His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 263 - Their Climax (2)

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Chapter 263 - Their Climax (2)

Please note: This chapter contains mature part. If you continue reading the mature part, please enjoy! >.<


Yao Ying decided to forget about that shining thing for now. His thoughts were brought back to reality by Yao Ling\'s claws which scratched the back of his shoulder... It seemed like the woman was on the verge of being crazy in need and she didn\'t realize that she left some marks there.

However, Yao Ying suddenly hesitated before doing the last step and thought to himself whether this was the right place to do this or not. He decided to ask once again, "Ling-er, are you sure you want to fully consummate the marriage here?"

Yao Ling groaned and thought to herself, \'Isn\'t it too late to ask about it right now? They are only one step away from doing the deed ah~!\' Her mind was clouded with l.u.s.t, so she wasn\'t thinking clearly either.

"Then, what do you propose for us to do?" Yao Ling asked curiously. Her voice slightly trembled, because he kept teasing her sweetness down there with his hardness, even though they were talking. She could even hear the lewd sound of their flesh ah~! Somehow, it made her face reddened.

"Should we go back to our room?" Yao Ying asked. If she said yes, he would just use his qing gong to bring them back in a flash and suppressed his desire for her.

Yao Ling laughed. "I am fine being here. I\'m not too conservative and I\'m a little selfish. For me, I want my first time to be in this romantic atmosphere... under the moonlight and accompanied by the dance of fireflies. I want to remember this place as our first time... Although I never thought we will do inside the lake, instead of the pavilion..."

Yao Ying was dumbfounded by her open-mindedness. Was she always this blunt or was she always covering her real self up from him? He couldn\'t help but ask, "What\'s wrong with the bedroom?" He thought that woman would prefer bedroom with a comfortable bed to lay down.

"Oh please... every bedroom is the same shape and there\'s nothing special in it. Every woman might have lost their first time there... Let me ask you! How many women lose their v.i.r.g.i.nity in the lake, huh?" Yao Ling asked the question confidently.

Yao Ying didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry... Was he worried for nothing? "Yes... yes... yes... this place is special for us..." He appeased her dotingly. They would always remember that their first time happened at the Crescent Lake and it became the witness of their union.

Due to his surprise, he forgot to tease her. After gaining her approval, he moved his h.i.p.s once again and grind her sweetness softly and sometimes slapping her tender flower bud with his hardness, making Yao Ling m.o.a.n once again. Seeing that she was ready, Yao Ying quickly thrust into her tight sweetness down there slowly.

Yao Ying m.o.a.ned when he felt how good it was.

"Is it hurting?" Yao Ying asked in a low voice, feeling worried. However, he didn\'t stop thrusting in but he didn\'t dare to use a lot of strength either, in fear of hurting her.

"No..." Yao Ling answered. However, her gritted teeth and teary eyes said otherwise. Despite the pain, she tried to hold on. Her mother already said that soon... it would become a pleasurable experience.

Yao Ying changed his mind and felt that it was better to do it in one swoop, so she could only feel hurt once. Yao Ying painfully endured his desire and after making a decision, he quickly thrust it in one go. The sudden pain made Yao Ling couldn\'t help but scream, tears started to fall down because of the thrilling pain. Her scream echoed in the quiet night...

"Ying... It hurts!" She cried while biting her lower lips. She felt like her inside was being stretched by his big hardness and the uncomfortable feelings still remained even though he had already stopped moving for a little while.

"I\'m sorry..." Yao Ying apologized, then he kissed her face tenderly --- he started the kiss softly from her forehead, down to her eyes, nose, and lips... "It will be fine soon... I promise," he coaxed her softly. Yao Ling nodded her head, but she couldn\'t even mutter a sound. She trusted Yao Ying and also her mother\'s explanation.

Yao Ying didn\'t give her a warning anymore and he quickly started to pump in and out deeply. Yao Ling felt the pain spread in her body, making her feel uncomfortable all over ah~! Yao Ying kissed her lips once more, but his body didn\'t stop moving rhythmically. Her tightness felt so good and it felt like his hardness was being massaged all over with her inner sweetness, his mind became hazy due to the pleasure and he couldn\'t control himself anymore.

Just like a beast, he kept pumping in and out.

The red blood was mixed with both of their sweet honey, and under his pumping, her tight flower path was lubricated. Gradually, Yao Ling felt that the pain was slowly turning into a tingling --- and finally, it turned into a pleasure.

Yao Ying didn\'t stop there, instead, he deepened his thrust and slammed inside her again, making her lose her sanity. She couldn\'t do anything else but hug him, feeling a pleasure that shocked her core.

"Mmmm... Yao Ying and Yao Ling m.o.a.ned at the same time.

The flapping sound of their flesh reverberated through the quiet night, along with their rapid breathing and gentle m.o.a.ning... making the atmosphere become ambiguous. The smell of their union was floating in the air...

When Yao Ying accidentally struck her sensitive point a few times in a row, Yao Ling couldn\'t stop her scream from coming out. He started to become fiercer, repeatedly deepened his thrust while covering her lips to muffle her scream. Their tongues were entangling together and the same things happened to both of their secret places... It entangled by the hard thrusting movement.

Suddenly, she started to spasm and lose her mind... her sweetness down there kept shrinking and she started to feel it once again... She would come once again...

Yao Ling reached the third climax and she almost fainted, but Yao Ying was still vigorously moving. After feeling her climax, he quickly pulled out his hardness and turned her body around. The flat boulder couldn\'t hold her whole body, so Yao Ying let Yao Ling use it as a medium to steady her body. After that, he quickly thrust his hardness into her sweet flower hole from behind once more.

He took a look at the back of her neck and he saw nothing there. However, when he felt Yao Ling start to spasm once again and the meaning was clear... she was going to have another climax, something started glowing once again on the back of her neck.

Yao Ling squinted his eyes but he didn\'t stop moving because he almost found his release too. It was a crescent moon-shaped birthmark. He wondered if the birthmark only appeared when Yao Ling had a climax? If they didn\'t make love in a dimmed environment, he would have missed it.

\'A crescent moon-shaped birthmark, huh?\' Yao Ying thought to himself. However, he felt something building inside him and he momentarily forgot about the special birthmark.

Despite her sensitivity due to her previous climax, Yao Ying continued using his burning hardness to pump in and out savagely, the sound of slapping flesh and water entangled altogether...

Finally, Yao Ying made a rough groan, and after one last thrust, he let out the scorching white liquid and shot it into Yao Ying\'s burning sweetness... He finally came inside her for the first time.

They finally became one!

Both of them were panting... They didn\'t dare to move while trying to regain their breathe once more. After they calmed down, Yao Ling could feel the tiredness hit her. She almost fainted a few times, but the cold water woke her up from time to time. However, after they finished consummate their marriage, she couldn\'t help but sleep.

Yao Ying laughed at her cuteness and kissed her head. After that, he cleaned her up with the lake\'s water and hugged her tightly to give her warmth. After the passion ended, the coldness kicked in. When he princess-carried her, she heard her mumble, "Ying... I just remembered something... What if someone had seen us?! Does Xiao Fang leave her guards around here?"

Yao Ying, "..."

Wasn\'t it a bit too late for that?!