His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 261 - How Silly of Me!

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Chapter 261 - How Silly of Me!

Please note: This chapter contains mild mature part. If you continue reading the mature part, please enjoy! >.<


From her thin clothing, Yao Ying was able to see the perk-up buds despite the lovely dudou that Yao Ling had worn. It couldn\'t cover her up entirely due to the wetness which outlined each of her body part. Yao Ying didn\'t hesitate to open the neck string of her dudou right after opening the upper part of her outer robe, and there they were... Yao Ling\'s meat buns were bouncing freely and enticingly. Yao Ling was blushing shyly, but this time... she didn\'t try to cover up herself.

Yao Ying felt like Yao Ling\'s twins buns kept calling him to take a bite and taste them. He felt like drooling ah~! They were so alluring and his manhood became hard in a heart beat.

Yao Ying couldn\'t wait anymore... He touched both meat buns in sensual manner and played with them slowly. His eyes never left Yao Ling\'s face, he wanted to see her expression clearly and when he saw how her face was flushing red and how aroused she was... he felt really happy inside. She liked this... he thought to himself.

Something had shifted in their relationship after their confession.

He didn\'t only want to taste her just because she was his wife... he wanted to become one with her, because he loved her. This wasn\'t only s.e.x... this was making love. Their feelings started to intertwined with each other and it made their joining become more beautiful. It wasn\'t only about l.u.s.t, but it was when two became one...

"Ling-er..." Yao Ying asked softly. "How about we do it until the end?"

"The end?" Yao Ling asked. "Didn\'t we always do it until we find a release?" She felt confused about what he meant.

Yao Ying knew that his wife was quite innocent, but not to this extent. Was she joking with him? He finally muttered, "That\'s not the end. Finding a release is only a part of it. What I meant until the end is to consummate the marriage by joining my hardness and your sweetness." He decided to be blunt.

This time he was serious.

Yao Ling listened to his question carefully and contemplated it for a little while. If they counted about their own promise before the marriage... then yes, it was already the time for them to consummate the marriage. However, if they counted their promise with General Lin, then... they still needed more time.

What should she do ah~? Her answer decided everything.

She decided to ask him, "What about your promise to General Lin?" They rarely broke their promise to other people and somehow, it didn\'t feel right to lie to General Lin.

Yao Ying racked his brain and tried to find a loophole at what he promised him about. "General Lin merely said that I shouldn\'t make you get pregnant, not to become a monk!"

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether to laugh or cry if he put it that way. "But... if we do this now, what if I get pregnant?"

Yao Ying asked her, "Ling-er, aren\'t you studying medicine?"

"Yes ah~!" Yao Ling answered. "Why?" She asked while furrowing her eyebrows.

Yao Ying flicked her forehead lovingly after that he rested his head on her shoulder and said, "Don\'t you have medicine to prevent pregnancy? I heard you need to drink it the morning after making love."

Yao Ling clapped both of her hands excitedly and said, "That\'s a good idea! Why didn\'t I think of it before? How silly of me!"

Yao Ying\'s eyes lit up. "So... you really have that kind of medicine?"

Yao Ling nodded while laughing. "I know how to make it..."

"So...?" Yao Ying asked full of hope. He chanted inwardly, \'Please say yes... please say yes...\'

Yao Ling looked at him awkwardly and said, "I want to make it, but I\'m not sure if they have the ingredients here..."

Yao Ying quickly tried to persuade her, "Of course, they have! This is a place for important people in the Han Kingdom, they must have keep many types of medicine here! You shouldn\'t have worried about such a silly thing!"

Yao Ying knew the woman was still reluctant and he didn\'t have the heart to force her. If they made love, both of them needed to reach an agreement ah~! He didn\'t want to force her, but it didn\'t mean he wasn\'t allowed coax her.

Yao Ling understood this reasoning and oh well... they were indeed husband and wife. Why should she reject his advances? Besides, it would also bring them closer to a whole another level. While she was thinking, suddenly... a chilly night wind blew and she started to feel cold... She almost forgot that her upper part was already stripped n.a.k.e.d by Yao Ying.

"Ying... I\'m feeling cold!" Her body started to shiver, after that, she smiled seductively at him, "Let\'s do it then!" With his confession, there was nothing that could become a reason to hold herself back...

Yao Ying naturally understood what inside her mind was because he felt the same, and with an evil smile, he said, "Then... let me keep you warm!"

Yao Ling laughed and said boldly, "Show me how!"

Yao Ying didn\'t need to be told twice. He quickly kissed the woman hard and then bit her lips down. He was too happy because he had received her agreement. They would finally did it! He knew that he should at least pretend to be aloof, but he just couldn\'t stop grinning. This was the woman that he loved ah! How could he cover up his happiness?

He just hoped that nothing would ruin their sweet moment.

Yao Ying tasted every sweetness in her little mouth, and his hand started to move around once again, caressing her delicate and tender skin tenderly.

Yao Ling felt her body started to become warm once again. The place that he touched was like a burning flame, covering up her whole body. Yao Ying grabbed one of her soft and perky meat bun, his fingertips rubbed against the sensitive flower bud. Under his touch, the flower bud bloomed and became firmer by the second.

He released her lips and the heated kiss could no longer satisfy his desire. The wet and hot tip of his tongue started to begin its adventure by sucking her fragrant white skin, and he didn\'t hesitate to leave behind a few kiss marks on her l.u.s.trous skin.

Yao Ying\'s gentle teasing made her whole body become hotter and the l.u.s.t that she felt made her snow white skin tinted with an attractive blush. If Yao Ying didn\'t hold her body with a tight grip, she would probably fall into the water once again due to the sudden weakness that she felt. Yao Ying\'s teasing made her lose her strength.

Yao Ling\'s tender body swayed from side to side and she accidentally rubbed against his hard muscle, making Yao Ying\'s body feel like it was also burned with fire. It provoked his l.u.s.t to whole another level.

Yao Ling became restless and her sweetness down there started to soak, mixing itself with the water. She wanted more, but she was too embarrassed to express her own desire. Even though she had become brave for a moment just now, but she couldn\'t change her shy personality. She twisted her body to the left and the right, eager for more.

Yao Ying seemed to understand her body language, he quickly dived into her flower bud and sucked them. After that, he bit them one by one with the tip of his teeth and not forgetting to lick them with the tip of his tongue.

Whenever he freed one of the flower buds, he quickly changed his mouth with his hand without pausing. Using his fingers, he started to play by rubbing and twisting the firm buds.

After he felt satisfied, he changed his target. His fingers trailed down and stopped in front of her trousers which covered her sweetness down there, feeling the sticky wetness with the tip of his finger. Yao Ling had been trying to hold back so she tightly clenched both of her thighs, trying to ease the tingling down there.

"Mmmmm...." She m.o.a.ned.