His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 316 - Bathing Together (1)

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Chapter 316 - Bathing Together (1)

"You... you...!" Yao Ling stuttered. After that, she quickly covered her soft buns while blushing furiously. Such a heated gaze from Yao Ying, how could she not feel embarrassed? It was a mixture of l.u.s.t, heat, and love --- it made her heart beat faster.

Yao Ying laughed when he saw Yao Ling\'s baffled expression. Yao Ying didn\'t hesitate to open his clothes on his own and then, jumped into the bathtub.

"Let\'s taking a bath together!" The shameless man said with a smile.

The bathtub was quite big and it was enough for the both of them --- however, it was a little bit cramped, although they were still able to move a bit. Yao Ling whined inwardly, \'How could she take a bath if they can\'t move freely like this?\'

"You... you... rascal!" Yao Ling pointed at Yao Ying in disbelief said while stuttering.

"What? I want to take a bath together with my wife. Is there something wrong?" Yao Ying asked while blinking innocently, and it made Yao Ling feel speechless.

Yao Ling answered in disdain, "Why don\'t you get your own bathtub?! It will be more comfortable for both of us."

Yao Ying sighed and pretended to be sad, "I don\'t want to make it difficult for Xiu and Xiao Yu. Why should we double their workloads when we could just take a bath together? Let them have a good rest ah~! Not only that, in this way, we can save water." When he reached the last part, he grinned widely.

Yao Ling, "..."

She couldn\'t refute that reasoning, although she knew that the man was talking nonsense once more. After all, what he said was making sense.

"Come on, let me help you taking a bath!" Yao Ying said excitedly, after knowing that the woman was speechless.

Yao Ling, "..."

Even the devil knew that he was only talking rubbish! They had little space, so how could they take a bath? Not only that, the way his little Yao Ying hardened was enough proof. What he wanted to do was as clear as day!

"You... you..."

Before Yao Ling could say anything else, Yao Ying devoured her mouth, preventing the words that she wanted to say to come out. His tongue lightly probed in to explore her tongue --- tangled, teased, rolled, and tasted her sweetness.

Yao Ying felt that he always couldn\'t get enough of her.

While he kept kissing her passionately, one of his hands started to wander and roam around her body.

Yao Ying grabbed one of her soft buns, playing around with it --- kneading and sometimes squeezing it hard. Due to the pressure, her jaded soft bun was faintly red. "Mmm..." Yao Ling softly m.o.a.ned.

In the beginning, she closed her eyes and tried to enjoy the feeling, once she m.o.a.ned, she slowly opened her watery eyes and looked at Yao Ying\'s burning gaze. Not only her jaded soft bun turned red, but her face as well. Yao Ying didn\'t stop rubbing her tender skin --- teasing her.

He used his fingertip to touch her lovely bud lightly and twisted it until it hardened beautifully under his care. Yao Ling\'s body slightly trembled and she m.o.a.ned in pleasure. Yao Ying smirked inwardly when he felt her wanton reaction.

Yao Ying pulled her up a little bit, so he could see her hard buds clearly. He lowered his head and bit her hard bud softly, after that, he licked it with the tips of his tongue. He didn\'t stop at that... He used his pearly white teeth to bit it once more and slightly pulled.

Yao Ying asked, "Do you like it?" While waiting, he blew on the hard bud, making Yao Ling shiver.

Yao Ling m.o.a.ned and then shyly answered, "Like... like it..." There was no use to lie, after all, her body already honestly answered him. The bad man should have known about it ah~!

Yao Ying pulled her up so she would sit on his lap. He let her lean back on his front body. "Just relax..." Yao Ying whispered softly. His hot breath teased her sensitive ear and she couldn\'t hold back the tremor... This man was really lethal ah~! He knew every sensitive part of her body --- it made her feel helpless.

This time, he only used one hand to fondle her b.r.e.a.s.t. The other hand started to go further down, aiming for another secret place. He sighed softly and thought to himself, \'Too bad, there are so many rose petals... I can\'t see her body clearly." However, he still liked the sensation of touching every part of her body while guessing which part that he touched. It added to the charm and sensuality.

Yao Ying slowly searched for her sweetness down there, trying to stimulate her and prepare her from his invasion. The wetter she was, the better.

Yao Ling bit her lower lip and said, "Ying... don\'t..." She clamped her legs while protesting softly, despite her rejection words, she actually enjoyed it. Her sweetness down there felt hot and slowly oozed out the wet and slippery love liquid.

When he felt that she already wet enough, his finger brushed open her twinflower petal lips, trying to probe into the tight entrance, making her wetness was mixed with the warm water. He touched the flower bud, making Yao Ling instantly tremble.

He knew that it was her sensitive place, thus, he didn\'t let it off. But instead, he continuously teasing and rubbing it. Her sweetness down there kept getting wetter and Yao Ling couldn\'t stop whimpering while moving around incessantly.

Yao Ying nibbled Yao Ling\'s ear --- this was actually his favorite spot. Besides, he also knew that this was Yao Ling\'s weakest spot. He didn\'t forget to plunge another finger into her sweetness down there --- his two fingers were rushing in and out of her flower hole.

Yao Ling\'s breath slightly hitched and her heart was beating faster. She really couldn\'t take it anymore. When Yao Ying felt that her flower hole kept clenching and getting tighter, he knew that she was going to come --- thus, he increased the pace of his fingers movement.

In and out.

In and out.

Until finally, Yao Ling found a release. Yao Ling could only m.o.a.n loudly, even if she wanted to, she couldn\'t hold it back.


It was too intense just now and her body became so weak.

While she was still sensitive, he deliberately positioned himself so that her sweetness down there was in line with his manhood. His fiery hardness pressed against her flower hole --- its tip became wet with her love liquid. He deliberately teased her, tantalizing her until she was blinded by her own arousal.

Yao Ying deliberately rubbed lightly on her sweetness with the tip of his burning manhood, making Yao Ling m.o.a.n and moved around seductively.

"Ying... please..." She knew that she wanted him. No, not only wanted, but she really needed him at the moment. "Don\'t tease me," she breathlessly begged him. Her shyness was gone and her gaze was hazy because of the tingling pleasure down there.

Yao Ying asked, "What do you want, hmmm? Can\'t you tell me more clearly?"

"I... I can\'t say it... it\'s too embarrassing..." Yao Ling answered shyly.

"If you don\'t tell me, I don\'t understand," Yao Ying coaxed her.

"No... no... please..." Yao Ling begged, but she stubbornly didn\'t want to say it. Instead, she bit her lower lip.

Yao Ying rolled his eyes. This little minx sometimes could be so stubborn ah~! He tried to entice her by moving his tip on her sweetness, without trying to plunge it in. He also let it rub her sensitive hard bud...

Let\'s see who would be the one who begged in the end!