His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 306 - First Guinea Pig

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Chapter 306 - First Guinea Pig

"Xiao Yu, guard us! Remember not to let anyone bother us! No matter who they are," Yao Ling gave Xiao Yu a strict order.

"Yes, Young Mistress," Xiao Yu quickly stood in front of the door, after closing it from the outside. She understood that her young mistress needed to use her power and she was very vulnerable at that time.

Yao Ling didn\'t know how to call the man in front of him --- Uncle? Or Father? Thus, she just skipped the formality and said, "Can you lay down on the Luo Han Bed again now? Just relax..."

Uncle Qiu followed her order obediently. Basically what Yao Ling needed to do was the same as what Aunt Yue had done to her the previous day, however, this enchantment was much simpler and not requiring as many energies as Aunt Yue back then. The time that she needed to remove her grandmother\'s magic was also less than the time that her grandmother needed to save her.

Everything came to Yao Ling easily because the imprinting that her grandmother had given to her as a part of the inheritance. "Close your eyes," Yao Ling said softly. Uncle Qiu kept looking at her intently and somehow it made her become nervous.

Besides, this was the first time she did this --- she didn\'t know whether she was able to do it successfully or not... Her hand was slightly trembling at first but she tried to calm herself down by taking a few deep breaths, and she was no longer trembling.

Truth to be told... her father became her first guinea pig ah~! However, she wouldn\'t tell Uncle Qiu this or he would certainly back out!

When Uncle Qiu closed his eyes, Yao Ling became calmer. She closed her eyes and softly touched Uncle Qiu\'s forehead with her finger. A surge of warmth was transferred to Uncle Qiu\'s brain and that warmth was trying to find the place where Aunt Yue put the blockage inside his brain.

Once she found it, she quickly said the enchantment softly. Uncle Qiu somehow felt that the words that she said were familiar to him, even though he never heard that before. He felt nervous but once he felt that something was lifted inside his brain, a surge of memories started to fill in the blank inside his mind.

With how fast the memories were rushing inside his mind, he started to feel the headache once more and he was groaning in pain. He wanted to move and clutch his own head, but Yao Ling\'s words stopped him, "Don\'t move! I will help you lessen the pain!"

Yao Ling saw his pain and his movement would hinder the progress, thus, she quickly used her acupuncture method to help him ease the pain with her other free hand. This was the difference between Yao Ling and Aunt Yue... the former had her medical knowledge to help people get through the process better because she could deal with the pain.

This point would make Yao Ling stronger than Aunt Yue in the future.

Uncle Qiu could think and pay attention more to the new memories once he felt better. He finally could see the woman\'s appearance --- his Su Wan. He remembered how she happily told him that she was pregnant. At that time, she was wearing a loose robe but he could see the slight bulge on her stomach --- their baby was growing in there.

Was Xiao Fang telling the truth? Yao Ling was his daughter? Their baby...

Su Wan looked as beautiful as always with her slim figure. She was smiling at him while tenderly stroking her lower belly. She always loved to let her black hair loose and it complimented her snow-white skin. However, he couldn\'t see her face clearly.

Yao Ling heard how he murmured Su Wan\'s name lovingly and she sighed in relief --- it seemed like she was doing okay and didn\'t make any mistakes. She was afraid that she would fail ah~!

Uncle Qiu hesitantly said to Yao Ling, "I... I can\'t see Su Wan\'s face..." He felt at a loss. He remembered his feelings to her --- his love and even their bond. However, why couldn\'t he see her face? He missed her... so much until it was hard to breathe.

Yao Ling could only try to comfort him, "You will remember her face soon..." She wasn\'t sure about this, but she couldn\'t let him become agitated.

What Yao Ling said made Uncle Qiu feel calmer and he started to relax his body once more. He tried to sort his memory one by one --- from the beginning until now.

He remembered that he was a Bei Yue --- his childhood memory started to shape up one by one. Not only Su Wan, but he could also see Aunt Yue... she was... his mother? He was feeling disbelief at first, but then, he started to remember the love that she had given to him and how she had brought him up. He might not have his father\'s love, but he always had his mother.

Indeed, Uncle Qiu also didn\'t know that he wasn\'t the real son of the clan leader. No one knew, except Aunt Yue and Rong Jie. She said that she was pregnant due to their one-time lovemaking when she was married to the clan leader. In actuality, she gave him something so he would fall asleep and use a little magic to give him the illusion that they were indeed doing the deed.

She was doing this, so Rong Qiu would be able to have a good childhood. If the clan leader knew that he was his older brother\'s son, Aunt Yue knew that he would certainly kill Rong Qiu. He had no qualm about killing his own brother, so killing his brother\'s offspring must have been an easy thing for him to do.

Yao Ling felt that her power was depleting quite fast. It was because she had never done this before and she didn\'t have the experience to control how much strength she should exert. She started to sweat and her whole body was trembling.

At this time, Yao Ying didn\'t have the heart continue waiting outside. Because not knowing how Yao Ling\'s condition was made his heart uncomfortable. When Xiao Yu came out, he already had the gist of it. Yao Ling had started to use her power.

He decided to come inside the room and promised Xiao Yu that he wouldn\'t bother Yao Ling. Xiao Yu nodded her head, besides, she would feel better if the young master was inside. At least, if something happened, he could help her young mistress.

True enough, when he went inside, he could see Yao Ling\'s pale face. He gritted his teeth, knowing that he couldn\'t disturb Yao Ling\'s concentration. He didn\'t know what to do, so he could only hug her from behind. At least, by doing this, she wouldn\'t fall down when she didn\'t have much energy left. He could feel the fluctuation in the air --- was this because of Yao Ling\'s power?

Yao Ling felt comfortable inside Yao Ying\'s embrace and she softly whispered, "It\'s almost done!" She could feel that the thing that blocked her father\'s mind started to become smaller and smaller. It was almost gone now.

Uncle Qiu felt the same thing. The surge of memories became faster and faster just like a whirlwind, making him feel dizzy. However, he was able to get the big pictures of what was happening. He almost could make out Su Wan\'s face and also the reason why he lost his memories.

Yao Ling almost used up all of her energies and when she searched through his mind, this was quite an easy enchantment to use. It seemed like she needed to train herself in this matter too. She realized another weakness too --- she couldn\'t contain the energy that she used and it leaked out, leaving a trace. If she could notice this, then other people also could...