His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 253 - What Did He Do Wrong?!

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Chapter 253 - What Did He Do Wrong?!

Yao Ling explained, "Because of the poisonous drugs, she had been indulging herself with the prince s.e.x.u.a.lly... It made her almost going crazy because she thought it was an disgusting act. She was afraid that General Lin would be dirtied by her if she came back. She wasn\'t as pure or innocent as back then. Everything had changed on her part, however, the general must have been stuck in the past."

Yao Ling wanted to say that... her mother must have been afraid that the general couldn\'t accept her change. In her fragile state of mind, how could she dare to gamble once again? If she was hurt once again, she would crumble...

Lin Jian and Yao Ying started to gain an understanding about it... Lin Jian asked weakly, "But... it wasn\'t her fault, to begin with..." However, he knew... the damage had been done. Even though his father would be willingly to accept her as who she was, the latter wouldn\'t necessarily thought the same...

A barrier had been created between them and it would always exist. They only felt sad, because the Ce Fei didn\'t trust the general\'s love... Not only the general\'s love... but, their love...

Lin Jian remembered something, "What\'s your mother\'s name?"

Yao Ling answered, "Jiu Lan..."

Lin Jian sighed and answered, "I don\'t think there\'s a need to confirm it again. It\'s my mother\'s name..." However, deep within, he knew that he wouldn\'t tell his father directly about this or the latter would get a heart attack.

When the other three heard Lin Jian\'s words, they could only sigh too...

The same mother, huh?

That night, they bound to be sleeping restlessly... There were too many thoughts that were fleeting inside their mind... It was indeed a bittersweet truth...

The next day, Lin Jian sent a message to his father and ask about his mother\'s distinguished character. Lin Jian deliberately didn\'t mention what he had found out... He wanted to make sure everything was indeed real before telling his father. The latter had been through a lot and he didn\'t dare to let his hopes up unnecessarily.

They continued their journey and the awkwardness from the previous day had been gone. They were back just like how they used to be, but something shifted in their relationship. They became closer and felt a kinship with each other. They treated each other more than best friends, but also brothers and sisters.

Naturally, this change didn\'t go unnoticed by the others --- such as Xiu, Xiao Yu, General Hu, and Xiao Fang\'s maids. However, they didn\'t bother to ask around and accepted the change happily.

When Xiao Fang knew that Yao Ling had her mother\'s love, she didn\'t feel jealous and hatred towards her. She felt that this world certainly had a way to bring happiness despite their bad luck when they were only babies. Xiao Fang received a new family that loved her wholeheartedly, on the other hand, Yao Ling survived because her on depressed mother and in turn, they became each other\'s source of strength to live.

This made her determined to help Yao Ying when the latter did his confession. She only pointed at the best place in their kingdom, but she didn\'t know what his plan was. It certainly made her feel curious... One day left and they would arrive at that place. Without the others\' knowledge, Xiao Fang came over to him and asked, "Have you cooked up a good plan?"

Yao Ying felt uncomfortable when he saw Xiao Fang without a veil, after all, it felt like the one who asked this question was his mother-in-law ah~! Yao Ying tried not to look at Xiao Fang\'s face while answering, "Yes..."

"Can you let me know?" Xiao Fang asked.

Yao Ying raised one of his eyebrows, "Why?" He wasn\'t a romantic person, to begin with. Doing this was his first time, he didn\'t want to let Xiao Fang know --- just in case he embarrassed himself ah~!

"I just want to make sure that you will do the right thing. After all, Yao Ling is my sister!" Xiao Fang said righteously, making Yao Ying\'s face darkened. Yes, Yao Ling was indeed her stepsister, but Yao Ling was his wife ah~! Of course, he would do the right thing.

However, he appreciated Xiao Fang\'s concern. He was afraid that the truth would affect both women\'s relationship. It looked like it didn\'t and he could sigh in relief.

Oh well... Having a second opinion wasn\'t too bad either...

Yao Ying whispered his plan to Xiao Fang and the latter was quite surprised by Yao Ying\'s thoughtfulness... The plan was wholly romantic. "Where do you get such a good idea?"

Yao Ying smirked, "I have my way..."

"You need to prepare a lot of things... what about the materials?" Xiao Fang asked.

"I already got it all covered." Then, he pointed at his own horse.

Xiao Fang took a look at his horse and nodded her head. There were indeed more things added there, however, she didn\'t really pay any attention to it before. Xiao Fang nodded in satisfaction and knew that Yao Ling would certainly like the plan.

Suddenly, Lin Jian\'s voice came from behind, "What are you both doing?"

Yao Ying and Xiao Fang jumped up in surprise. They looked each other guiltily and at the same time, answered him, "Nothing!" Their movement became so suspicious in Lin Jian\'s mind. Was something going on between the two of them? Why did they look so guilty?

Yao Ying and Xiao Fang didn\'t want to tell Lin Jian their plan beforehand, just in case the latter would accidentally blurt out their plan. After all, when Lin Jian got too excited, sometimes the truth would come out of his mouth even though it wasn\'t on purpose. His EQ was so much different with his IQ when he was handling things. When it concerned Mi Hui and military things, his mouth would be sealed tightly. However, when it was about his daily life or not so-important-matter in his mind, he couldn\'t keep a secret at all!

Lin Jian cleared his throat and said righteously, "Don\'t betray my sister-in-law!"

Yao Ying and Xiao Fang\'s expression became ugly. What did this idiot talk about? Who wanted to betray who? Both of them glared at Lin Jian and asked the same time, "Say that again?!"

Lin Jian was surprised by their hostility and he meekly said, "I\'m... I\'m just kidding..." Even though he was serious before, who dared to say that in front of the two people\'s hostile face?!

Yao Ying threatened him and said, "Don\'t talk nonsense! If Yao Ling hears about it, she will misunderstand. If that happens, I won\'t let you go!" After that, he went away in a humph.

Xiao Fang crossed both of her arms in front of her chest and looked at Lin Jian angrily, "Hmph! Serve your right!" After that, she stomped her feet to show her anger and go away without turning back.

Lin Jian looked at both of their receding back in bafflement. What kind of attitude was that?! He just warned them ah~! He didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry.

Yao Ling looked at the scene in front of her with a small laugh. She knew that those two talked secretly a few times, but she knew that there was nothing romantic going on between them. Thus, she just let them be. Naturally, they would tell her their secret in the end.

Who knew that Lin Jian would barge and warn them just like that? However, he warned them because he was worried for her ah~! Of course, she would feel touched. However, she also knew he had another reason... It was mainly because Lin Jian was jealous of the closeness between the two. Who didn\'t know that the man liked Xiao Fang?

In the end, Yao Ling came to Lin Jian\'s side and patted his shoulder softly. She could only give an advice, "You should think before you talk..." After that, she left him.

Lin Jian could only wail inwardly. What did he do wrong ah~?!