His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 297 - The One and Only

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Chapter 297 - The One and Only

Just like what Aunt Yue had predicted, the man that she had been waiting for started to realize that something was amiss from the forbidden place.

\'Why did that woman\'s power suddenly become so weak? Wasn\'t she only doing her routine reading just now?\' The man couldn\'t help but feel that something was indeed fishy. He needed to find her as soon as possible!

The man quickly used his qing gong and went to the forbidden place and what he had seen... shook him to the core. He almost fell down when he saw the condition that Aunt Yue was in --- she was weak.. very weak... and it seemed like she had a hard time to even breath!

He ran to the bedside and asked, "Yue Yue... what happened to you?!" It seemed like the man didn\'t have an ordinary relationship with Aunt Yue, judging from how intimate he called Aunt Yue.

Aunt Yue glanced at him and laugh weakly, trying to look as calm as possible. "I become so old now... So ugly, right?" She felt conscious of her face, after all, she used to look very beautiful and young. No matter what... a woman always wanted to look beautiful, right?

The man shook his head and answered honestly, "No... no... you are not ugly! What are you talking about? You are the most beautiful woman in my eyes."

Aunt Yue laughed and she started to cough up blood once more, "You are always the sweetest. Sorry that I can\'t follow your wish! I couldn\'t keep my promise to you..."

The man looked worried when he saw the blood. His heart was beating faster, feeling afraid that she would suddenly be gone. "Yue Yue... what happened?! Why did this happen? Why are there so many bloods?!" His hands were trembling. He was afraid... afraid that she would leave him all alone.

"My Yue Yue... How...? How did this happen?" The man kept asking while sobbing. He couldn\'t hold back his emotions anymore.

His gaze turned colder when he analyzed everything and realized something. "You\'ve found her, right?" He asked her in a blaming tone. "Why... why didn\'t you tell me?! WHY?!" He started to feel angry and raised his voice in frustration.

Aunt Yue smiled softly despite her pale face and the pain that she felt, but she didn\'t deny his words. She couldn\'t deny it because it was the truth. Sooner or later... he would find out about it. Besides, she needed him to do something for her.

"Why?" The man asked in a trembling voice once again but in a softer voice. He tried to coax Aunt Yue to give him an answer.

"Rong Jie... it\'s time to let me go!" Aunt Yue said sadly. "You should accept my fate! It\'s almost time for me to go!"

"No... I won\'t! I will kill her! I will kill her!" His eyes were red due to his heartbreak and anger. He tried to jump out of the room and found the source of the troubles! However, Aunt Yue gripped his hand tightly, preventing him from running away.

"It\'s too late! Even if you kill her, I won\'t be able to retrieve back my power..." Aunt Yue tried to appease him, even though she knew that she would fail. The man was beyond heartbroken.

"Yue Yue... you already knew the consequences beforehand... and yet, you went along with it?! Why? Have you decided to abandon me from the start?" Rong Jie couldn\'t help but cry. "Don\'t you know how much I love you?!" The man confessed his feelings without beating around the bush.

"No! How could I abandon you?" Aunt Yue vehemently denied his accusations. She did that because she had no other choice! "I know... I know that I hurt you... but... Rong Jie ah~! She\'s my granddaughter. I can\'t let anything happen to her," Aunt Yue explained.

Rong Jie froze when he heard what his Yue Yue just said. "Your granddaughter... Our...?" He was surprised by this revelation. He thought they only had each other in this world! Their son didn\'t remember anything, so how could they count on him? Besides, he was a selfish man. The most important thing in this world was his Yue Yue!

Aunt Yue nodded her head. "That\'s why I can\'t let you kill her!" Aunt Yue said sadly. She had made a difficult choice and she had to stick with it. Her granddaughter had a bright future ahead, while she was already this old. Her decision was very obvious!

Rong Jie didn\'t know what to say. "But..." He felt at a loss. What would he do if he lost his beloved Yue Yue?! He also couldn\'t let his granddaughter be harmed! He really wanted to blame the cruel fate!

Aunt Yue naturally knew what he thought and she bit her lower lip. "Rong Jie... don\'t follow me to hell, okay? Please help me... Help me take care of my granddaughter! Our... our granddaughter..."

If Aunt Yue let Yao Ling meet Rong Jie before he calmed down and knew the truth, he would certainly kill Yao Ling on the spot and she couldn\'t let that happen. Rong Jie didn\'t have a bad intention, he just didn\'t want her to lose her power and die. She also didn\'t want to leave him, but she also needed to save her granddaughter.

Their fate had ended here and she hoped that they could meet each other in the next life!

She could only be selfish and made him feel disappointed.

"No! How could you make me do that?!" Rong Jie asked in a sad voice. "I will follow you wherever you go --- even to hell!" He said resolutely. He never knew that his Yue Yue could be this cruel!

Aunt Yue shook her head. "No... Please listen to my last selfish request! Please..." Aunt Yue said weakly. Her life force was almost gone, but she needed to convince the stubborn old man.

How could Rong Jie not see her struggle? He couldn\'t make her feel disappointed at this moment. He kissed Aunt Yue\'s mouth lovingly and his tears fell down. Aunt Yue was able to taste the salty tears and she couldn\'t help but cry too... She knew that he was a loyal and passionate man... she didn\'t want to leave him... But, she knew that she didn\'t have much time left.

She gripped his robe tightly, feeling unreconciled that she had to let him go. However, it was their fate and they must accept it.

"I will... I will listen to you! But you have to live, okay? We have made a promise that we will live together forever!" Rong Jie remembered the promise that they had once made back then when they were young. "

Don\'t leave me!" Rong Jie couldn\'t help but beg her in tears.

Aunt Yue knew that he was always good at concealing his feelings, but this time... he cried. The man that was always so strong in her eyes... cried because of her. It sliced her heart, making it hard for her to breath!

She could imagine the pain that he felt, after all, she felt it too!

"Promise me! You promise me that you will take care of our granddaughter!" Aunt Yue said in an urgent tone. If she didn\'t make him promise, she was afraid that he would search for Yao Ling and kill her just to release his anger. He wasn\'t a cruel man... but who knew what he would do in this heartbroken state?

Once she was dead, their bond would start to occupy his mind and make him desperate! Rong Jie was a man of his promise and once he had promised something, he would never break it. She could only gamble on this.

"I... I promise..." Rong Jie could see the desperate look on his Yue Yue\'s face and he didn\'t want to disappoint her. He had to agree to her request no matter what.

Aunt Yue sighed in relief when she heard that. After she got his promise, she felt that it was time for her to let go. Her life force started to diminish at a fast speed and she said her final words, "Her name is Yao Ling. Protect her! I love you, Rong Jie. I always love you... You are the only one since the beginning..."

\'The one and only...\'