qiu is known as his righteous personality. However, this time... he didn\'t check on the rumor and instead, he fired several servants and maidservants that had something to do with the rumor," the advisor also felt confused by Uncle Qiu\'s behavior.

"Really?" Hong Wen asked. He felt that Uncle Qiu\'s behavior was not quite right. "What do you think of this?"

The advisor pondered over it a little while. "There are two possibilities. One, Uncle Qiu is laying a trap for us. Secondly, he is in collusion with the esteemed guest. Otherwise, what benefit he could get by doing that?"

Hong Wen thought for a little while. "I don\'t think the first choice is possible. He doesn\'t know for sure that the Han Emperor will send me here. Yes, we are not in a good relationship. However, what if it was another person that was in a good relationship with him? Judging from his character, he certainly won\'t do that."

Hong Wen might not be in a good relationship with Uncle Qiu, but he knew tha latter\'s good characters. He wouldn\'t do that!

The advisor nodded his head. "That\'s what I think too... What about the second possibility?" The advisor cautiously asked.

Hong Wen nodded his head, "It\'s possible. He has stayed in this Crescent Lake for too long. Would you believe that he is willing to stay here without any benefits?"

The advisor shook his head. "I don\'t believe it."

Hong Wen clapped his head. "Then, it\'s settled then. We have to get to the bottom of this matter. If the rumor is correct, we will get merit. If it\'s wrong, we can just apologize to the esteemed guest."

The advisor frowned. It seemed like Hong Wen was underestimating the esteemed guest. "Da Ren, shouldn\'t we inquire about the esteemed guest first?"

Hong Wen shook his head. "No need! We don\'t have that much time to spend here. Besides, he\'s currently staying in our kingdom. No matter what, he has to give our Emperor a face ah~! An apology would be enough. If it isn\'t, we can send valuable treasures to appease him."

The advisor knew that it was true, however, it still didn\'t sit well with him. "Let me inquire about the esteemed guest for a little bit!"

Hong Wen frowned because of his advisor\'s disobedience manner, however, he didn\'t reject his offer. It was also good to be careful, although he knew that they would probably not be able to find anything. The esteemed guest could stay here, it meant that he wasn\'t an ordinary person ah~!

Hong Wen nodded and said, "See as you see fit! I will rest for tonight. Tomorrow morning, we will start to deal with everything."

"Yes, Da Ren," the advisor politely answered and then he bade his goodbye. He told his subordinates to inquire about the esteemed guest.

Fortunately, Ah Zhao heard about this and he quickly did a countermeasure. Rong Qiu thought that Hong Wen certainly wouldn\'t check the esteemed guest\'s background, but it seemed like he was underestimating Hong Wen\'s advisor.

Ah Zhao didn\'t only spread that the esteemed guest was a kind one, he also stated that one of the servants that had been fired seemed to see something that belonged to Aunt Yue inside the esteemed guest\' study room.

The advisor started to think that it seemed like Uncle Qiu really colluded with the esteemed guest. This should be an interesting matter. Although there was no proof for Uncle Qiu\'s involvement, at least, they would be able to find a lead about Aunt Yue\'s disappearance.