His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 301 - They Had Been Entangled From The Start

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Chapter 301 - They Had Been Entangled From The Start

Yao Ling sighed... It seemed like her life and Xiao Fang\'s had been entangled from the start. She should probably tell her the truth because they had become a great friend! Thus, she retold everything that her grandmother had told her without trying to cover up Uncle Qiu\'s identity anymore.

However, she didn\'t tell them about the bond between her and Yao Ying --- this kind of private thing should be kept as a secret. She would tell this to Yao Ying in private later.

The trio could only gape at her when they heard everything --- they were feeling baffled. \'What kind of silly things that Yao Ling has told them?\' They thought inwardly. Changing someone\'s identity? If someone with Aunt Yue\'s power had bad intentions, he or she would certainly wreak havoc in this world!

They looked at Yao Ling and felt lucky that she was actually a good person! If not... they shuddered at the thought. No wonder Aunt Yue told them to cover up Yao Ling\'s identity, they were pretty sure that there would be a lot of people wanted to possess her power for evil deeds. If she fell into their hands, she would certainly live a lonely and miserable life like Aunt Yue!

They wondered to themselves... how could there be so many conspiracies surrounding them? Once they opened a pandora box, every crazy matter kept pouring out from there --- each more ridiculous than the previous one.

The funny thing was... they didn\'t even feel surprised anymore. It seemed like their mentality had been trained after being bombarded by those crazy kinds of stuff.

Yao Ying and Lin Jian were able to accept the truth more smoothly because this matter didn\'t really affect them in any way. Oh well... Yao Ying finally knew that he actually had a father-in-law and mother-in-law out there, but only that... The person that would be affected the most should be... their gaze landed at Xiao Fang.

The latter could only look at Yao Ling with wide eyes and open mouth --- she would never think that \'the truth\' from Aunt Yue would also include her as well... she didn\'t have any preparation ah~! Her... her godfather... was Yao Ling\'s father?! What kind of revelation was this?!

"Can... can you say that again?!" Xiao Fang asked in disbelief.

"Uncle Qiu is my father!" Yao Ling answered with a laugh.

If Xiao Fang slowly counted the timeline, the godfather that she knew was already Yao Ling\'s father all along. After all, Yao Ling hadn\'t been born at that time and they were around the same age...

Xiao Fang really felt a headache. In the past week, she didn\'t know how much truth that she had found out?! Her life suddenly became very exciting ah~! She massaged her forehead, trying to ease her headache.

"So... your father takes care of me, on the other hand, my mother took care of you. Fate... seems to be so funny, right?" Xiao Fang asked Yao Ling in disbelief.

Yao Ling nodded her head. "Indeed..." She grinned at Xiao Fang.

The men sighed in relief when they saw the women\'s mood was quite good --- contrary to their expectation. Yao Ying decided to ask, "So... what do you plan to do about your father?"

Yao Ling threw back the question at Yao Ying. "This is where I feel confused. You are a man, so you should have understood how my father thinks best, right?"

Yao Ying looked at her helplessly. "I\'m not too sure about that!" He didn\'t really pay close attention to Uncle Qiu before, so how could he know what he was thinking about?! Besides, even though they had the same gender, it didn\'t mean that their thoughts were the same ah~!

Yao Ling glanced at him and asked, "I mean the way you think about \'woman\'..."

"Huh?" Yao Ying didn\'t understand what she meant. When he heard the word \'woman\', it seemed like this question would be a bit tricky! What did she mean by \'woman\' ah~?! He suddenly got a bad feeling about this!

"If you were my father and you loved my mother to death, what would you want me to do? Do you want to forever forget about the pain and live happily by yourself or do you want to know the truth despite the pain?" Yao Ling asked seriously.

She didn\'t forget to turn to Lin Jian and asked, "You too! What would you do?"

Yao Ling decided to get their opinions on this matter. She couldn\'t decide this on her own, thus, she decided to make them votes.

Yao Ying and Lin Jian looked at each other helplessly --- they didn\'t know whether they should laugh or cry because of her brazen question. This matter ah~ if they answered the wrong thing, the women would certainly kill her!

Yao Ying honestly answered, "I don\'t really want to build my life with a lie despite having a peaceful and comfortable life... I prefer to know the truth --- especially if it\'s about the woman that I love." He didn\'t think too much about it because he imagined Yao Ling in this matter. He would prefer to remember her than to forget about her. He couldn\'t even imagine what kind of life that he would lead after his memory loss, if he didn\'t meet her --- maybe, he would wander around aimlessly.

Yao Ling pondered over this matter and somehow... she caught something else in his words. In a way, Yao Ying forgot about his past too. If... if he remembered his past, would he think of his life with Yao Ling as a lie? She suddenly regretted asking this question.

Yao Ling looked a bit forlorn after that, but she decided to trust Yao Ying on this. Besides, there was a possibility that Yao Ying wouldn\'t be able to remember his past forever.

When she thought of this, Yao Ling flinched. She didn\'t like how selfish her thoughts had become and she decided to clear her mind from such thoughts. Although no one knew what was inside her mind, she still felt guilty.

Yao Ling decided to distract herself by asking Lin Jian, "What about you?"

Lin Jian\'s gaze fleeted at Xiao Fang\'s direction for a little while and answered, "I have the same opinion as Yao Ying! I don\'t want to forget the love of my life!"

Xiao Fang suddenly felt shy, especially when she felt the burning gaze that coming from Lin Jian was directed at her. She wasn\'t going to lie though, she liked what she heard and it made her slightly blush in embarrassment. Xiao Fang turned to Yao Ling and said, "I agree with them. Even though he might feel sad, he has you now... his blood-related daughter! No matter what it won\'t change the fact that he\'s my godfather."

Yao Ling nodded her head, but she knew... things weren\'t as simple as how they looked like. After all, her father still had an inseparable bond with her mother. She supposed that when he remembered, he would try to find her mother as soon as possible. She didn\'t know the extent of the bond and she was afraid that he would become crazy. Otherwise, why would her grandmother try to erase her father\'s memory?

However, she knew what they said was right. She couldn\'t let him live his life like this forever... Her eyes suddenly lit up when she realized something. If her father still had a bond with her mother, wouldn\'t it mean... he could become a radar to find her mother?

Suddenly... she found herself feeling hopeful!

When she thought of that, it seemed like it was really a good idea to remove the spell. If they were able to find her mother, then they would be able to live as a complete family along with her grandmother!

Yao Ling turned to Xiao Fang excitedly, "Can you call Uncle Qiu to come over now?"

Xiao Fang shook her head, "I don\'t think it will be possible if you want to call him right away."

"Why?" Yao Ling asked in confusion.