His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 324 - Do You Believe In Those Rumors?

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Chapter 324 - Do You Believe In Those Rumors?

Rong Qiu seemed to be honest in his eyes, but he knew that he couldn\'t trust him easily --- he still needed to send someone to check on this matter. Besides, he didn\'t think that Uncle Qiu was a capable person. What kind of capable person would be willing to guard a horse? In his mind, Uncle Qiu was just a useless official who was demoted by the Han Emperor.

Bai Bing Wen asked curiously, "So... do you believe in those rumors?" He wanted to know what inside Uncle Qiu\'s mind was.

Rong Qiu pretended to be weak and afraid in front of Bai Bing Wen. He answered with a stutter, "No... of course not!" He widened his eyes, trying to look as innocent as possible.

Even if he really felt suspicious of him, he wouldn\'t say it out loud in front of his face ah~! Rong Qiu started to realize that acting as a weak person was quite annoying... and tiring.

Bai Bing Wen squinted his eyes at Uncle Qiu without saying anything, feeling that the latter was indeed a coward and he didn\'t need to care about him. He looked at Uncle Qiu in contempt and merely said, "Good!"

Bai Bing Wen hated this type of weak person the most! He didn\'t want to associate himself with Uncle Qiu any further after this matter passed. What if he knew that this person was actually the father of the woman that he wanted? He probably would vomit blood ah~!

Bai Bing Wen sighed in relief...

At least, the person in charge didn\'t believe in that baseless rumor. He had heard about the new person-in-charge that would be sent by the Han Emperor --- as long as Uncle Qiu denied Bai Bing Wen\'s involvement in this matter and relayed it to the next person-in-charge, then it should be fine.

He didn\'t calculate whether Rong Qiu and Hong Wen\'s relationship was good or not, after all, he wasn\'t from this kingdom. Bai Bing Wen wouldn\'t have known the complicated relationship between the officials clearly because of that.

After that Bai Bing Wen bade his goodbye and decided to go back to his own place. Rong Qiu smirked inwardly --- he hoped that his image would be enough to make himself look unreliable and annoying in Bai Bing Wen\'s eyes so that he would forget about him when he went away from here.

Once Hong Wen arrived with the decree, it would be time for him to go and he would let the guards continue fanning the flames... He wondered what Bai Bing Wen would do when he realized that he was in deep shit! When he thought of this, Rong Qiu felt better after being insulted by the arrogant man.

Rong Qiu continued to do his job dutifully and decided to pay that esteemed guest no mind. They wouldn\'t meet again anyway...

Bai Bing Wen sat leisurely on his luohan bed. He thought for a little while before asking his right-hand man, "Do you think that there is something fishy with Uncle Qiu?"

The right-hand man was quite surprised by his master\'s question. "I don\'t think so. Why, Master? Is there something wrong with him?" What Uncle Qiu said was quite logical and his anger was justified --- each of his response was appropriate in his eyes. He didn\'t understand why his master kept doubting Uncle Qiu just now and he could see that his master kept contradicting the latter.

Bai Bing Wen felt that nothing was out of place, however, he felt that his gut feeling kept saying that something wasn\'t really right. But, what? Bai Bing Wen ordered, "Pay more attention to Uncle Qiu\'s movement for the time being. Report to me if you feel that something isn\'t right."

His right-hand man could only nod his head, even though he disagreed inwardly. "I will assign people to spy on him as soon as possible."

Bai Bing Wen nodded his head in agreement before deciding to take a nap.


Yao Ling felt worried about her father and since the beginning of their journey, she kept looking back while biting her lower lip in distress.

Yao Ying sighed and warned her, "Don\'t keep looking back! People would feel suspicious if you do that..."

Yao Ling knew that Yao Ying was right, but she just couldn\'t stay still.

After losing her grandmother right after she had just met her, it seemed like Yao Ling\'s mentality was affected --- she became more paranoid than before. He knew that this was only the after effect, however, if she continued staying this way... it wouldn\'t do her any good! Yao Ying decided to pay more attention to this part and let her be checked by a physician when they arrived at Nei Huang.

Even though Yao Ling was good at medicine, she couldn\'t diagnose herself ah~! Especially, when it was about her own mentality.

Xiao Fang said softly, "Yao Ling, you should believe in my godfather. After all, he was an official once. I believe that he has the capability to protect himself. Besides, my father is a good judgment of characters and he keeps saying that godfather is one of the best and resourceful people that he has ever met!"

Xiao Fang tried to assure Yao Ling and at the same time... cheer her up. Besides, what she had said wasn\'t a lie. Uncle Qiu used to have a lot of influences in the capital. An ordinary person wouldn\'t be able to achieve it ah~! Uncle Qiu started to build his career along with her father, thus, she believed that the one who was successful was Rong Qiu, not the real Uncle Qiu.

Uncle Qiu might already have a position before, but it was a low one. Being able to climb to the top wasn\'t an easy feat because he had to have the talent and also a clever mind. Those were the reasons why Xiao Fang trusted her godfather\'s ability.

Yao Ling nodded her head, knowing that it wasn\'t good to keep worrying about her father\'s safety --- it led people to believe that she was doubtful of her father\'s ability. Even though she had a lot of worries, she decided to keep it inwardly.

"I believe you," Yao Ling said softly. After saying that, she didn\'t dare to look back anymore. She chose to pray inwardly and hoped that they would be able to meet soon.

Yao Ying could only sigh and patted her back softly, trying to comfort her.


Rong Qiu noticed that someone had been following his movement and he knew that the spy must be sent by Bai Bing Wen. He didn\'t worry about it, after all, everything that should be done secretly had already been done. Even if they tried to find a fault from him, they wouldn\'t get any.

He also let Ah Zhao stay by his side so that they knew that Ah Zhao was also harmless. Because of this, the spy gave a report that there was nothing wrong from Uncle Qiu which made Bai Bing Wen feel relieved.

He ordered the spy to retreat and it made Rong Qiu laugh cheerfully when he felt that the spy\'s presence had gone --- it meant that he was able to fool him. He asked Ah Zhao, "Everything has been prepared well, right?"

Ah Zhao nodded his head. "Honestly, Zhuo Li has done a great job and it\'s very easy for me to do the follow-up. Even though Master has fired several servants and seemingly tried to stop the rumor from going on, however, the esteemed guest appearance brought a new wave of conversation."

"Oh... tell me more about it," Rong Qiu asked.

"They believe that the rumor is actually true and Master tried to help to cover up the esteemed guest to cover it up," Ah Zhao explained.

Rong Qiu nodded in satisfaction while smiling. This was what he wanted to achieve... the goal. If it seemed like he collided with the esteemed guest, Hong Wen would be trying hard to uncover the truth. After all, Hong Wen had never tried to cover up his dislike towards Rong Qiu.