His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 265 - Really That Loud?

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Chapter 265 - Really That Loud?

Actually, Yao Ying wanted them to take a bath together despite knowing that he would be in pain was because of an important reason --- not because of his dirty thought. Before he told Yao Ling anything about the crescent moon birthmark, he just wanted to make sure that what he had seen wasn\'t fickle of his imagination...

Maybe he was feeling too pleasurable at that moment until he was seeing things?

Yao Ying removed Yao Ling\'s hair to the front slowly, so he could take a look at the back of her neck, trying to find a clue. He tried to do it without making Yao Ling feel suspicious. True enough, there was nothing there. He wanted to sigh in regret, however, when he squinted his eyes, he saw something there...

Oh well... It seemed like he didn\'t see it wrongly...

There was indeed a mark there at the center of the back of her neck. The mark was so thin and it appeared to be a bit transparent. If someone didn\'t deliberately look for it just like him, no one would notice its presence. He touched it softly and it was merged to the skin, so there was no possibility that someone carved the mark there.

However... how could Yao Ling\'s birthmark be something this weird?

Yao Ying looked at the birthmark, contemplating while stroking Yao Ling\'s hair lovingly.

What did this birthmark mean ah~? He wondered if this was a clue to find Yao Ling\'s real family or not... He had never heard about a shining birthmark beforehand, so he didn\'t know what to expect. For this kind of thing, he didn\'t dare to use Mi Hui\'s resources... If this was a great secret from Yao Ling\'s real family, he was afraid that he would accidentally alert an enemy. Unless he was sure about it, he didn\'t dare to make a move.

Should he ask for Hei Yue\'s help secretly? He sighed in frustration because he didn\'t want to lie to Yao Ling! Well... not exactly lying, he just covered something up from her... Yao Ying felt at a loss at what to do...

In the end, Yao Ying decided not to tell Yao Ling for now. They were both too tired and couldn\'t think clearly. Yao Ying decided not to ponder over this thing anymore and after drinking the ginger tea, they fell asleep in no time.

The last thing in Yao Ying\'s mind was later... he would tell her later...

The next day, Yao Ying and Yao Ling felt that everyone looked at them in a different way --- they seemed to be a bit evasive and look away with a red face. Yao Ling stopped Xiao Fang who was going to run away from them --- her face was also red just like the others, but why?

"Stop right there!" Yao Ling yelled while squinting her eyes, feeling bewildered.

Xiao Fang could only stop and turned around. She smiled awkwardly and asked, "Yes...?" However, her eyes kept darting around. She didn\'t dare to look at the couple directly.

"Xiao Fang, why does everyone look at me and Yao Ying weirdly?" Yao Ling asked curiously.

Xiao Fang didn\'t dare to look at Yao Ling\'s eyes directly or answer her... She felt at a loss ah~! How could she answer the question?!

This time, Yao Ying was the one who understood the situation and he snickered when looking Xiao Fang\'s expression. However, he didn\'t dare to tell Yao Ling ah~! He didn\'t want her to get angry at him for that, but... she was the one who insisted to do it at the lake --- so, she couldn\'t blame him! Yao Ying could only laugh inwardly.

Yao Ling kept asking, "Xiao Fang, please tell us the truth!" She couldn\'t stand those pointed gazes, because it somehow made her shiver in nervousness. Besides, she was also really curious.

"Both of you were too loud last night ah~! I already guarded the perimeter, but everyone was able to hear your voices!" Xiao Fang decided to answer honestly with a red face, but she didn\'t dare use the word \'m.o.a.n\'. Xiao Fang looked at the couple blamingly, making the couple flinch in embarrassment.

Yao Ling started to regret asking the question and she blushed in embarrassment --- both women\'s face was as red as a tomato. She whispered softly, "Really that loud?"

Xiao Fang nodded. "Really... However, I didn\'t listen to you until the end... When I started to hear your er... \'voices\', I already asked the guards to disperse... so, it should be fine! We didn\'t see anything... we didn\'t see anything!" She added inwardly, but the whole guards already knew that you did the deed there... It was too obvious! However, Xiao Fang still tried to comfort Yao Ling.

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry. She decided to thicken her face and pretend that nothing happened the previous day. She should have accepted Yao Ying\'s offer to go back to their room last night, but it was too late. She could only blame herself ah~!

When she thought back... she was too aroused to think clearly ah~! She glared at Yao Ying, blaming him. However, the latter just shrugged his shoulder off. So annoying!

The couple decided to thicken their faces together, albeit their nervousness. Although Yao Ying looked experienced, yesterday night was also his first time ah~! He also couldn\'t hold himself back... However, he didn\'t regret it for one bit though...

Lin Jian kept grinning at them and sometimes... he teased Yao Ying by wiggling his eyebrows, but the couple pretended that they didn\'t see anything. Yao Ying felt like throttling him, but he held himself back. He could only glare at Lin Jian, which replied with a taunting grin. That childish man was too annoying!

Yao Ying could only grit his teeth and he would pay him back someday!!

The couple along with Xiao Fang and Lin Jian enjoyed their afternoon by looking around Crescent Lake. They started to feel immune with the beauty, but still enjoyed it nonetheless. Other people were looking at the scenery, but Yao Ling didn\'t. She was still concerned about the symbol on the forbidden place\'s gate.

Yao Ling felt the familiarity and she wanted to see clearly the symbol in front of the forbidden place, but she didn\'t know how. Their living place was quite far away from there. She took a peek at Xiao Fang and knew that she was the only one who could bring them there.

Yao Ling asked Xiao Fang cautiously, "Xiao Fang ah~ Can we pass by in front of the forbidden place? I want to see the scenery around there..."

Xiao Fang frowned. "It\'s not that you can\'t. You can pass by but you can\'t go inside. So, why do you want to go there? There\'s nothing that you can see or enjoy there." Xiao Fang asked in confusion. That place had the same view as to where they currently stood, so what was the use of going there?

Yao Ling didn\'t tell her what she wanted to do and merely said, "I\'m just curious ah~."

Yao Ying noticed his wife\'s curiosity and he knew that she must have been feeling interested in something there... It made him become curious as well, so he didn\'t try to stop her.

Xiao Fang asked softly, "Do you really want to go there?"

Yao Ling nodded hesitantly. "Yes..."

"It\'s not like there\'s no way... I used to pass by there sometimes, but it was only when I wanted to play around with a pet that was placed in front of the gate," Xiao Fang explained. The pet was quite majestic, but the beast tamer was in a good relationship with her, so she could go there from time to time. Well... she hadn\'t visited him this time, so maybe she could introduce the trio to him?

"Pet?" Yao Ling\'s eyes lit up. "What kind of pet?"

Yao Ling never thought that she could meet the pet of royalty here! It must have been a precious pet ah~!

Yao Ying rolled his eyes. He knew that Yao Ling loved animals. Back at their village, she loved to help wounded animals and take care of them. However, after they got better, Yao Ling set them free to the wilderness once again. He still remembered how tender she was with the animals and it sometimes made Yao Ying feel envious...

"Well... I will bring you there to see it!" Xiao Fang said.