His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 294 - A Legend

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Chapter 294 - A Legend

"There was a legend in our clan..." Aunt Yue started the story in a soft compelling voice.

In that legend, it was specifically said that the pure Bei Yue could activate her power once she mated to her one true love. How could they know whether it was really her one true love or not? It was from the glowing birthmark, of course. The Bei Yue clan had an affiliation with the moon, especially the crescent moon. That was always the symbols of their clan from generation to generation.

If Yao Ling made love with another person and he wasn\'t her one true love, then the birthmark wouldn\'t glow. They wouldn\'t be able to activate her power and their bond and it seemed like this was used to prevent that people would use Yao Ling\'s body just to achieve his ambition.

Unfortunately, Aunt Yue didn\'t have the luck to experience that one true love with her current husband. She fell in love once and that person was the clan leader\'s brother --- the one that supposed to be the clan leader. They had promised to marry each other and make love, but... that person was dead... She had to follow the rules and marry the next clan leader... that was why there was no mutual love between Aunt Yue and her husband.

"So... if yesterday I hadn\'t made love to my husband, did it mean even if I touched the symbols on the front gate... nothing would happen?" Yao Ling asked.

Aunt Yue nodded and answered, "Precisely!"

Yao Ling nodded her head, feeling amazed. "Grandmother... why are the symbols are put on the front gate? What\'s the purpose?"

Aunt Yue answered, "I needed to build the exact same gate like the one at the clan, so it will be easier for me to adjust with my life here. That gate was the symbols of our clan, besides... I hope that one day my successor would appear... It was just wishful thinking on my part, but who knew that I could be so lucky and you appeared!"

Aunt Yue had lost hope a long time ago, but it seemed like fate still wanted to bring them together. The Bei Yue clan wouldn\'t perish here...

Yao Ling was able to see how Aunt Yue missed her homeland and her people, but it was understandable. Without that kind of hope, any sane people would become crazy if they were imprisoned for such a long time.

"Grandmother... what do you mean by bond?" Yao Ling almost forgot to ask this question.

"Hmm... it can be said that you can feel it in your heart when the other is in danger. However, I\'m not too sure myself... I don\'t have the luxury to bond with my one true love. Your father probably knows about it better," Aunt Yue said sadly.

"Rong Qiu doesn\'t have the power like us because he\'s a man. The legacy of the power can only be inherited by a woman descendant, however... the bond was still there... I supposed you should ask him when you are able to meet him in the future. Or... you can explore it by yourself..." Aunt Yue explained everything and Yao Ling started to understand her father\'s irresponsible behavior.

"Father did that... because of the bond, right?" Yao Ling asked confidently. There was no other explanation, but this!

Aunt Yue nodded. "Indeed... maybe the bond makes them couldn\'t bear to be apart from each other, maybe because he was able to feel that your mother was in danger. Your father never explained anything to me... That\'s the reason why I told you that I\'m not really sure about it myself."

However, Aunt Yue could remember that he became more easily agitated and angry... Yao Ling didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. Did it mean she had to glue herself to Yao Ying all the time? She shuddered at the thought... If that really happened, how could they handle all the matter at Wang Fu ah~!

Well.. they probably should explore this matter, so they would be able to set their boundaries about what they should and should not do.

"Then, what happened next?" Yao Ling asked. It was important to know about her father first at this point.

Aunt Yue started to reminisce once again.

Of course, the Han Emperor had been guessing what their next move would be. Someone gave the Han Emperor a piece of advice --- he should separate the mother-son pair just in case they would plan out something else because after the prisoners were released, they didn\'t have any more bargaining ch.i.p.s.

Thus, it was decided that Rong Qiu would be taken as a hostage in the capital. They promised to treat him good but who knew? Judging from the Han Emperor\'s lecherous behavior, he didn\'t seem to be the type who would keep his promise.

To prolong it, Aunt Yue had told them that she needed the special soil from her homeland to be able to predict the future with a better chance. If Aunt Yue couldn\'t predict accurately, then she would be rendered useless. Thus, they didn\'t separate them but they constricted their movements by assigning a lot of guards --- triple times from the current guards.

The Han Emperor sent his men to take a big amount of soil, even though he had been warned that there would be a plague there. He didn\'t even care whether his own men would die because of it, as long as he got the soil then other things didn\'t matter. He didn\'t even tell his men that there was a plague there. Yes, he was that selfish and yet, he said that it was for the greater good of their kingdom.

This was why the forbidden place was built at Crescent Lake. The soil under this forbidden place was especially taken from their homeland and it was compatible with this place.

The people that were sent there some were dead due to the plague and some were able to survive --- but they were already contaminated by the ugly plague, so once they arrived back at the Han Kingdom, they were dead too. Only the soil was left...

Aunt Yue sighed, "This place was built with people\'s blood..." She didn\'t lie to the Han Emperor about the soil, but she still felt guilty about it. Since then, she could tell the fortune more accurately than before. However, she couldn\'t sleep soundly at night for several months because her mind kept thinking about those victims.

"After that... did the Han Emperor really take my father to the capital?" Yao Ling asked. If the answer was yes, she would certainly look for him too when she arrived there. At first, she only wanted to help Xiao Fang and didn\'t have a special attachment with the Han Emperor, but now... it was different. She had a personal grudge towards him... he was the one who ruined her family!

Even if it was instigated by other people, he was still the one who got the final say! Yao Ling\'s eyes were burning with hatred! The Han Emperor was really hateful! He was the incarnation of the devil! She would do everything to help Xiao Fang seek her revenge! No... not Xiao Fang\'s revenge... but hers too!

Aunt Yue sighed... this was the complicated matter started... her son didn\'t know anything about it, because this was a side plan that she had concocted on her own... "I will tell you more shocking truth..." Aunt Yue said. She was afraid that Yao Ling would hate her for doing this... but she had no choice back then. Her son was the most important people in her life. She would sacrifice anything for him. Anything!