His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 284 - Would Break The Taboo

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Chapter 284 - Would Break The Taboo

The trio quickly came into the forbidden place\'s courtyard through the side door when they realized that they didn\'t have to fight the hidden guards and the coast was already clear. They did just like what Aunt Yue had instructed them before. They felt a bit uneasy due to the quietness but they still continued walking ahead.

When they arrived at Aunt Yue\'s house, they looked around carefully. Because the place wasn\'t really being cared for, it looked a little bit eerie at night. There was no light being lit up on the outside of the house, and the darkness seemed to swallow the house. The only source of light they could see was a dimmed light that coming from inside of the house. Without that light, it would take a little while for them to find the house.

The night chilly breeze made their whole body shiver. For the men, this was still alright because they used to do a mission in this kind of environment. However, to Xiao Fang, this was the epitome of horror. She was so scared of the uncanny surroundings and she couldn\'t help but stay vigilance... just in a case, a ghost would appear out of nowhere.

"Come on! Knock on the door!" Lin Jian ordered Xiao Fang in a soft voice. He gave a pointed gaze towards the closed door.

"Why should I?" Xiao Fang asked in displeasure. He was the man ah~! How could he let her do the knocking?!

Lin Jian rolled his eyes. "Yao Ying is currently princess carrying Yao Ling, so his hands are full. I\'m looking around to protect all of us just in case an ambush suddenly appears out of nowhere. So... you are the only one who is idle..." The meaning was clear... she wasn\'t the only one who did nothing, so what he told her to do was reasonable.

Truth to be told, Lin Jian knew that no danger was lurking around. He just wanted to tease Xiao Fang because the woman looked like she would faint any moment due to her own fear. He snickered at her and when Yao Ying saw his expression, the latter knew that Lin Jian\'s naughtiness appeared once more.

Yao Ying rolled his eyes, as long as they didn\'t waste too much time, he would let them be.

Xiao Fang understood what Lin Jian meant and she could only resign to her fate. She cleared her throat and quickly went ahead of the others. Before she knocked on the door, she looked back and gulped. She saw how Lin Jian nodded at her, encouraging her... her fear decreased a little bit. At least, she wasn\'t all alone here.

However, before she could knock on the door, the door suddenly opened out of nowhere. Xiao Fang jumped up in surprise and she would have screamed out loud if Lin Jian didn\'t close her mouth with both of his hands. Her heart was beating faster and faster. What surprised Xiao Fang the most was the fact that Aunt Yue appeared with a lantern on her hand... the lantern shone on her face, making her face look so scary --- like a ghost!

When Lin Jian found that she already calmed herself down, the former slowly let her go. Xiao Fang sighed in relief but her face turned red in embarrassment. She felt lucky that it was dark all around her --- or else, they would be able to see her blushing face. She felt like slapping her own mouth! What if her scream woke up the hidden guards? That would be bad!

Xiao Fang quickly tried to amend the situation and apologized sheepishly at Aunt Yue, "I\'m sorry, Aunt Yue. I was just too surprised!" She didn\'t dare to say or admit that she thought Aunt Yue as a ghost just now.

Aunt Yue merely smiled but said nothing. She understood that the little girl was a bit timid, so she didn\'t blame her. Aunt Yue moved to the side and let them in, "Come in! Everything will be ready soon."

She turned back and walked inside the room first. "Can you introduce us?" Aunt Yue asked even though her back was facing them. She was busy preparing the ingredients that were needed to wake the young woman up.

Xiao Fang introduced Aunt Yue to Yao Ying and Lin Jian. When Aunt Yue turned around, she nodded briefly to the two men. She merely took a glance at them and her gaze landed on Yao Ling and she could feel a slight pull towards the sleeping woman.

Aunt Yue couldn\'t help but come to her and touch her face tenderly.

Aunt Yue could feel a small vibration on her hand.. right at the place where she touched Yao Ling. Something was resonated between them and she knew that she had found the chosen one. She paid more attention to Yao Ling\'s face and she found familiarity in it... Was she... that person\'s child? If yes, there would be no wonder why this young woman would be able to make the symbols reacted and glow.

