His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 264 - Louder Than The Roar of A Lion

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Chapter 264 - Louder Than The Roar of A Lion

Yao Ying could only say, "I have no idea!"

Yao Ling pouted, "Really?" If there were guards around, that would be so embarrassing to death ah~! Her whole body was being exposed just now, along with their first experience.

Yao Ying was also too aroused just now, how could he still remember to use his inner qi to feel the others\' presence? Xiao Fang had guaranteed for their peaceful night, however, he didn\'t ask what she would do about it. So, it would be better that he pretended that he was dumb. "I think so," Yao Ying said with a grin.

"Come on! We have to go back to our room..." Yao Ying said softly because he knew that they already took a long time here and Xiao Fang must have been waiting for them to come out. Besides, he could see how tired Yao Ling looked and she was on the verge of sleeping judging from her look.

Yao Ling helplessly glanced at her own body. "You wreaked my clothes! How could I go back looking like this?" Her upper part was still fine, but her pants had been ruined by Yao Ying ah~! Until now, she could feel the chilly night wind attacking her sweetness down there and it was getting colder by the seconds.

Yao Ying looked at her state guiltily, but looking at her bare flesh... he started to get aroused once more. Yao Ying quickly wore his pants and adjusted his own hardness, because he knew that she was still tender after their lovemaking. After that, he covered Yao Ling with her outer robe. As long as she didn\'t open her legs, no one would know that she was n.a.k.e.d down there. When he checked, he only wreaked the crotch part so it should be fine for now.

Fortunately, despite his muddleheaded state, he was able to save the pants --- a little bit. Otherwise, he didn\'t know how to cover up Yao Ling with their wet clothes.

He used his qing gong and brought her out through the entrance. Xiu and Xiao Yu were waiting for them all the time there, when they saw their masters, their worry faces were accompanied by red faces. Their worry changed into relief, but their red faces didn\'t diminish for one bit.

Yao Ying asked, "Why are both of your face so red?" While asking that, his hands didn\'t stop working. He quickly took the towels that both Xiu and Xiao Yu had prepared beforehand and dr.a.p.ed it over Yao Ling\'s body. He helped Yao Ling dry her body and hair, before finally dried himself. This was better than nothing.

Xiu and Xiao Yu, "..."

They were speechless.

How should they answer that?! Their m.o.a.ns were even louder than the roar of the lions... Everything that happened in there could be imagined in their mind... How could they not feel embarrassed ah~?! They wanted to go far away, but they were afraid that when their masters came out, they would be frozen to death! This was really the painful experiences of servants ah~!

They could only chuckle awkwardly, but didn\'t dare to answer Yao Ying\'s question.

Yao Ling, who was already weak to begin with, decided to just pretend to be sleeping. However, her sudden red face betrayed her pretense, however, no one dared to point that out. Her red face was due to a mixture of embarrassment and anger.

\'This fool!\' She really wanted to scold Yao Ying ah~!

How could he ask that question to Xiu and Xiao Yu?! Wasn\'t the answer obvious? They knew what they were doing ah~!

When they got back, Yao Ying praised both Xiu and Xiao Yu\'s thoughtfulness. They already prepared a tub of hot bath for them --- and it was also a big one! The two of them could fit into the big bath tub just fine!

Yao Ying grinned and gave a thumb up to Xiu, "You are really smart!" He could enjoy their intimacy once more inside the bath tub.

Xiu could only say thank you in embarrassment. He, himself, didn\'t understand what his young master meant by him being smart --- he was just doing what he was supposed to do. Before they took a bath, Xiao Yu gave them the ginger tea first. It would give a warm feeling from inside their body and prevent them from getting sick.

"Young Master, Young Mistress, this servant will make another pot for you. It will be ready right after you finish taking a bath," Xiao Yu said.

Yao Ling nodded in agreement. "Quickly, go! After putting the pot here, you can just go to sleep with Xiu."

What Yao Ling meant was they should rest at the same time, but when the others heard it, they somehow thought that the meaning was she should \'sleep\' together with Xiu. Xiu and Xiao Yu who just heard their loud m.o.a.ning sound... couldn\'t help but blush once again. Their imagination ran wild ah~!

This time, Yao Ying was laughing out loud! This was too hilarious! However, Yao Ling looked at him in confusion. Thus, Yao Ying only patted her head and said, "Nothing... you should just relax... Come on! I will clean you up! I know that you are feeling tired..." He didn\'t tell her how ambiguous her words sounded like.

Yao Ling nodded her head and smiled gratefully. "Thank you!"

Yao Ying knocked her head softly, "We are husband and wife! Why are you so formal?"

Knowing that their masters were going to take a bath, Xiu and Xiao Yu had already carefully withdrawn themselves. They didn\'t want to listen to the second round --- IF there was a second round.

Back inside the room...

Yao Ling only laughed and she let Yao Ying put her inside the bath tub after removing her clothes. Xiao Yu was thoughtful enough to give rose petals on the water and it gave another romantic vibe to the couple.

When she felt the warm water on the skin, she felt so comfortable and m.o.a.n blissfully. Yao Ying\'s hardness had started to become hard once again after he removed his clothes, however, he was holding himself back --- knowing that Yao Ling must still be in pain after their first time. But... this woman was really a pure temptation for him.

After listening to her blissful m.o.a.n, he felt like facepalming himself. Oh... the things that this woman did to him! He ignored his own desire and quickly went inside the bath tub too. He put Yao Ling on his lap and hugged her waist lovingly.

"Do you feel better?" Yao Ying asked.


After that, Yao Ying slowly gave a massage to Yao Ling. When his massage hit the right spot, she m.o.a.ned seductively. When Yao Ying sat in the tub, he already calmed himself down and his hardness had softened. However, her m.o.a.n brought his hardness back alive once more.

\'Damn!\' He cursed inwardly.

Yao Ling felt that something was poking behind her and she knew perfectly well what that thing was. She quickly scooted away and said, "Calm yourself down! You... you insatiable beast!" She didn\'t forget to point at Yao Ying\'s hardness.

Yao Ying waved both of his hands animatedly, faking his innocence, "I won\'t do anything to you! This happened because of you ah~!"

"What did I do wrong?" Yao Ling pouted, feeling wronged.

"My little Yao Ying loves your m.o.a.n ah~!" Yao Ying answered with a grin.

Yao Ling, "..."

She was too lazy to talk to this beast. However, she finally decided to warn him, "No more making love tonight! I just want to rest peacefully!"

Yao Ying laughed and nodded in agreement. "I know!"

The man blinked innocently, but somehow, Yao Ling didn\'t trust him at all!