His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 280 - What Happened to Your Friend?

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Chapter 280 - What Happened to Your Friend?

Xiao Fang paid attention to Aunt Yue\'s appearance. Her skin was slightly wrinkled on a few places but it didn\'t diminish her stunning beauty --- even her watery eyes made her look more attractive. If it wasn\'t because of a few gray hairs here and there, Xiao Fang wouldn\'t even realize that she was quite old. Even her guess of her age would have been wrong! After all, she was much older than that...

Despite her living situation, it seemed like she maintained her youthfulness quite well. Xiao Fang really wanted to ask how she did it, but before she could open her mouth, Uncle Qiu gave her a pointed gaze which made her flinch and shut her mouth. She almost forgot her place.

"How are you, Aunt Yue?" Uncle Qiu asked softly. They had interacted so much the last few years and if not because of her youthful look, he would treat this old woman as his own mother. However, she even looked a bit younger than him, thus, he removed that idea from his head. It would be too weird!

"Just like usual ah~!" Aunt Yue smiled softly. She squinted her eyes and asked, "Are you bringing a new maidservant today?"

"Yes..." Uncle Qiu answered while sweating. He didn\'t want Xiao Fang to get closer to Aunt Yue, but he knew that his goddaughter seemed to idolize the old woman. He knew that he was contradicting himself, but he just felt worried for Xiao Fang.

Aunt Yue and Uncle Qiu were chatting animatedly, while Xiao Fang only looked at them. She was still holding the gifts that Uncle Qiu had prepared beforehand. She gritted her teeth in annoyance.

\'Godfather ah~! Do you forget about me?!\' Xiao Fang whined inwardly. The gifts were quite heavy ah~! She tried to wink a few times at her godfather --- just to remind him about the gifts. Unfortunately for her, Uncle Qiu didn\'t even take a look at her because he was too engrossed in their chat.

Actually, the latter noticed her predicament, but he decided to keep quiet. This was just a simple punishment for Xiao Fang. She wanted to meet Aunt Yue and he wouldn\'t make it easy for her. He knew that Xiao Fang must have had other motives for her to be this patient. If it wasn\'t an important thing, he knew that Xiao Fang would refuse to add a scar on her face --- even for the sake of disguising herself.

Uncle Qiu deliberately let Auntie Mao paint the scar on her face, just to gauge the level of importance of her wish to meet with Aunt Yue. He wanted to ask directly, but he knew that Xiao Fang wouldn\'t tell him. If she really wanted to tell him, she would already tell him from the start. He was curious but he was also patient enough to wait for Xiao Fang\'s confession.

Uncle Qiu and Aunt Yue didn\'t talk about anything important and it made Xiao Fang feel bored. She finally couldn\'t take it anymore and decided to cough a few time, trying to remind Uncle Qiu that she was there ah~!

Inwardly, she chanted, \'Quick, Godfather! I can\'t hold onto it anymore! These things are getting heavier ah~!\'

Uncle Qiu pitied her, so he decided to stop doing his petty revenge. He said, "Ah... Aunt Yue... I almost forgot about something!"

"What?" Aunt Yue asked curiously.

"Your gifts! I will put the gifts on the table, okay?" Uncle Qiu said and then he motioned for Xiao Fang to put the gifts on the table. Xiao Fang quickly did what she was told and then she quickly tried to seize this chance to do her works.

Aunt Yue laughed, "I already told you a few times... no need to bring me any gifts! I won\'t be able to use it for long anyway!"

Uncle Qiu softly said, "Don\'t say that, Aunt Yue! You will live a long life!"

Aunt Yue merely smiled and didn\'t say anything else. Uncle Qiu knew that he had said the wrong thing. Even though she was able to live a long life, what would she get? A prolonged time as a prisoner? Her closest confidantes also left this world... what else she could hold onto now?

However, if he paid attention closely, it seemed like Aunt Yue was in a better mood than usual. Did something happen? However, before Uncle Qiu could ask about it. He heard a loud yelp coming out from Xiao Fang\'s mouth.

Seeing that Aunt Yue was all alone without any maidservant, Xiao Fang saw her chance. Among the gifts that were prepared by Uncle Qiu, there was an essential oil with a bright red color that quite lucid. She put all the gifts slowly but she deliberately let the vial that contained the essential oil fell down on Aunt Yue\'s clothes. The vial was accidentally opened and the lovely scent of rose burst into their nostril, not only that, the red color left a stain on Aunt Yue\'s white clothes.

Uncle Qiu could only gape at the scene. He wanted to reprimand Xiao Fang but it was an accident, so he could only apologize to Aunt Yue, "I\'m sorry, Aunt. This servant is a new one. Please forgive her clumsiness!"

Aunt Yue waved her hand and she heard that the little servant was apologizing profusely. "A small matter. No need to fret! Just help me change my clothes!" Aunt Yue has a good temper and she didn\'t bother with such a small thing.

Xiao Fang\'s eyes lit up when she heard the last part... this was what she was waiting for! A chance to be all alone with Aunt Yue. She took a glace at her godfather\'s expression and she flinched when she saw the anger there. She felt sorry but she was in a hurry to help Yao Ling ah~! She knew that she would have to hear an earful later... but honestly? She didn\'t really care. Uncle Qiu was easy to coax anyway --- she thought naughtily.

"Yes, The Sacred One," Xiao Fang answered politely.

Uncle Qiu regretted that he brought Xiao Fang here! However, he could only swallow his grievance and go out of the room. Aunt Yue wanted to change clothes, how could he stay there? He could only wait outside patiently.

When Uncle Qiu was gone, Xiao Fang looked at Aunt Yue hesitantly. She didn\'t know how to ask the question, so instead, she helped her change her clothes while thinking hard inwardly.

Aunt Yue softly asked, "Do you need to ask me something?"

Xiao Fang was too surprised and she accidentally blurted out her thought, "How... how do you know?"

When she heard the young girl\'s silly nature, Aunt Yue couldn\'t help but laugh. She liked this little servant. To be exact, she wasn\'t a little servant. When she helped her change her clothes, Aunt Yue could feel that her hands brushed over her body a few times... her hands were so smooth, showing that she had never worked a day before.

If she didn\'t have something in mind, she wouldn\'t dare to come inside here with Little Qiu\'s help. Aunt Yue answered, "I have my own way..."

"You are so amazing!" Xiao Fang looked at her with starry eyes.

Seeing her excitement, Aunt Yue could only helplessly smile. However, this girl really brought a lot of smiles for her today. "Do you want me to look at your future?"

Xiao Fang wanted to say yes loudly, but she knew that Yao Ling was in a dire situation at the moment. Thus, she shook her head and answered, "No... It\'s a tempting offer but my friend needs you more."

"Oh..." It piqued Aunt Yue\'s interest. It seemed like this girl was quite loyal. "What happened to your friend?" She even sacrificed her chance to be read by her for the sake of her friend.