His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 255 - Sleeping Powder

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Chapter 255 - Sleeping Powder

Lin Jian asked curiously, "What\'s with the secrecy? Is there a treasure in there?" He wondered why even the princes and princess aren\'t allowed to go in there. They could see how the place was heavily guarded --- two guards in front of the door and several guards kept rotating around there. They could even feel a few hidden guards that couldn\'t be seen with n.a.k.e.d eyes. What was so important in there?

From the outside, it was just an ordinary palace and there was no special design or ornament that showed the importance of that place. The place where the prince and princesses stayed were even more grant than that place. There was no light there and it gave the eerie vibe to the onlookers.

If not for the guards, they would think that Xiao Fang was merely joking.

Xiao Fang nodded. "Yes, there is. However, no one knows exactly what\'s in there..."

Yao Ying and Lin Jian looked at each other. They really wanted to know what\'s in there ah~! Yao Ying asked, "Is there really no gossip about that place ah~?"

Xiao Fang shook her head, but then... she remembered something. "It seems like there\'s a special small lake in there and it has a good healing power. Some said that it was made by a secret tribe, but no one is able to confirm whether it\'s the truth or not. Only those three people with the highest power who know about it," Xiao Fang explained. "That\'s just a rumor though... but I heard there\'s a temple in there..."

She saw the eyes of both men were shining brightly and she quickly reminded them, "Don\'t be too greedy! There are a lot of experts guarding whatever in there... It\'s not worth it!"

Lin Jian tried to ease the atmosphere and said, "We are only asking. This isn\'t our territory, so we won\'t make trouble for you or your family. Don\'t worry!"

After listening to Lin Jian\'s answer, Xiao Fang sighed in relief. Yao Ying was interested, however, he cared more about his surprise for now. Thus, he didn\'t bother to inquire more about that place. Lin Jian thought it was better for him to find information about the secret first and raid it later... They came in using Xiao Fang\'s family pass and he didn\'t want to involve the Left Prime Minister\'s household if something happened while he was trying to trespass into that place. His naughtiness flared up once again, probably because of the euphoria after successfully robbing the Han Emperor twice!

\'Why don\'t they try it again?\' He thought to himself. However, he kept the thought to himself.

When they were eating, Han Yi came back in a hurry. She told them that no royalties had come to the Crescent Lake, however, there was indeed a special guest that would stay here in a few days. This special guest was highly regarded by the Han Emperor himself, so it was best if they didn\'t provoke this person.

"Where does this person live? Is this person a man or a woman?" Xiao Fang asked. By knowing where the person lived, she would understand what kind of status this honored guest had.

"I heard that it\'s a man and he is currently staying in the \'Starlight Palace\'," Han Yi answered.

Xiao Fang was quite surprised by Han Yi\'s answered and she thought that she had masked it well. However, the trio was able to perceive the change on her expression.

"Is there something wrong?" Yao Ling asked.

Xiao Fang sighed, knowing that nothing would escape their eyes. Even though she masked her expression well, they would still notice it anyway. "It seems like the guest is personal guest of the Han Emperor..."

They understood this and it was better if they didn\'t entangle themselves with this dangerous person. They ate in silence... Despite of the wonderful scenery, they were indulged in their own thoughts about what they had just heard, so they didn\'t really pay attention to the lovely atmosphere.

They decided to end the night and back into their own room. They still had a few days to stay and missing one night wouldn\'t make a difference. Yao Ling, who was excited beforehand, also stayed quiet. Her thought also went to the guarded place just now. She seemed to see a familiar symbol, but she couldn\'t see it clearly. With her skills, it was impossible for her to see it... She sighed and it seemed like she needed to find a chance to explore the front door of that place --- she just needed to see the symbol...

Yao Ling decided not to tell Yao Ying first, because she wasn\'t entirely sure whether that symbol was important or not.. She was also afraid that by doing this, it would risk themselves to be noticed by the Han Emperor\'s people.

When they were going to stay in this place, Yao Ling already asked Xiao Fang whether the Han Emperor would be alerted by her presence or not. Xiao Fang explained that this place was quite secluded from the palace, so it should be fine. Besides, Xiao Fang wasn\'t really a fugitive ah~!

When they got back into their room, Yao Ling was still deep in thought. Yao Ying cleared his throat and tried to gain her attention. When he successfully did it, Yao Ying asked Yao Ling, "Ling-er, do you have sleeping powder on you?"

Yao Ling nodded. "Yes, I have quite a lot... why?" She asked curiously.

"Can you give me a little bit?" Yao Ying asked.

"For what?" Yao Ling asked curiously.

"Just to protect myself..." Yao Ying said.

Yao Ling nodded and gave him a little bit. After that, she explained the dose carefully, because giving too much powder to one person, it would make the person sleep for a long time and it would affect the body in a negative way. If it was only a little bit, there would be no harm for the body. Yao Ying grinned and listened carefully to her explanation.

Little did she knew, the sleeping powder would be used on her the next day. Yao Ying had an idea... it would be better for Yao Ling to fall asleep peacefully while he would prepare the surprise for one whole day... If she got angry because of it, he was pretty sure that the surprise would make it up. He just hope that Yao Ling would be magnanimous enough to forgive his crazy act.

After finishing their breakfast, Yao Ying sprinkled the sleeping powder on Yao Ling\'s tea. He didn\'t give it beforehand, because he didn\'t want to starve Yao Ling ah~! He gave her enough dose to sleep until sunset.

After he made sure that she already fell asleep, he prepared the surprise with Xiao Fang. Yao Ying told Xiao Yu to guard her young mistress carefully and not to let anyone bother the latter.

Xiao Fang told her a desolate corner that had a beautiful scenery at night and people rarely went there, so they could use that corner to their heart content. Xiao Fang would help him guarding the perimeter, so no one would bother them when the surprise happened.

It took a lot of efforts for them to prepare anything, but at least, they didn\'t need to do it in secret. There were a lot of preparations that would be hard to do if Yao Ling was awake. The latter was very curious about this place and they were pretty sure that Yao Ling would certainly explore every part of the Crescent Lake. When would they get the chance to do the preparation if that happened ah~?

When everything had finally ready, Yao Ying went back into his room. He gazed lovingly at Yao Ling and rest for a little while.

It was almost sunset when Yao Ling started to wake up, and when that happened, he suddenly became so nervous. So many thoughts were fleeting inside his mind. His confidence started to plummet all of a sudden. Would she like his surprise? Would she really accept his feelings? He used to be confident that Yao Ling liked him too --- or even, loved him. However, when it was time for confirmation, he suddenly became so afraid...

Would she reciprocate his feelings?