His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 274 - Are You Dreaming?

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Chapter 274 - Are You Dreaming?

Lin Jian rolled his eyes in annoyance. "I saw the expression from your eyes that day... when you are looking at the forbidden palace..." Lin Jian squinted his eyes at Yao Ying while laughing sarcastically.

"What happened to my eyes?!" Yao Ying asked, feeling dumbfounded. He didn\'t even realize that he had betrayed his thought from his eyes ah~!

"Gah! Stop pretending to be innocent! You have the same expression on your eyes just like me... That was why I knew back then that we had the same thought." Lin Jian gritted his teeth while looking at the pretentious Yao Ying. He knew that the latter was trying to hold back his smirk.

"I don\'t understand!" Yao Ying still insisted that he was the innocent one.

Lin Jian couldn\'t stand it anymore and he pointed at him while frowning, "It was a mixture between greed and curiosity!" They were both the same type of people, thus, he understood Yao Ying best. Both of them laid their eyes on the so-called treasures inside that forbidden place.

Yao Ying laughed a crispy laugh. "Yes... You got it right!" He didn\'t try to deny it anymore. After all, the closer he was to Lin Jian, the better they knew how each other thought.

Lin Jian just rolled his eyes in annoyance once again. "So... this really didn\'t have anything to do with the treasures?"

Yao Ying answered, "Really... I won\'t lie to you about something important like this." In his mind, he added, \'I just didn\'t tell you about it! It\'s different, right?\'

Lin Jian knew that there was no point in forcing Yao Ying anymore. At least, no one knew that this had something to with Yao Ying and Yao Ling. However, even though they didn\'t know who that person was, they had a few ways to confirm that matter.

They didn\'t know that what Yao Ling had done... actually had serious consequences. They unknowingly had attracted two powerful forces... One of them was the Han Emperor who had been waiting for someone to come and wake the symbols up --- it meant the person that they had been searching for all this time had come.

Even though the hidden guards didn\'t see the glow, but two people were able to feel it... One was the Han Emperor\'s underling and the other one was a hidden force.

When the symbols started glowing, someone suddenly awoke from the slumber. "She has finally come..." The person said worriedly. This person had hoped that no one would be able to wake the symbols up but it seemed like fate didn\'t agree with her... She needed to hide this person\'s existence from the Han Emperor as soon as possible. She needed to trace that person whereabouts and explain everything before it was too late.

On the other hand, someone smirked and said happily, "Hahaha... That person has finally come out! I\'ve been waiting for a long time!" The man frowned to himself, thinking whether he should tell the Han Emperor about this progress or not. He wasn\'t really the Han Emperor\'s underlings... they only had an agreement. That was all...

He had heard about the princess Han Xiang who had left a blood letter containing about the stupid Emperor\'s deeds! He was so annoyed at that useless person. It seemed like he didn\'t really need this chess piece anymore. Thus, he decided not to tell the Han Emperor about this new person\'s movement.

Besides, he needed to find out the woman\'s whereabouts first and confirm that he got the right person. After done exploiting her, then he would kill her! So, what was the use of telling the Han Emperor for now?

No use!

Both people quickly worked secretly to find out Yao Ling\'s whereabouts by sending out their own forces --- one was trying to protect her and one was trying to kill her. If Yao Ying knew about this, he would certainly regret bringing Yao Ling along with him...

After Lin Jian came out of their room, Yao Ying waited for Yao Ling patiently for her to wake up. However, she still didn\'t wake up. He furrowed his eyebrows, after all, he didn\'t hit her that hard... so how could she still not wake up yet until now?

At this point, he became worried.

Was there something to do with the previous glow? However, he didn\'t know who to look for --- after all, they were doing it in secret!

One night... he would wait for one night... if she was still not waking up at that moment, he would search for help secretly. The one who was good at medicine was only Yao Ling in their group and he realized how important her skills were. He needed to consider this point... he should search one person with medical skills to accompany them after this, just in case something happened to Yao Ling. At least, that person would be able to identify his wife\'s conditions.

Not like this... he was feeling helpless!

That night... Yao Ying didn\'t sleep at all! He could only look at Yao Ling\'s sleeping face carefully all the time. She looked so serene, but... she didn\'t move for one bit. Several times, Yao Ying tried to feel her breath and once he felt that she was still breathing, he sighed in relief.

Only two more shichen... if she hadn\'t woken up in two more shichen, he would find Lin Jian and Xiao Fang --- then, he would need to tell them everything. Yao Ling shouldn\'t blame him about it, after all, they had become best friends and he needed their help. He couldn\'t just lead them by the nose without telling them the truth --- Lin Jian would certainly kill him if that happened!

Two shichen came in the blink of an eye and Yao Ling still hadn\'t woken up yet. Yao Ying started to become more and more worried. He told Xiao Yu and Xiu to call Xiao Fang and Lin Jian as soon as possible --- of course, secretly. He didn\'t want people to connect last night\'s event with Yao Ling\'s sudden unconsciousness. Xiu and Xiao Yu understood this point really well and called Xiao Fang and Lin Jian carefully.

Both of them quickly came when they heard that something happened to Yao Ling. Lin Jian was better at masking his face despite feeling worried, on the other hand, Xiao Fang kept biting her lower lips and furrowing her eyebrows. She let her feelings show on her expressions.

They arrived inside Yao Ling\'s room at the same time, Xiao Fang asked, "Yao Ying... what happened to Yao Ling?"

Yao Ying sighed and quickly told them what had transpired last night. Both of their jaws dropped in awe. Xiao Yu had the same expression when she was told about it by Xiu the first time, but now... she could accept it calmly.

Xiao Fang asked softly, "How... How did that happen? Was that some kind of magic?"

"Glowing?!" Lin Jian looked at Yao Ying like he was a lunatic. After that, he touched his forehead and asked once more, "Are you dreaming? Or... are you crazy?"

Yao Ying swatted his hand away in annoyance. "What are you doing? Do you think I dare to make up something like that or joking about Yao Ling\'s life?!"