His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 288 - Yao Ling's Dream

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Chapter 288 - Yao Ling\'s Dream

Yao Ying didn\'t feel an ounce of guilt when he pushed the responsibility to Xiu. He believed in the man\'s ability, besides, he wanted to get back to Yao Ling\'s side as soon as possible. He didn\'t throw the job away because he was too lazy to do it! Yes, that wasn\'t the real reason ah~!

When he saw Yao Ling\'s peaceful face, he sighed in relief and he was able to let himself relax for a little bit.

Lin Jian asked, "Are you finally done?"

Yao Ying nodded. "It\'s done." He didn\'t plan to tell Lin Jian anything, after all, he knew that the latter would mock him for sure. After knowing that Yao Ying wouldn\'t tell him anything, Lin Jian didn\'t bother to ask about it anymore. At least, the matter had been dealt with by Yao Ying.

The three of them watched over Aunt Yue and Yao Ling\'s bodies silently, waiting for both of them to wake up in anxiousness.

When would they wake up? More than one shichen had already passed ah~!


Aunt Yue realized that someone was touching the front gate and he stopped the glow by merely touching it. The core of the symbols was actually connected to her, thus, she was able to perceive what had just happened outside. She looked at Yao Ling in surprise, knowing that the latter must have been married. She sighed in relief --- it seemed like this lass had a reliable husband.

She previously saw a glimpse of her past and Aunt Yue knew that Yao Ling had found her happiness, but she just thought that they were still at the beginning of their relationship. It turned out that she had married that man. Somehow, it made her happy and feel relieved at the same time.

At least, she wouldn\'t be all alone in this world.

Aunt Yue closed her eyes and continued healing Yao Ling. When she was finally finished it took two shichen and she had only one shichen left. That was the only time she had to wake up Yao Ling\'s subconscious mind and talk to her.

Aunt Yue\'s soul jumped into Yao Ling\'s subconscious mind and she landed inside Yao Ling\'s dream. She was currently dreaming of her wedding day with Yao Ying. What Aunt Yue saw when she looked at people\'s memories were only bits and pieces, but from Yao Ling\'s dream, she could see everything vividly. This was the part that she hadn\'t seen before...

It confirmed that Yao Ling was indeed already married to that handsome young man and fortunately, she had the time to give him a warning just now.

She could see how the ceremony was only a solemn one --- no one attended, except the two of them. When Aunt Yue looked at their condition, she really wanted to cry. She was really a poor child! It was fortunate that she found this man, otherwise, she would lead a hard life all alone in the village. Aunt Yue didn\'t realize that she had already shed a few tears until she touched her own face.

Aunt Yue really wanted to see the rest of the child\'s life, but she didn\'t have much time left. They were currently racing with time.

Aunt Yue could only erase Yao Ling\'s dream and turn it into a white blank canvas. Yao Ling noticed that her surroundings had become white and the previous scene had changed in a flash. She looked around in confusion and wanted to get back to her wedding day! When she looked back, despite the mourning period, it was one of the happiest days in her life!

Yao Ling looked around in nervousness, wondering what was actually going on.

Before she could yell out loud to call Yao Ying\'s name, suddenly... a woman appeared in front of her. She had never seen this woman before. "Who are you?" Yao Ling asked in a voice full of suspicion.

Aunt Yue smiled softly at her but didn\'t directly answer her. Instead, she asked, "What does the last thing you remember?"

"Me? My wedding day!" Yao Ling asked in confusion.

"Child... Try to remember... Don\'t lose yourself in your dream! Otherwise, you won\'t be able to leave this place!" Aunt Yue gave her a warning. If she stayed in this state, then she would be in a coma forever. This was the test that the symbols had given to Yao Ling.

Yao Ling furrowed her eyebrows and thought about the nonsense that this woman was talking about! She tried to remember the last thing that she did but it incurred a headache that made her almost faint. It seemed like there was a barrier that preventing her from remembering. What was going on? Yao Ling felt confused.

She massaged her own forehead, trying to make her headache better. Yao Ling wanted to ask a question to the woman, but she didn\'t know how to call her, so she politely asked, "At least, can you tell me your name? I don\'t know how to address you."

"Just call me Grandma Yue," Aunt Yue said. Aunt Yue was always appreciating the kinship between her own clan and she believed that Yao Ling was one of them, thus, Yao Ling should call her with the correct term. The younger generation usually called her Grandma Yue.

Yao Ling looked at her in surprise and she couldn\'t stop herself from gasping. She really thought that this woman was a bit delusional or maybe... a bit not right in the head, hence she asked, "You are so young! How could I call a beautiful woman like you as Grandma?"

"I\'m almost a hundred years old, so naturally, I\'m already old enough to be your grandmother," Aunt Yue said lightly.

Yao Ling was speechless. Really? Almost a hundred years old? Was this woman playing a joke with her? However... her face was quite serious ah~! She really needed to ask her beauty routine! Yao Ling didn\'t know that Xiao Fang had also thought the same thing as her --- both were envying Aunt Yue\'s youthfulness.

Yao Ling could only relent and call her in a soft voice, "Grandma Yue!"

Aunt Yue nodded in satisfaction. "What do you want to ask about?"

"I can\'t seem to remember the last thing that I did!" Yao Ling honestly said. She remembered the part when she came to the Crescent Lake, but whenever she tried to remember what she did at the forbidden place, her mind became blurry and it seemed like something was blocking her mind, trying to prevent her from remembering something.

Aunt Yue gave her a little hint, "Did you touch something?"

The closer she was to the answer, the crazier her headache had become. "Argh!!" She yelled in pain, but Aunt Yue didn\'t do anything. The latter didn\'t try to help Yao Ling lessening the pain. She had already helped her enough and she needed to remember it by herself...

Yao Ling closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, trying to bear with the pain. She seemed to remember that Yao Ying was beside her in front of the forbidden place. In the midst of her pain, she seemed to see herself trying to reach something. Her hand was moving on its own, but... but... what thing? Yao Ling couldn\'t think clearly due to the pain and she fell down on her knees.

Aunt Yue was looking at her in worry, but she couldn\'t interfere and could only look at her helplessly. She tried to encourage her, "You can do it! You can remember everything!"

Yao Ling gasped in pain but she tried to be strong. She noticed that Grandma Yue said that she would stay here forever if she couldn\'t remember. She wanted to meet Yao Ying and hugged him. She missed him. They only had each other and she didn\'t want to leave him all alone. She knew how much pain it would bring her husband. Thus, it gave her a sudden burst of strength.

The memories moved at a fast pace and she remembered at how she touched the symbols that were attached at the forbidden place. Suddenly, it was shining brightly and then she was unconscious. She remembered that she felt the pain at the back of her head --- to be exact, her neck.

Who dared to hit her?