His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 275 - He Should Know Something About It

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Chapter 275 - He Should Know Something About It

Lin Jian knew that Yao Ying wouldn\'t dare to do something like that. But... a glowing symbol? How could he believe in such a farfetched thing?! "Can you swear about it?" He still asked in disbelief, making Yao Ying rolled his eyes in amus.e.m.e.nt. He wouldn\'t believe it too if he didn\'t see it with his own eyes ah~!

"I swear. If I lie, I will be struck by lightning!" Yao Ying swore seriously. He didn\'t lie so he didn\'t feel afraid to swear for real.

With this, Lin Jian could only believe him. Chinese people took their oath seriously and wouldn\'t lie just to risk their lives.

"Now... she\'s not waking up..." Yao Ying finally told him the thing that he was worried about. "I don\'t think this happens because I hit the back of her head, after all, I only did it lightly. She was supposed to wake up a long time ago... I have a gut feeling that it has something to do with the glowing symbols... I don\'t know who to turn to for this matter to be cleared up..."

Yao Ying was also afraid that this happened because he stopped the forming words to be able to fully finished assembling itself ah~!

Yao Ying admitted the reason he called them was that he needed their help. Lin Jian quickly turned to Xiao Fang, because this matter was related to the Han people so maybe she would know something. "Do you know something about that forbidden place?"

Xiao Fang shook her head helplessly. "Since I was a little girl, it has been implanted in my mind that it\'s a forbidden place. Thus, I never really inquire about that matter. It\'s not connected to me anyway, hence I never pay special attention to it. Besides, Uncle Qiu always tells me not to inquire about that matter."

Yao Ying and Lin Jian sighed. They were also at a loss at what to do. Yao Ying suddenly had an idea and he quickly asked Xiao Fang, "Do you have any idea whether Uncle Qiu would know something about this or not?"

Because of Xiao Fang\'s last words, Yao Ying was pretty sure that Uncle Qiu should know something about it!

Xiao Fang\'s eyes lit up prettily. "I don\'t know about that! However, I can try to inquire about it to Uncle Qiu." She knew that Uncle Qiu used to hold an important position in the court, so... he should know something about this matter, right?

Yao Ying was feeling a bit worried whether Uncle Qiu could be trusted or not, after all, this matter was quite important for Yao Ling. Because it was connected to the treasures inside that place, he knew that there was a possibility it would be a danger to Yao Ling, if this matter was known by the wrong person. He felt a bit worried about asking to an involved person regarding this glowing symbols.

However, they had no other choice. Uncle Qiu was the only person that they could be trusted at this point. Who else that they could turn to except for him?

Yao Ying gave a little warning to Xiao Fang, "Can you only inquire a little bit what inside that forbidden place is first? Don\'t mention anything about Yao Ling... or what happened to her. Can you do that?" Yao Ying didn\'t try beat around the bush which made Xiao Fang quite taken aback.

Xiao Fang nodded hesitantly. "Yes, I can. But why? Shouldn\'t I ask him as clearly as possible to know how to wake Yao Ling up?"

Lin Jian understood what Yao Ying meant, thus, he agreed with his thoughts. "Xiao Fang, I agree with Yao Ying. It\'s not because we can\'t trust Uncle Qiu, but walls have ears. You certainly have to find Uncle Qiu around Bao Bei\'s cage, right? I\'m afraid that random people would accidentally hear your conversations. Not only that, you see how many people are searching for Yao Ling, right? They must have paid a closer look to other people\'s movement..."

Lin Jian could only give this reason to appease Xiao Fang. They might not trust Uncle Qiu, but he was Xiao Fang\'s Godfather and Xiao Fang must have trusted him a lot. They couldn\'t hurt her feelings by saying it to her face ah~! That stupid Yao Ying! Lin Jian grumbled to himself.

Xiao Fang was able to accept this reasoning and she nodded in agreement. She knew that she couldn\'t talk about last night\'s matter --- even to Uncle Qiu at the moment.

"I will go now..." Xiao Fang quickly made a decision and directly tried to find Uncle Qiu.

Xiao Fang found him near Bao Bei\'s cage --- just like what Lin Jian had predicted before. Thus, she knew that Lin Jian was correct. "Godfather, are you busy?" Xiao Fang asked with a wide smile.

"Ah, Xiao Fang... not really... Is there something that you want to ask?" Uncle Qiu asked her directly. Judging from Xiao Fang\'s curious look, she must have something to talk about.

"Godfather... how do you know?!" Xiao Fang asked in surprise.

Uncle Qiu rolled his eyes. "You are my goddaughter. I watch you grow up from small until now ah~ How could I not understand your expression?"

"Ah... that\'s also true," Xiao Fang laughed in embarrassment.

"So... what is it about?" Uncle Qiu asked.

"Godfather ah~ what is actually inside that place?" Xiao Fang pointed at the forbidden place. "You have been here for a long time, so you should know something about it, right?"

Uncle Qiu furrowed his eyebrows. "You have never asked this question before. What\'s with the sudden question?"

Xiao Fang admitted truthfully. "I become curious because of last night\'s commotion ah~... Suddenly, there were a lot of guards anywhere..."

"You asked them about it?" Uncle Qiu asked. He didn\'t want Xiao Fang to be involved in this matter, but it seemed like it was too late. He had tried to prevent the guards from coming to Xiao Fang\'s courtyard, so how come she knew about this?

Uncle Qiu didn\'t calculate wrongly. Xiao Fang actually didn\'t know anything about it because she didn\'t hear any commotion last night. She only knew about this matter from Lin Jian just now.

Xiao Fang nodded. "Yes, my friend accidentally met those guards and he asked about that matter. I become curious... that\'s why I asked you about it..." She explained briefly. It would be better if she answered him honestly because it would be easy for him to inquire about what she had just said.

Uncle Qiu sighed. He almost forgot about her new friends. Even though he had prevented the guards from letting them know, if they went out of their room on their own... there would be no way to suppress the news. After all, the whole guards were mobilized last night.

Uncle Qiu nodded his head. He knew about the treasures inside that forbidden place and this matter was only known to a few people that the Han Emperor had trusted. Should he tell Xiao Fang about it?

It wasn\'t a good thing to know about the thing inside. A lot of people had been killed by the Han Emperor because they accidentally knew about the secret. Because he stayed here, the Han Emperor also gave him a side job --- to pay attention to the forbidden place.