One thing for sure... This young woman was one of them --- A Bei Yue.

Their race had a way to find each other and there was a subtle connection between each of them. The resonation between their blood was already a good proof that the woman was one of them. If Aunt Yue wasn\'t a hundred percent sure about it before, she was now.

"What\'s her name?" Aunt Yue asked softly.

"Yao Ling..." Yao Ying was the one who answered her this time.

"What a beautiful name," Aunt Yue praised.

Yao Ying murmured his agreement. Of course... everything about his wife was beautiful!

"I can save her... but you need to bring her away from here as soon as possible after that... Can you do that?" Aunt Yue talked in a stern voice.

"What do you mean, Aunt Yue?" Xiao Fang asked in confusion.

"I can\'t tell you that much... but no matter what happens inside this room after you leave, all of you must go. Don\'t turn back or involve yourself in it. Do you understand?" Aunt Yue needed them to listen to her advice, otherwise, she couldn\'t save their lives.

The trio understood the gravity of the situation after they saw Aunt Yue\'s expression. It was a mixture of worry and fear, thus, they nodded in agreement.

"We understand," the trio answered at the same time.

"Good!" Aunt Yue said. She took a few letters from her sleeves and gave it to Xiao Fang. "Xiao Fang, these letters... I entrust them to you. One should be given to Little Qiu and one should be given to Yao Ling. Give the letters to them tomorrow, okay? You have to give it to them tomorrow! Otherwise, it will be too late..."

Xiao Fang received the letters and nodded her head, despite not understanding the riddles that Aunt Yue just told her. Why did it have to be tomorrow? She had a bad feeling about this... why did it look like Aunt Yue was saying goodbye to them. She softly touched Aunt Yue\'s hand and asked worriedly, "Aunt Yue... will you be okay?"

Aunt Yue was feeling touched because of Xiao Fang\'s concern and sweet gesture, she smiled at her and answered, "I will be fine."

Aunt Yue thought inwardly to herself, \'I will finally be free...\'

Aunt Yue touched Yao Ling\'s forehead with her index finger and the part where she touched was glowing for a little while. When that happened, Aunt Yue was able to see Yao Ling\'s memories. Everything that happened from Yao Ling was born until that moment... could be seen by Aunt Yue.

"Poor child..." She murmured to herself. "At least you already find your happiness... however..." Aunt Yue sighed to herself. Her connection with Yao Ling was quite strong and she was able to see her future... It wasn\'t an easy one --- especially around the time when her husband regained his memories in the future.

Aunt Yue looked at Yao Ying and said, "Don\'t you ever let her down!"

Yao Ying could feel her penetrating gaze and the fact that she was warning him out of nowhere... made him feel bewildered. However, he understood that Aunt Yue was showing some concerns about Yao Ling, thus... he nodded his head and promised her, "I won\'t!"

Aunt Yue nodded in satisfaction at his answer. She would lose her power when she helped Yao Ling pass through this hurdle. However... seeing that there were a lot of things that she wanted to talk about with her, Aunt Yue decided to do something that was even crazier than her previous decision.

She would break the taboo for her.

There was a heavy price that she would pay after she was using the forbidden technique, but they did not have much time. She needed to interact with Yao Ling...

Aunt Yue looked at the trio and warned them, "Whatever happens in this room shouldn\'t come out of this room. Keep it to yourself as a secret! When I\'m trying to heal her, don\'t bother me or break my concentration!"

"What will happen if you lose your concentration, Aunt Yue?" Xiao Fang asked, feeling worried.

"Once I lose my concentration, the result will be dire --- not only towards me but also towards Yao Ling," Aunt Yue answered seriously. "The price will be too heavy..."

The trio understood what she meant... any kind of interference could make them die... They were feeling more worried when they heard what Aunt Yue had just said, but they could only nod their head helplessly.

They were worried about what would happen next.