His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 243 - Lin Zhou: Less Than Thirty Days Left

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Chapter 243 - Lin Zhou: Less Than Thirty Days Left

Because of his wounds, Yao Ling didn\'t allow Yao Ying to touch her or do strenuous activities. However, the man couldn\'t sit still after kissing hotly. Despite the pain on his chest, he could feel his arousal started to swell.

Yao Ying\'s other hand started to roam on Yao Ling\'s body... Yao Ling who noticed this quickly asked, "What are you doing?!" She looked at him, feeling suspicious. "You are not well! Don\'t do naughty thing!"

"But... I want to satisfy you..." Yao Ying honestly confessed his thought with a wide grin.

Yao Ling blushed. "What are you talking about? Satisfy me? Why are you so crude?" She said in embarrassment. Yao Ying always used the word \'satisfy\', making her feel bashful. Satisfied you... satisfied me... So annoying ah~! She didn\'t know why, but he always avoided the words \'s.e.x\' when he talked about their intimate things. Once she had asked why he had never used that word... or \'making love\'? \'Making love\' was supposed to be a better term ah~.

She remembered at that time he answered honestly, "The word \'s.e.x\' is a bit rude, while the words \'making love\' couldn\'t really describe what we did..."

"How so?" Yao Ling asked.

"Making love is when we go all the way until the end ah~ Currently, we can only satisfy each other until the other is coming..." Yao Ying explain mischievously.

"Well... that makes sense..." That was what Yao Ling told him. However, she was still embarrassed whatever words that he used...

Yao Ying, who was being told as a crude, just laughed. He teased her back, "We used to be peasants ah~ You can\'t blame me if I\'m a bit crude..."

Yao Ling rolled her eyes in annoyance. She said while pouting, "Keep flirting! Keep flirting ah~! If your wound opens once again, I won\'t take care of you!"

Yao Ying let out a crispy laughter, making him cough in pain. "Ouch!" He groaned.

"Look! In this condition, how do you expect yourself to satisfy me ah~?" Yao Ling scolded him once more, but she didn\'t move. She rolled around and slept by his side. Her head laid on his shoulder while her hands were hugging his waist.

Yao Ying knew that it was impossible, but he just like to tease her. What could he possibly do in this condition? His thoughts was wandering to the yellow book and there was a certain position that could be done to satisfy both of them at the same time --- however, Yao Ling was the one who had to move vigorously, while he only needed to enjoy her movement leisurely. [Guess what position was that? XD]

Too bad, they still had less than one month to be able to make love to their heart content. He looked at Yao Ling... he just wanted to love this woman properly and eat her clean! He kissed the top of her head and basked in her sweet comforting smell.


"What?" Yao Ying asked softly. He looked at her expression and it seemed like she had something on her mind. "Is there something wrong?"

Yao Ling wanted to ask... Did you already have feelings for me? Would you really leave me if you remembered your past? If you had another woman previously, should I fight for you? So many questions were swirling in her mind, but she didn\'t dare to ask.

She thought that she almost lost him last night. When she saw his body was full of blood, she almost felt her life seem so meaningless. Everything seemed so bleak and a crazy thought passed by --- if he was dead, she would also kill herself. If her rationality didn\'t kick in because of Xiao Yu\'s loud yell, she probably would do something crazy...

At that moment, she realized how important he was in her heart. His position in her heart had shifted. He wasn\'t simply her husband anymore --- he was her everything. Yao Ling bit her lower lips, but she didn\'t know how to bring it up.

Yao Ying softly coaxed her, "If you have something in mind, don\'t hold it in! Just tell me what\'s on your mind..." He didn\'t want any secrets between them because it would certainly create a barrier in their relationship.

Yao Ling held herself back and decided to change her question, "How many children do you want?"

"Our children?" Yao Ying asked, he felt bewildered with the sudden question.

Yao Ling looked at him in disdain. "Of course! What? Do you want to have children with another woman?"

Yao Ying laughed and pinched Yao Ling\'s nose. "What are you talking about? Of course not! I was just too surprised by the sudden question..."

Yao Ling looked at him in displeasure, "It\'s a common question between a married couple. Why are you so surprised?"

Yao Ying mumbled. "We haven\'t done the deeds yet... so how could I think that far ah~?"

Even though he said it in a low voice, Yao Ling was still able to hear it. She bit her lower lips and really wanted to laugh out loud. Indeed ah, there was still less than one month to go. She dared to bet that his mind must be full of the consummation of their marriage. Not only him, she also wait for it patiently.

"So...?" Yao Ling asked impatiently.

"Hmmm... at least, two boys and two daughters ah~" Yao Ying answered while imagining the scene vividly in his mind. Yao Ling embraced a baby boy, while Yao Ying was playing with his daughter. There were still two more kids playing around near them. It looked so warm and peaceful. His family... No, to be exact, their family...

Yao Ling was the one who was dumbfounded. "That many?!" She asked in surprise.

"Of course! I want us to have big family..." Yao Ying laughed jokingly. Then, he seriously added, "Not only that... I also don\'t want them to be lonely. If one day I\'m not around, you will have them to accompany you to grow old..."

Yao Ling couldn\'t refute when she heard that reasoning. However, she was feeling unsure about the last part. If one day he wasn\'t around... what did he mean by that? Would he leave her? She knew that she was being insecure and unreasonable, but she just couldn\'t get the thoughts away.

"What do you mean you\'re not around?" Yao Ling asked while hiding her face from Yao Ying. She didn\'t want to see her slight reddening eyes...

Yao Ying didn\'t see her expression and he didn\'t know she was being insecure. Fortunately, he didn\'t really talk about the time when he would remember his past. He answered, "I\'m just afraid that I\'m dead before you..."

Yao Ling halted her insecure thoughts and quickly scolded him, "What are you talking about?! Pei... pei... pei...[1] We will grow old together! Don\'t talk this kind of nonsense anymore!"

Yao Ying loved it when she said that they would grow old together. He looked at his wife lovingly, "En... Together forever."

When Yao Ling heard his answer, her heart was blooming and she smiled beautifully. It made Yao Ying feel bedazzled. He grinned widely and without a second thought, he kissed her once again.

They spent the day lazily and whispered sweet nothings to each other. Because of his current condition, they would delay their trip for a few days --- until he felt slightly better. Besides, it would take time for Lin Jian to take care of the treasure chests. He needed to tell his father as a back-up plan --- just in case, something happened with those treasure chests when they were away.

They would leave in two or three days...


[1]. Pei: The sound of spitting to remove a jynx or inauspicious words.