His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 282 - A Bei Yue or Not?

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Chapter 282 - A Bei Yue or Not?

Aunt Yue answered confidently, "You will... however... whether you will end up happy or not... you still need to work hard while living your life to the fullest. I will tell you a secret... sometimes... a change in the future could also change the result of my reading. That\'s why you shouldn\'t rely heavily on the reading result without working hard, okay?"

Not many people understood this point... They just blindly trusted her words. Just like what she did to the Han Emperor, in a way, she was in the upper hand in controlling the way he behaved towards her people using her power. Lately, she didn\'t have the inclination to help him because she found that her people already assimilated them perfectly in this kingdom. It would be hard to differentiate them with the local people.

Aunt Yue had seen a lot of people ruined their own life because she had told them everything that would happen in the future when she was young… they relied on her reading heavily and became greedy, thus affecting their real fate. After that, she learned how to choose her words carefully. She saw Xiao Fang\'s several futures, but she decided only to tell her two of them. The good ones and also a little bit of a warning.

She had already told her about her happy ending love and Aunt Yue was going to tell this little girl another one. "You should cherish your current friendsh.i.p.s and don\'t make the wrong choice when something comes up later. The key is only one --- trust!"

Xiao Fang furrowed her eyebrows, contemplating. She guessed that Aunt Yue was referring to her friendship with the trio when she talked about the first, but what about her last sentence? What did it mean by that? She didn\'t know that the word \'trust\' would be the guidance on everything that would occur in the future and save her!

Xiao Fang was going to open her mouth and asked a question, however, before she could say anything… Aunt Yue waved one of her hands and said, "No need to ask more! I won\'t answer any of your questions… I already told you about the most important things in your life. If you do as I told you to do, then you will have a blissful life. That\'s all!"


Xiao Fang knew… once Aunt Yue said that, the latter wouldn\'t tell her anything more. She was able to see the stubborn streak on Aunt Yue\'s eyes and Xiao Fang should be content with the fact that she was kind enough to read her fortune. However, the result of her fortune reading was actually quite good! It was also the reason why she felt satisfied and ready to quickly move on to the next subject.

"Did I prove myself enough?" Aunt Yue asked confidently with a small smile on her lips.

"Yes... yes..." Xiao Fang answered cheerily while nodding vigorously.

"Can you tell me without beating around the bush now?" Aunt Yue said bluntly.

Xiao Fang felt embarrassed with her previous doubtful behavior toward Aunt Yue, fortunately, the latter didn\'t really mind it. Instead, it gave Aunt Yue a good impression of Xiao Fang. At least, it meant that the little girl was being cautious --- not arrogant.

"Aunt Yue... there\'s a weird symbol on the front gate of this place, right? My friend touched that symbol..." Xiao Fang trailed off at the last part.

Aunt Yue nodded. After listening to Xiao Fang\'s opening words, she understood what it was all about. Aunt Yue\'s heart was beating faster... she would know who it was soon! Aunt Yue tried to calm herself down because she didn\'t want to scare Xiao Fang once more.

"Then... what happened to her?" Aunt Yue felt anxious when she asked the question.

Xiao Fang explained Yao Ling\'s condition carefully and how she fell into a coma. Aunt Yue furrowed her eyebrows. This went out of her expectation. At that time, an old illness of her was flaring up. Despite her youthfulness on the outside, her body had been very old and she couldn\'t do anything about it. That was the reason why she couldn\'t determine who the woman was... At the same time, she didn\'t fully grasp what had happened back then too!

However, despite the pain at that time, she was able to feel her body resonated to the glowing symbols and she knew... that person had finally come and she would be the one who would make her rest in peace! When she could calm her illness, the woman had been gone from the front gate.

Aunt Yue missed the chance that she had been waiting for so long!

She thought that the woman had fully gotten the inheritance, but it seemed like she hadn\'t yet --- because she was being forcefully interrupted halfway. If she was at her best health at that time, she would able to protect that woman. Aunt Yue could only feel regret about that matter.

Aunt Yue could do something about Xiao Fang\'s friends, but she needed to meet up with the woman personally to judge her current situation carefully.

Aunt Yue frowned. It wasn\'t easy for her to meet an outsider and she wondered what she should do about it.

"Aunt Yue... Aunt Yue..." Xiao Fang tried to call Aunt Yue for several times. It seemed like after she explained everything, Aunt Yue\'s mind was elsewhere. She wanted to know whether this matter had a connection with Aunt Yue or not. Not only that, Xiao Fang wanted a confirmation whether Yao Ling was a Bei Yue or not.

Aunt Yue\'s mind cleared up by the time Xiao Fang had finished calling her. She said, "I know what happens to her, but... I can\'t tell you anything about it..."

"Why?" Xiao Fang asked in surprise.

"This is the secret of our people, thus, I can\'t tell you anything. If I\'m not mistaken, your friend is supposed to be a Bei Yue too. However... I need to meet her face to face first before I can make a correct judgment," Aunt Yue explained briefly.

Xiao Fang naturally understood what Aunt Yue had implied just now. Even though she was curious, she didn\'t pursue the matter any further.

She sighed, "Aunt Yue... I also understand your predicament. But... my friend is currently unconscious... I have no idea how to bring her here! There are so many hidden guards inside this premise! Without Qiu Da Ren\'s help, I won\'t be able to come here in the first place."

Aunt Yue furrowed her eyebrows and started to notice something, "What is your relationship with Little Qiu?" She understood that this little woman wasn\'t an ordinary servant and for Little Qiu to help her... she might be an important person to Little Qiu.

Xiao Fang knew that her cover had been blown up, so she didn\'t hesitate to admit, "I\'m his goddaughter."

Aunt Yue\'s eyes lit up. "If you can get him to help us, it will be easier for me to take a look at your friend."

Xiao Fang shook her head. "I didn\'t tell the real reason why I want to meet you to my godfather, because he doesn\'t want me to involve myself in this dangerous thing. How could I convince him to help us?" She added inwardly... if he didn\'t punish her, it would already good enough ah~!

Aunt Yue looked at her helplessly. "I can save her, but I need to do it face-to-face with her!"

Xiao Fang\'s eyes lit up when she heard that. "Really... you can save her?!"

Aunt Yue nodded. "I can... but you have to find a way to let me meet her... Otherwise, there\'s nothing I could do..."

Xiao Fang felt helpless at that moment... What should they do? She needed to consult on Yao Ying and Lin Jian first about this...

Before they could talk more, they heard Uncle Qiu knocked on the door and asked, "Are you done?"