His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 257 - The Surprise (2)

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Chapter 257 - The Surprise (2)

In contrary of her expectation, they were actually not standing on a branch... but on top of the roof --- probably the roof of a pavilion. It was the highest place in the secluded area and almost every part of the crescent lake could be seen from there. In the darkness, everything was as clear as day due to the hundred bright red lanterns that had been already lit previously by Yao Ying... it made the surroundings area become more charming and the atmosphere became so seductive.

Yao Ling\'s heart skipped a beat when she saw the lovely view.

The red color was in contrast with the blue neon light which encircled the lake, unexpectedly the contrast bright colors were able to complement each other and they looked so beautiful combined altogether. It seemed like the redness gave an enchanting vibe on the lake that resembling the moon on the ground.

They were currently at the southern part of the lakes and Yao Ling noticed the graceful sway of the thick reeds, dancing magically following the lead of the soft breeze. It added a charming look to the whole scenery. The crystal clear water mirrored the surroundings and it made a beautiful painting... mysterious and yet bewitching at the same time.

"So beautiful..." Yao Ling gasped. The view was in contrast of the day view and the vibe it created was totally different. It was more romantic at night and of course, it was also because of Yao Ying\'s effort --- otherwise, they wouldn\'t be able to achieve such an outcome.

There was a pavilion that stood proudly in the middle of the lake and it was the same as the previous pavilion where they enjoyed last night dinner. It was decorated with white flowers which reflected the light that came from the red lanterns --- along with the sophisticated movement of the lanterns, the white flowers seemed to look like they were changing color between red and white continuously.

Yao Ying asked while pointing ahead, "Do you see that pavilion?"

Yao Ling nodded vigorously. "Yes ah~! How can I miss such a lovely pavilion? Were you the one who decorate it?" She asked curiously.

Yao Ying answered with a proud look on his face. "Yes!"

Yao Ling rolled her eyes at his conceited appearance. "What about the pavilion? Is there another surprise waiting for me there?" Yao Ling asked out of curiosity. It seemed like Yao Ying had a lot of tricks on his sleeves, making her feel elated by the seconds.

Yao Ying smiled and answered, "Of course, I have! After this, we will fly there..."

"Eh? Why?" Yao Ling asked in confusion. Was there a need to do that? They could just walk hand-in-hand while enjoying this romantic atmosphere ah~!

"To fulfill your wish..." Yao Ying said mysteriously with a wide grin on his face.

"What do you...?" Before Yao Ling could say the word \'mean\', Yao Ying already held her waist tightly and flew right there using his qing gong skill. He didn\'t give her time to process his words at all, after all, where was the fun in that? With her smartness, she would be able to guess what he wanted to do in a flash.

Yao Ling could only grab Yao Ying\'s shoulder tightly to balance herself. They were flying quite high and she was afraid of falling down, thus, their position was quite intimate --- her twin buns were sticking to his chest when she hugged him tighter. They were practically glued to each other.

Yao Ying recreated the romantic moment between Lin Jian and Xiao Fang... they were twirling around in the air. At first, Yao Ling didn\'t realize what Yao Ying meant until she looked at his eyes and saw the love in there. She froze and asked herself in doubt whether she saw wrongly or not. After all, that expression was gone in a flash.

\'Does he really love her?\' She thought to herself.

She remembered when she felt jealous of Lin Jian and Xiao Fang the previous day and also Yao Ying\'s question whether she liked that kind of thing or not. She connected the dots and grinned widely. The ambience made their twirling become more romantic.

Suddenly, something fell down from the sky continuously.

Yao Ling was surprised when she saw thousand of rose petals were pouring from the sky slowly, making the night become more fascinating. She could smell the subtle lovely fragrance of the rose wafting through her nose, tickling her senses pleasantly.

Yao Ling felt touched...

Her eyes were brimming with tears and this time, she felt that she was indeed being loved by this man... Her gaze at him became so tender, making Yao Ying\'s heart beat erratically. He seemed to see deep affection there...

Yao Ling didn\'t know that just to make the rose petals appeared at the right time, there were two people that made this happen behind the scene. Yao Ying already prepared a few baskets full of the rose petals and he ordered Xiu and Xiao Yu to throw the petals at them until all of the rose petals were finished.

When their masters started to twirl around in the air, Xiu and Xiao Yu quickly appeared on the rooftop where they just departed from and hid there. Xiu used his qing gong while taking Xiao Yu along with him, however, he didn\'t dare to use the same twirling method like their masters. Their closeness already made him feel good enough!

Besides, it seemed like he was copying their movement ah~ Where was the originality in that?

Xiu and Xiao Yu watched their masters loving relationship and somehow felt elated... They were happy for them. Truthfully, it was rare to find such deep affection nowadays... People mostly got married because they tried to climb the social ladder and ignore their own feelings.

They delightedly did their job.

By the time the rose petals stopped pouring from the sky, Yao Ying and Yao Ling arrived at the pavilion. They were still glued to each other when they enjoyed the sight. When he felt that Yao Ling started to get restless, Yao Ying made a swift movement using inner qi and the red lantern started to fade away one by one.

"Why did you turn off the lanterns?" Yao Ling asked in surprise. "It was so beautiful just now..." She pouted because the romantic atmosphere was suddenly gone and they were engulfed by the darkness.

"You will enjoy the next part. Don\'t worry!" Yao Ying laughed and he started to feel calmer, because it seemed like she loved his surprise ah~!

Yao Ying used inner qi once again and suddenly... candle lights started to appear one by one on the lake\'s surface. Yao Ling squinted and it seemed like the candle lights were put in the middle of blooming lotuses. She didn\'t really pay attention to the lotuses beforehand and she would never think that there was such a trick ah~!

She couldn\'t count how many times she gasped in surprise on one night.

Yao Ling once again couldn\'t contain her gasp... The previous lucid atmosphere became serene and amorous. Yao Ying smiled happily when he saw Yao Ling\'s eye lit up with joyfulness. He couldn\'t tear his gaze away when Yao Ling closed her eyes and inhaled the sweetness in the air.

He really wanted to \'eat\' her ah~!

And, he did just that...

He kissed her mouth tenderly and Yao Ling continued closing her eyes. She let her senses guide her...

When Yao Ling was still closing her eyes and unaware of her surroundings, it was a cue for Yao Ying to do something else. Yao Ying knew that this was the perfect time for him to do the next part of his surprise...