His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 308 - What Would His Answer Be?

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Chapter 308 - What Would His Answer Be?

Yao Ying nodded while gulping. He was surprised that the conversation suddenly shifted to him out of nowhere... He still jumped up in surprise, despite trying to maintain his composure. He could see from the look in Rong Qiu\'s eyes that he meant business, so he started to get serious as well.

He would never guess before that there would be a day he would be meeting his father-in-law in this situation ah~! He suddenly became nervous, especially with the way his father-in-law was looking at him --- piercing and stern. His expression was exactly like a lion who was trying to protect its cub.

Who could blame him though? After all, he was indeed Yao Ling\'s real father and it meant that he had to respect him as well.

"Yes, Father," he answered softly.

"Do you really love my daughter?" Rong Qiu asked.

Yao Ying nodded. "Yes, I love Yao Ling!" He answered confidently, after all, it was indeed his real feeling ah~!

"What will you do if you remember your past and you find that there is another woman waiting for you, huh? Whether she is your fiance or the woman that you love?" Rong Qiu asked without beating around the bush. For now, Yao Ling\'s happiness meant the world to him. He might have missed seeing her grow up and he wasn\'t able to protect her back then.

However, everything was different now... because he would protect her --- even from her husband! They already got married and he knew that he had no say in this matter, but it didn\'t mean that he would just let his daughter suffer a grievance because of Yao Ying.

Rong Qiu wouldn\'t let a shitty guy ruin his daughter\'s life and happiness. He needed to make sure that this man would really appreciate her, love her, and make her happy forever! Honestly, he didn\'t know Yao Ying\'s personalities, so he really couldn\'t judge him. But still... a father was always feeling biased towards his own daughter!

From his previous interaction with Yao Ling, he had known that she was a good girl and he felt satisfied with his lovely daughter.

If Yao Ying really hurt her, he wouldn\'t hesitate to take Yao Ling back and make them divorce! Rong Qiu might look soft, but once he determined to do something... he was as stubborn as a mule!

Yao Ying couldn\'t imagine the scenario that Rong Qiu asked him about --- he had never thought about this scenario at all. A woman? A fiance? He really didn\'t remember about this part, but he also wasn\'t a hundred percent sure that he didn\'t have one.

A thought was fleeting inside his mind --- he was once dreaming about a woman who was calling him \'Da Ge\' [=means Big Brother]... Was there a connection between him and that woman? Or was that really his imagination? His mind made a few scenarios about it and he shuddered in fear!

To the current him, Yao Ling was the love of his life! How could he have the heart to think of another woman? However, he also understood their worry. If he didn\'t clear this matter up and give Yao Ling and Rong Qiu an explanation, he knew that this matter would always be a knot in their hearts.

At first, Yao Ying had never paid attention to this scenario and he thought that Yao Ling also felt the same way as him. However... when his father-in-law asked that question, he could see that Yao Ling\'s body became tense and she didn\'t dare to look at him --- even looked a bit scared. Thus, he made a deduction and started to realize that Yao Ling was actually feeling worried about this matter too!

Yao Ling felt her whole body stiffened. Those were the questions that she was afraid to ask and she deliberately trying to distract herself from thinking about this matter. Who knew that her father would try to help her to deal with it? She never thought that the first thing that her father did for her after recognizing her... was this matter ah~!

Somehow, she felt touched by him, but on the other hand, she felt nervous as well. No... not only nervous, she was feeling scared as well...

\'What would his answer be?\' Yao Ling thought to herself while fiddling with her fingers once more. Yao Ying could see how nervous she was and suddenly he felt really guilty for neglecting her feelings and her worry...

\'Does she always think about this matter?\' Yao Ying asked himself, even though the answer was as clear as day at the moment.

Yao Ying sighed --- sooner or later he would be faced with this problem, so he should think about it and answer carefully. He didn\'t want to answer right away, because he didn\'t want to say the wrong thing or making up things just to make them feel happy.

"Well?" Rong Qiu became impatient when Yao Ying didn\'t answer him right away. His hesitancy made Rong Qiu feel that Yao Ying wasn\'t serious about her daughter. If he was on his shoes, he would certainly answer decisively without any delay.

Rong Qiu misunderstood Yao Ying because of this... If Yao Ying gave the wrong answer, Rong Qiu would certainly beat him up --- even if his martial arts skills were lower than Yao Ying... he didn\'t care!

"Father-in-law..." Yao Ying called him politely, after that, he directly kneeled on the ground because he was trying to show Rong Qiu his respect and sincerity while answering him seriously.

Rong Qiu who already felt dissatisfied quickly refuted his words. "You can only call me father-in-law when I am feeling satisfied with your answer."

Yao Ying, "..."

He was speechless. Didn\'t it mean his father-in-law just want to hear the words that he wanted ah~?! Yao Ying sighed but knowing that Rong Qiu was doing this for Yao Ling\'s sake and it actually made him respect his father-in-law even more.

Yao Ying answered wholeheartedly.

"I love Yao Ling and I want to spend the rest of my life with her --- loving her... growing old with her... having many as many children as we could. This is my current real feelings. As for my past, I can\'t guarantee what happened back then, after all, I can\'t remember everything... even until this point."

Yao Ying paused, trying to control his emotion. He could see that Yao Ling felt happy when he said that she loved her, but her eyes slightly dimmed when he talked about the last part. However, he needed to say what he needed to say!

"I couldn\'t change the past..." Yao Ying admitted. No matter what happened back then, he wouldn\'t change his feelings towards Yao Ling! He was sure of that.

"So?" Rong Qiu asked while squinting his eyes in displeasure. He still didn\'t understand what this boy wanted to say. "What do you mean by can\'t guarantee about your past?"

"I won\'t sugarcoat anything. I don\'t know what I did in the past --- whether I already have a woman, in a relationship, have a fiance or wife, being lecherous... or not. But one thing that I know, my heart towards Yao Ling wouldn\'t change... I love her and only her... However, if one of the previous things that I mentioned really happened back then, I will need Yao Ling and father-in-law\'s trust that I will handle it. If somehow I stray from my role as Yao Ling\'s husband, you can remind me... or even beat me if I make a grave mistake... after all, I\'m only human and human makes mistakes. I don\'t want to make a promise that I can\'t keep."

Yao Ying decided to be honest and he didn\'t want to give them an empty promise --- that wasn\'t his style.

Yao Ling understood his point-of-view. In a way, Rong Qiu\'s question was hard to answer, to begin with. There were so many uncertainties about what happened back then. But still... it didn\'t sit well in her heart.

"So... you can\'t promise that you will make my daughter happy when you remember your past?" Rong Qiu asked sternly. \'What kind of shitty things that this kid spouted? He really doesn\'t understand women\'s heart! Doesn\'t he see how sad Yao Ling look?\'