His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 256 - The Suprise (1)

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Chapter 256 - The Suprise (1)

He really wanted to laugh at himself. Yao Ying felt like he suddenly became a coward, but he really wanted to hold onto Yao Ling. His past should be damned and it was better if he didn\'t remember anything! His current life was blissful and full of happiness...

Yao Ying started to realize something. In his heart, he had already chosen Yao Ling from the start. He wanted to hold onto his current happiness and not let his past ruin it!

He carressed Yao Ling\'s lovely face, before finally pulling out the vial that held the liquid that would be able to wake Yao Ling up. He put it under the nose for a little while, before he put it aside. When Yao Ling woke up, she jumped out and pointed accusingly at Yao Ying, "You... you... you dare to put me into sleep with my own sleeping powder!"

Yao Ying tried to appease her, "There... there... please don\'t be angry, Dear! I have my own reasons!"

"Reasons?! I don\'t care! Whatever reason that you will give must be a bullshit!" Yao Ling didn\'t hesitate to curse him. She even thought that the sleeping powder was for his own safety! How could she not feel hurt by what he had done?! She glared at Yao Ying In unconcealed anger.

Yao Ying held Yao Ling tighter and then kissed her lips wildly. He needed to calm her down and when she didn\'t want to listen to his explanation, he should cut off her thoughts first. And indeed, her mind was blown away by the sudden kiss.

It wasn\'t that he wanted to use kiss as a way to keep appeasing her, but he wanted her to calm down first before they talked about their dissatisfaction towards each other.

Yao Ying bit her lower lips softly, making Yao Ling yelp in pain. After that, the former decided to release her. "Have you calmed down?" Yao Ying asked. He scrutinized her expression carefully and her face was as red as lovely plum blossoms --- it was because a mixture of her shyness and anger.

"Hmph!" Yao Ling harrumphed and turned her head away to the other side childishly.

Yao Ying knew that it meant she was ready to listen to him. "I want to give you a surprise and I don\'t want you to see the preparation, because there are so many things to do..."

Yao Ling turned to face him and asked in doubt, "Surprise? What kind of surprise?"

Yao Ying smirked and said, "It\'s called a surprise, so it\'s a secret! Come on! We should eat dinner first and I will bring you there!"

Yao Ling was still angry, but she couldn\'t help but be enticed by the so-called surprise. What kind of surprise was that? It must have been quite special, because Yao Ying dared to use the sleeping powder on her. Her husband wasn\'t a reckless person...

"Hmph! If I don\'t like it, you will pay the price!" Yao Ling threatened him, however, her tone had softened considerably.

Yao Ying nodded considerably and said confidently, "Of course!"

His answer made Yao Ling become slightly relaxed, on the other hand, his back became so sweaty. He started to feel nervous once more and thought about the consequences if she didn\'t like it. He shuddered at the result ah~!

Yao Ying told Xiao Yu and Xiu to bring their foods in. They enjoyed the foods in silence. However, due to the pressure from Yao Ling\'s eyes, Yao Ying didn\'t have the mood to eat... He suddenly recalled that the only one who could make him afraid or nervous was the woman in front of him... It seemed like he couldn\'t underestimate her influence on him.

Yao Ling thought inwardly, \'Who told him to give her the sleeping powder?!\' She would make him feel uncomfortable by glaring daggers all the time --- until she got her surprise, of course!

"Can you close your eyes?" Yao Ying asked softly, after they finished eating. It was time for him to bring her to see the surprise despite his anxiousness.

"What?! So you can drug me again?" Yao Ling asked sarcastically. She wasn\'t ready to show him any leniency.

"No... no... of course, not! I\'m just going to bring you to somewhere..." Yao Ying explained. After that, he added, "I\'m sorry... Can you please forgive me just this once? I won\'t dare to use the same trick twice... However, in order to make it so special, I can only resort to this... If you find out about it beforehand, it won\'t become special surprise anymore..." He knew that he was in the wrong and it seemed like he breached the trust that she had!

Yao Ling listened to his explanation and said, "You promise me, okay? There\'s no next time! Otherwise, I will never trust you anymore!" She felt betrayed ah~! She needed to be stern on this matter, so Yao Ying wouldn\'t dare to do it again! People made a mistake and she could forgive him once --- but, not the second time. She needed to set boundaries on what he was allowed to do towards her! She needed his respect!

Yao Ling knew Yao Ying wasn\'t perfect, but it was up to her as his woman to make him become a better man. It wasn\'t actually such a big mistake, if she saw the reason behind it. But still, she needed to do what she needed to do.

Yao Ying quickly nodded and promised, "I promise! There will be no next time!"

Yao Ling nodded in satisfaction and then, she closed her eyes. After that, she felt Yao Ying cover her eyes with a blindfold and it made Yao Ling\'s heart beat faster. What kind of surprise waiting for her?

Yao Ying carefully led the way while holding Yao Ling\'s hand tighter. He brought her to a secluded corner and just like how Xiao Fang had promised him, no one would be able to bother them. There was no one along the way... it was just the two of them.

This could only happen because the secluded corner was actually Xiao Fang\'s secret place that she loved to go whenever she was at Crescent Lake and it was still around her father\'s territory. They didn\'t need to ask the Han Emperor\'s permission and they also wouldn\'t cross path with the honored guest --- unless the latter was specifically coming to find them.

Yao Ling felt that they had walked quite a long time and couldn\'t help but ask, "Have we arrived yet?"

"Almost... and also... prepare yourself!" Yao Ying said. However, he didn\'t give her time to comprehend what he said.

She wanted to ask him what she should prepare for, but before she could, he had already moved and brought her along with him.

"Aaaaargh!" Yao Ling yelped in surprise. Yao Ying suddenly jumped up so high, making Yao Ling feel her stomach churn. She realized that she felt the shitty qing gong once again, however, this time she didn\'t feel as bad as before... probably because Yao Ying did it more carefully and smoother than before. He wanted to make it romantic, not to make her puke ah~!

They landed on something and judging from the feel of it... it seemed like they were standing on the branch of a tree? She could feel the breeze of the cold wind brushing her face. "Yao Ying... is... is this safe?"

Yao Ying whispered softly on her ears and Yao Ling could feel the hot breath, making her shiver... "Don\'t worry! I\'m here..."

Somehow, after listening to his words, she became calmer. She nodded and then she heard Yao Ying asked her, "Can you stand by yourself? I want to open the blindfold and I need to let you go for a little while. Just don\'t move and you\'ll be fine..."

Despite being scared, Yao Ling nodded her head. She was really curious ah~! What was with the secrecy? She knew that Yao Ying wasn\'t a romantic person... Thus, she really appreciated his effort.

Yao Ying opened the cloth that covered Yao Ling\'s eyes slowly and when Yao Ling saw her surrounding she gasped in surprise. The scenery looked so magical and enchanting...