His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 245 - Lou Lan

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Chapter 245 - Lou Lan

After getting the answer of what they wanted to know, they left that place. The women didn\'t feel afraid because the corpse had been moved and covered with white clothes by the soldiers. However, they were still able to tell that there had been a fierce battle there. Yao Ling quickly held Yao Ying\'s hand tightly, trying to calm herself down. If they weren\'t in public place, she would already pounce on him and hug him tightly. She really thanked Buddha for bringing Yao Ying back to her safely.

Lin Jian whispered to Yao Ying on the way to Lou Lan, "We should probably try to find out how the local magistrate will deal with this case --- just in case, he tried to find a scapegoat that related to our kingdom."

Yao Ying nodded in agreement. "Sure. Judging from how urgent this matter was, I believe the answer should be announced tomorrow."

Lin Jian nodded in agreement. They didn\'t afraid that it would lead to them, however, if they made the Shu Kingdom as a scapegoat, they would wreak havoc in Lou Lan. They decided to stay one night at Lou Lan.

Lou Lan wasn\'t too big, well, basically... all the cities in Han Kingdom were small due to the nature of their kingdoms and mostly of their citizens were nomads. Nomads had moved their flocks and herds to wherever grazing was available and oases had provided opportunities for a more settled way of life. Despite the harsh life style, the people were quite cheerful unlike the monotonous Shu people.

Lou Lan wasn\'t built as sturdy as Shu cities, but it still had its own charm. The walls were made by stones that barely enough to hold on once a big sandstorms came. It was understandable, because the Han Kingdom wasn\'t that rich and sometimes, the people who lived in the borders were stealing resources from the Shu people --- especially foods...

Inside the cities, there was a small market full-of-goodies and only one big inn where the chose to stay. The only majestic building in the city belonged to the local magistrate and it seemed like he acc.u.mulated his wealth through dirty means. How could such a barren land have such a luxurious mansion?

Lin Jian asked Yao Ying, "Do you think he would pour a dirty water towards someone else?"

Yao Ying nodded, "I\'m pretty sure. However, I don\'t know who his target is... After all, we don\'t know the local magistrate well. We also don\'t know the details of how this kingdom works."

Lin Jian pondered a little while, "Why don\'t we try to find out about it tonight? We can just spy on his house and find some interesting evidences."

Yao Ying frowned. "Won\'t it be too dangerous? Besides, we are not from here, why should we meddle on this?"

"I just don\'t want him to say that it\'s our kingdom. It\'s better if it\'s the other kingdom..." Lin Jian explained.

"I dare to bet with you, a man who is as selfish as him, he would sacrifice one of his own contacts. I believe he wouldn\'t dare to incite war by naming the other kingdoms --- unless, this person is an idiot and at the same time, a lunatic," Yao Ying said. This place was built near the border, so the magistrate would be the first one affected by the war.

"That also makes senses. Then why did you agree to waste time here if you were so sure about it beforehand?" Lin Jian couldn\'t help but ask.

"I just want Yao Ling to rest better tonight. After all, we slept on wilderness and she seemed so tired. I didn\'t have the heart to continue this trip..." Yao Ying explained.

Lin Jian, "..." He cursed inwardly. Why did this man keep giving him dog foods for the past few days ah~? It started to become so annoying! He couldn\'t even blame him because they weren\'t really in a hurry. Their father had sent letters that they were allowed to take their times. As long as their father were there, they didn\'t need to think about their business matters.

"I will still take a look at it though," Lin Jian finally decided.

"Okay..." Yao Ying answered briefly.

Lin Jian asked once again, "Aren\'t you going to join me?"

Yao Ying smirked and said, "Nope..."

"Why?!" Lin Jian whined.

Yao Ying pointed at his wounds. "Don\'t you see this? This is the privilege of a wounded man, I can rest tonight..."

Lin Jian, "..." He really wanted to punch this annoying man. He bet that he only wanted to spend a night with his wife ah~! He really made him want to vomit blood in anger!

Yao Ying offered, "Why don\'t you bring along General Hu? He knows better the building layout of the Han Kingdom. I\'m sure it will be helpful for you. Who knows? Maybe he has information about this local magistrate or there\'s a possibility that he had been dealing with him in the past?"

Lin Jian thought for a little while and he knew that it was actually a good idea. He nodded, "That makes sense. Then, I will look for General Hu." Before he ran way, he added, "Don\'t make my sister-in-law too tired, okay?"

Yao Ying blushed when he heard that. Yes, he liked to talk naughty things with his wife, probably because he was the one who took the lead, he had never felt embarrassed. He did it because he loved to see her blushing face. Her shy appearance made her look more endearing! However, to be teased like that by Lin Jian, he was the one who felt shy!

Lin Jian was dumbfounded when he saw Yao Ying\'s blushing face, and he couldn\'t hold back his crispy laughter. "Wow... my cute best friend is shy..."

Yao Ying prepared to hit the man, but the latter had run away as fast as he could. Yao Ying could only grit his teeth and go back to his beloved wife. He trusted Lin Jian\'s capabilities to deal with this matter, so he didn\'t put any thoughts in it. What matters in his mind was... how fun it would be with his wife tonight.

His wound was getting better and he believed he would be okay doing a little bit of vigorous activities, despite his wife\'s scolding. Well... to avoid that, he probably should make her feel satisfied first. Yao Ying walked back to their room while whistling happily.

When he arrived at his room, he found that Yao Ling was taking a bath. She enjoyed a luxurious thing that could only be done when they were staying inside an inn. Yao Ying gulped, thinking that it would be good if they could do it inside the bath tub. He looked down and saw his wound, making him grit his teeth.

Suddenly, he felt annoyed at the wound. After all, the wound shouldn\'t be exposed to water --- or else, it would be infected. How sad! What a bad timing to get hurt! Well... it wasn\'t like there was no other time to enjoy that pleasure! He could only wait patiently while drinking a cup of tea to calm the beast inside him down.

Yao Ling didn\'t know that a beast was waiting for her to eat her clean. She was using a special medicine to make her skin smoother by rejuvenating her skin while soaking herself with water in the bath tub. Jiu Lan taught her to always pay attention to her skin care routine because it made her look younger and also would maintain her youth in the future. Hence, she always did this routine every day at Wang Fu. However, in this trip, she could only do this when they were staying inside an inn.

She closed her eyes while enjoying the hot bath. Xiao Yu was massaging her shoulder softly to relieve her aching body. She had refused Xiao Yu\'s offer at first, however, it was fortunate of her to agree. This massage would help her pass through the night, but after one vigorous night, she would ache all over the next day.

Well... it was happened, of course, because of a certain beast...