His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 310 - Act Lovey Dovey

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Chapter 310 - Act Lovey Dovey

Yao Ying and Yao Ling understood Rong Qiu\'s pain and it made them feel at a loss to --- they didn\'t know what to say to comfort him.

Rong Qiu was correct though...

To be forgotten by the one that she loved the most, it must be so painful...

Rong Qiu and Su Wan\'s bond was there, but it wasn\'t as strong as Yao Ling and Yao Ying\'s bond. After all, the power of his family was inherited to women only... thus, the power skipped a generation because his mother only had him as a son...

Su Wan couldn\'t inherit his family\'s power... Thus, he also wondered to himself --- how did she protect herself all this time? The more he thought about, the piercing pain in his heart was getting stronger.

Although their bond wasn\'t as strong as Yao Ling\'s, it was able to make him go crazy when he was a bit far from Su Wan. It seemed like with the passing time, their bond had grown weaker. Not only that, by blocking his memory, his mother had been successfully cut off their bond forcefully too!

Rong Qiu knew his mother had passed away, so how could he blame her? There were a lot of contradicting thoughts in his mind and he somehow felt at a loss.

Yao Ling noticed her father\'s fatigue, after all, she knew that her father should have let his brain rest for a little while. "Father... why don\'t you sleep for a little while? Just take a rest... after that, I believe that you will feel refreshed and able to sort your mind better..." Yao Ling gave a piece of advice.

Yao Ying also nodded in agreement. "That\'s true, Father-in-law. I will guard you and not let other people bother you."

Rong Qiu nodded his head in agreement because he could feel that the headache was back once more. "Yes... let me sleep for a little while..." He suddenly felt a little tired and he could also feel that his brain was overload with crazy new pieces of information.

It was better if he rested for a little bit. He knew that he was in a good hand, thus, he laid back down once again and closed his eyes. He was falling asleep in no time.

The couple quietly went out of the room to let him sleep peacefully and Yao Ying let Xiu guard in front of the door, while he was taking Yao Ling for a walk. He knew that Yao Ling was tired, but the latter stubbornly didn\'t want to leave her father at all.

Yao Ying knew that Yao Ling must have been afraid that it was all only a dream and when she was sleeping, her father would be gone...

He could helplessly follow her wishes.

However, this little walk was actually able to save them from a lot of troubles in the future.


The man that tried to find the source of the magic power was still lurking around the Crescent Lake area --- the man\'s martial art skills were far higher than Yao Ying and Lin Jian, hence he was able to search around the perimeter without being noticed by the guards easily.

The man looked around and he saw the loving couple who spent their time in the garden of their own courtyard.

He sneered at them, but he felt confused as well. He certainly could feel that the fluctuating power came from around here. However, he couldn\'t detect Aunt Yue\'s presence here. He could feel there was someone who was sleeping inside --- but he knew that it was a man based on his size and heavy breathing.

He had tried to use his inner qi to feel any fluctuating power in there... but nothing was found --- there was no trace of the magic power left in that area. That was why he couldn\'t determine whether he was searching in the right place or not.

He paid a bit more attention to the woman who was sitting on the stone bench --- she looked a bit pale and sickly. The man squinted his eyes, trying to find whether there was something weird with the couple or not. However, he couldn\'t find anything suspicious.

He didn\'t think that Aunt Yue would be able to disguise herself as that woman, after all, their body size was quite different. Someone could change his or her face easily --- but body size? It was basically impossible.

Thus, he didn\'t think too much about the couple anymore.

He reckoned that he had probably searched at the wrong place or Aunt Yue had gone away once again, even though his gut feelings said that he wasn\'t wrong ah~! He decided to wait there for a little while and see what happened inside the courtyard. Who knew... maybe Aunt Yue would come out of her hiding.

The man stayed vigilance there...


Yao Ying could feel that someone was looking at them from somewhere. He couldn\'t find out his exact location and he could guess that the man must have been an expert --- better than him, perhaps. He went closer to Yao Ling, pretending that he wanted to whisper sweet nothings to her ears.

He softly whispered, "Someone is here." He didn\'t dare to say anything else just in case the man was able to hear what he said.

Yao Ling smiled and nodded in understanding while gently caressing Yao Ying\'s face. She knew that it wasn\'t the time to talk about any of the Bei Yue things and also about her father. She asked wickedly, "Should we act lovey-dovey then?"

Yao Ying laughed out loud when he saw her current mischievous expression. "Of course... What do you plan to do?" He wondered what kind of thing that Yao Ling wanted the man to see...

Yao Ling rolled her eyes... "I\'m just a little woman ah~! You should be the one who is taking the lead..." Yao Ling pretended to be shy and demure.

Yao Ying really wanted to pinch her soft cheek for being cheeky. She started to know how to use her body to tease him, huh? Yao Ying bit her earlobe softly and asked, "Didn\'t you always feel shy whenever we were being intimate back then? Now... you want to let other men show our intimate moment closely, hmmm?"

Yao Ling felt like she was being wronged ah~! She glared at him accusingly and mouthed softly, "This is an act!"

"If you continue to look at me with that expression, it won\'t become an act anymore..." Yao Ying teased her while continuing what he did --- nibbling and biting her earlobes.

What he did just now started to make her body tremble in needs and she tried to hold back her sinful m.o.a.n. This man was becoming bolder and really good at igniting the fire inside her body. She had never thought that she was such a passionate person...

She bit her lower lip once again when Yao Ying didn\'t cease his nibbling. Otherwise, she would be embarrassed to death if she started to m.o.a.n out of nowhere! This wasn\'t what she thought when she wanted them to act lovey-dovey!

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry in this condition. She whispered softly, "How long do you want to keep attacking me?! How far do you want to go?" She felt breathless.

"I\'m still enjoying you ah~! How about you? Do you want me to stop?" Yao Ying asked her with a grin.

Yao Ling was speechless because of the shameless man that she called husband. She poke his chest and told him to stop talking nonsense, but Yao Ying didn\'t seem to care about it.

Yao Ling cried inwardly, \'Father... Please help me! Your son-in-law is going to devour me!\'