His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 262 - Their Climax (1)

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Chapter 262 - Their Climax (1)

Please note: This chapter contains mature part. If you continue reading the mature part, please enjoy! >.<


Yao Ying said softly, "Open your thighs! Let me see you clearly!"

Yao Ling blushed, but she didn\'t reject his demand and she slowly opened her most precious secret place. Yao Ying touched it slowly, tracing it but didn\'t really touch it... teasing Yao Ling and making her whole body tremble in need.

Yao Ling\'s trembling body made the burning desire that he felt start to become crazier, his hardness started to swell once again. He couldn\'t wait anymore and he covered her softness down there with his palm, then he rubbed it gently through the thin fabric --- which he wanted to wreak and let him see what\'s inside!

"Mmm..." Yao Ling m.o.a.ned and before she could m.o.a.n louder, Yao Ying covered her mouth with his heated kiss. The sweet feelings from her mouth burst inside him and it filled him in completely.

Yao Ying couldn\'t hold back anymore, without a second thought, he tore the fabric away and let her glistening sweetness down there out in the open. It started to bloom due to the cool air. Yao Ling yelped when she felt the sudden coldness, despite already preparing her heart. She subconsciously clamped both of her legs together, but Yao Ying prevented that from happening. He cleverly used his knee to divide her legs once more and not only that, he used a little bit more strength to make her legs open wider.

He wouldn\'t let her close both of her legs.

"So... beautiful..." Yao Ying looked at her glistening sweetness, making Yao Ling blush shyly. Her watery eyes made Yao Ling look even more alluring.

Yao Ying\'s fingers brushed her sensitive sweetness softly and then lightly stroked it, until Yao Ling started to weaken even more. He let her head rest on his shoulder, then his finger went towards her charming sweetness hole. As soon as he touched it, his finger was welcomed by the sweet and sticky substances --- just like a glistened honey. He softly moved on the outer part and didn\'t forget to tease the flower bud, making her feel more sensitive by the seconds.

"I will enter it with my finger," he warned her softly. "Relax yourself, so you won\'t get hurt!" He wanted to prepare her before his hardness plunged into her tender sweetness down there. Yao Ying heard that it would hurt so much the first time, thus, he was quite worried for her. Yao Ling became breathless and prepared herself for the worst. However, Yao Ying wouldn\'t let her that much pain.

Yao Ying tried to ease her by release her head and quickly squatted down, so he faced her sweetness directly. He opened his mouth and licked her honey sensually, making a circular motion. Yao Ling could only twist her body weakly, her rapid breathing started to become hitched, and she bit her lower lips, trying to prevent a louder m.o.a.n that threatened to come out.

When he felt that Yao Ling started to feel relaxed, he quickly plunged his finger into her flower hole and to his surprise, it was tight that it gripped his finger firmly. He could only enter for a little bit when he felt a barrier there. Her tightness stimulated his desire further and his hardness became harder, making him want to quickly alleviate the pain by entering her.

However, he calmed himself down. \'She isn\'t ready,\' he thought to himself.

Yao Ling felt a slight pain and she furrowed her eyebrows, trying to hold back her yelp. Yao Ying once more concentrated on eating her sweetness while sucking her tender flower bud. Her pain started to turn into pleasure once more, knowing this, Yao Ying quickly pull his finger out and then dived it in once more with more strength --- but, he didn\'t try to breach the barrier.

Yao Ling quickly gripped his shoulder tightly, without his support, she probably would fall into the lake once more. She could feel that something started building inside her and it prepared to burst out. Yao Ying gripped both of Yao Ling\'s tender bottom, trying to prevent her from running away --- she had tried to escape his tongue a few times. The more she struggled and twisted her body around, the tighter his grip was. She could only succ.u.mb to his power and finally after a few struggle, she found her release.

"Hmmm..." She m.o.a.ned louder. However, Yao Ying didn\'t stop his attack and started to lick and suck her flower bud intensely once more, he didn\'t forget to move his finger in and out of her flower hole.

"Aaaah... Ying..." Yao Ling m.o.a.ned. Listening to her hitched voice, he let his tongue entered deeper while his finger still continued to pump in and out. More honey liquid came out of her sweetness and it moistened Yao Ying\'s mouth, but he didn\'t care... he kept playing with her sweetness down there.

Yao Ling felt hot all over her body... She could feel that her sweetness started to have a rapid contraction and knew that her second climax was coming. Yao Ying felt it too and he quickly bit her flower bud softly... Yao Ling could only gasp when her whole body became stiff and more liquid rushed out and she could only arch her body up... finally... she came for the second time...

Yao Ying felt that she was ready, so he quickly pulled out his finger. He stood up and took of his own clothes, he didn\'t forget to guid one of Yao Ling\'s hand to his hardness. "See? This is what you did to me..."

Yao Ling was still in a haze and she didn\'t realize when she started to move her own hands up and down... Yao Ying groaned loudly and he quickly stopped her, "Ling-er, tonight... it\'s about you... Let me in..."

Yao Ling heard from Jiu Lan and knew that it would hurt the first time it happened, but she nodded. She was ready for this and she was grateful for Yao Ying\'s tenderness.

Yao Ying felt glad for her agreement, so he held onto his own hardness that had been painful all this time. The tip of his hardness had been wet with his own honey. He looked into Yao Ling\'s eyes and with a burning desire, he slowly teased Yao Ling by Moving it slowly up and down at the outer part of her sweetness.

Her flower hole and bud were still tingling due to the previous two time climax and she was still beyond sensitive. She couldn\'t help but m.o.a.n louder and she didn\'t realize that she started to grind herself up and down --- following Yao Ying\'s movement in sync. Yao Ling felt that her body was honest enough to scream that she wanted him! So much that it hurt...

She needed him! Really needed him! However, she wasn\'t bold enough to say it openly, hence she let her body do the talking --- even Yao Ling herself couldn\'t believe that she was able to behave this wantonly! Her mind was clouded with desire, so she didn\'t care about anything else.

However, the naughty man kept postponing himself from entering her. Yao Ying looked at Yao Ling\'s aroused expression, it made him want to bully her and because of that, he teased her more!

Yao Ling groaned inwardly... He really knew how to push her button ah~!

Yao Ling looped both of her hands on the back of his neck and laid her back on his shoulder to prevent herself from falling. She realized that she had started to move around too much because of her own burning heat... Yao Ying kissed the back of her head softly, but didn\'t stop his teasing movement down there.

He accidentally took a look at the back of her neck and it seemed like he saw something shining there for a little while, but then... it was gone. Yao Ying thought to himself, \'Was that just a figment of my imagination?\'

He had seen the back of her neck a few times and Yao Ying was pretty sure... that there was nothing there before... how could there was something shining there?