His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 28 - Jealousy

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Chapter 28 - Jealousy

"You are so lucky. You have a really cute wife," Lin Jian laughed, remembering Yao Ling\'s blushing expression.

Yao Ying squinted his eyes at Lin Jian. He didn\'t know why but he felt uncomfortable. He felt… weird to hear other man said that his wife was cute. Somehow, he didn\'t like it. He became sullen and his eyes were slightly darkened.

Lin Jian seemed to pick up his mood and laughed, "Why are you looking like that? I\'m just stating the truth. No need to get jealous over it."

"Jealous?" Yao Ying thought to himself. Was this uncomfortable feeling called jealousy? He pondered over his relationship with Yao Ling. At first, it was just a convenience marriage. He felt responsible for her because she was his savior.

During the time they started to work at \'Fu Rong\', they couldn\'t really cultivate their feelings. They tried to earn themselves money and gain a foothold at \'Fu Rong\'. Whenever they arrived at their home, they already felt tired and slept like a log after bathing. The only difference before was that they had to sleep together. Only that.

After they became Wang Luo Hai\'s stepchildren, they could feel themselves slightly open up their feelings. Enjoying the benefits of becoming a part of a wealthy family, they had time to relax at night. They had time to talk about their days and even joked around.

They became more intimate, even though they only kissed. For him, it was enough. A few days in Wang household made them much closer than the three months they spent before.

He felt something gradually changed inside him. Before he could contemplate more about it, Lin Jian spoke to him again.

"Yes. Jealous. Why do you look so bewildered?" Lin Jian asked curiously.

Yao Ying shook his head. "Nothing." Then he asked Lin Jian out of curiosity, "Why do you think I\'m jealous?"

Lin Jian looked at his new friend in disbelief. Did he really believe he was that naive? Or was he pretending to be stupid? Lin Jian decided to ask, "What? Of course, it\'s from your behavior!"

"My behavior?" Yao Ying asked in confusion.

Lin Jian looked perplexed at Yao Ying. How come he was able to get married with his low EQ? He was even able to get himself such a cute and understanding wife despite her young age. He cried internally and mourned for himself. He lost to such an innocent guy.

"You really don\'t understand, do you?"

Yao Ying looked at Lin Jian in annoyance. "Don\'t bother to answer! You are so annoying." Embarrassed, he started walking away from Lin Jian.

"No..no..no…" Lin Jian cut in front of him, "I am doing you a favor by answering you! Who would have thought that losing memories can also make people gullible like you?" He shook his head looking remorseful.

"…" Yao Ying didn\'t know whether to laugh and cry. Either Lin Jian was too honest, or he was mocking him with his annoying words. Before Yao Ying could say anything, Lin Jian raised his brow imitating a wise man by pulling out a fan from his sleeve and opened it to continue speaking.

"Just now… You felt an uncomfortable feeling when I praised your wife, right? You didn\'t like it, right? You want to punch me, right? Right? Right?"

Lin Jian truly described what Yao Ying felt, so he nodded.

"That\'s jealousy, my friend!"

\'Oh… so that\'s what I feel.\' Yao Ying thought to himself. "How do you know that it\'s jealousy? You don\'t even have a wife." Yao Ying still stubbornly didn\'t admit that he already understood that he was jealous. He didn\'t like the way Lin Jian was acting more superior than him in this area.

"Tsk..tsk..tsk… My friend, you must go out more with me. You can find a lot of experiences that way and become less gullible. You don\'t have to have a wife to understand this simple logic!"


Why did he feel the sudden need to punch Lin Jian? In this sense, Yao Ying thought Lin Jian was more suitable to become Wang Luo Hai\'s son. Yao Ying\'s lips started to twitch as he was speechless.

"I will pass." Yao Ying answered seriously. He didn\'t think it would do any good for him to go out more and find silly experiences with Lin Jian.


"I think you are a bad influence." Yao Ying answered truthfully.


This time the one who speechless was Lin Jian. Did he seriously say he was a bad influence? Why was Yao Ying as serious as his father? Maybe they should exchange fathers? He was just joking, alright?

"Hey! You wounded me!" Lin Jian pretended to be hurt and scowled.

Yao Ying shrugged and turned around, indicating that he didn\'t care. However, the corners of his lips slightly curling up. He was also joking, but Lin Jian didn\'t need to know that. After he turned around, Lin Jian kept following him and talking nonsense about jealousy all the way to their destination.

Yao Ying felt like he became friends with a noisy parrot.

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